Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thoughtcrime Readers, Please Note

Hi, guys:

We're starting to get an increase in readership, and it is probably inevitable that at some point "my attitude will be noted," as they said in Dr. Zhivago. Some screaming hebe or diseased faggot or burr-headed monkoid is going to shriek and holler and wail to Google about this blog. I already have to "authenticate" all the time on my other one at Northwest Homeland.

In the event that this blog is pulled down by Google, I will of course immediately kick in one of my already established backups. But you will need to know which ones. I would like all among you from my growing fan base to make a note of these two e-mail addresses:

Please make a note of these somewhere you won't forget.

If this blog ever disappears, or you click on it and get a big gloopy like notice from Google about how I am such a politically incorrect and naughty chelloveck and I am making poor little politically protected minorities go boo hoo hoo with like anguish and beat their bruised and krovvy rookers against like Bog in His Heaven against the wickedness of Horrible Harold..anyway, if those assholes at Google ever pull this site, contact me at one of the addresses above for the new one.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been reading A Clockwork Orange again, you naughty veck, you?

3:10 AM  

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