Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Brigade Copies

Someone posted in the comments section wanting to know where to obtain a copy of The Brigade because reading on line gives them a headache and they're not going to print out 500 pages on their printer, for which I don't blame them one bit.

There seems to be some problem with getting the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble; I am attempting to get a straight answer as to why this is, but have been unable to get any joy thus far. One can make certain obvious inferences, but I don't want to lapse into total paranoia quite yet. Also, the actual publisher's online ordering facility on their website is non-functional. During one of several phone calls I was informed that this was due to "phishing" e-mails sent out from somewhere that forced them to re-design their system or some such. They may have been just plain and simple hacked, I don't know. Again, I don't want to start weaving conspiracy theories quite yet. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

I can however obtain Brigade copies by calling in, and I have some books in stock. Anyone interested will need to e-mail me at or and we'll have a natter about getting you your copy.

I apologize for the inefficient distribution network here, but this is a new book on the market and hopefully the kinks will be worked out soon. In the meantime, the first three Northwest Independence novels are of course still available on Amazon, from Borders Books, etc.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about just reading this book online, where can I do that? I have read several of your previous books and quite liked them. To be honest I might even just 'print it off' and give it to my mate, I did that with A Distant Thunder before I purchased a copy to pass around.

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