Tuesday, May 06, 2008

You Know, This Hate Hillary Stuff Is Getting Kind Of Queasy

God knows, I have no brief for Hillary Clinton. I loathe the woman and I detest everything she stands for, especially since I lived through the 60s and I can tell you, they pretty much sucked.

But I have to admit that this raving, screaming Hillary-hatred in the media, this absolute abandonment of any pretense of objectivity or balance, this almost deranged cursing and gibbering at the woman by people who are just as culpable as she is for all the filth we live in, is starting to get to me. Drudge especially. The guy's alleged news website has been reduced to "I Hate Hillary."

The latest is he's cackling about the Obamanation's alleged 15-point lead in North Carolina--before the polls are even closed and before a single vote has been counted. Okay, granted, the Funky Monkey will probably take North Carolina due to the huge number of niggers there. Okay, Hussein commands the black vote lock, stock, and barrel. WE KNEW THIS. We have always known that Hillary didn't have a ghost of a chance in any Deep South state where the Democratic Party reek and file consists mostly of bubble-lipped, burr-headed primates the color of excrement. (Texas was an exception because her Mexican friends came to her rescue.)

THERE IS NOTHING NEW OR UNEXPECTED HERE, MATT. So please, stop making a fool of yourself by cackling in triumph like some kind of demented character off Robot Chicken because Hillary's getting beaten where everyone always knew she would be.


Anonymous Leo said...

Gee, look like that bitch is finding out that what goes around, comes around.

9:55 PM  

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