Friday, May 16, 2008

Slowly, The Chickens Drift Down To Roost

Travel is only a small part of a much greater pattern.

Take a moment to contemplate a salad. A nice salad, with lettuce, and green peppers, some carrots and a slice of cucumber or two. Don't forget the tomatoes! And how about some cheese, along with a good dressing. What the heck, let's have some rolls with butter.

That salad has a lot of crude oil in it. The lettuce came from some distance away, as did every other component. I've seen calculations that suggest that every calorie of food we eat is supported by 10 calories of crude oil. This has implications for food prices and availability.

This suggests that the pressure on most people will increase. The stock market may improve from here, at least for a time; that does not mean that getting a well paying job with full benefits will get easier.

There are implications to all this. Right now, most people are well fed, they are comfortable, and they have positive expectations. When that condition changes to something worse, they will feel deep anger. And the one who speaks to that anger, who harnesses it wisely, who directs it...will have quite a significant force. Economic travail occurred in Germany; and it lead to political change.

I think, Harold, that change is at hand. People may vote for change; I suspect they will get far more than they bargained for. Which, as I suggested above, represents opportunity.


[Opportunity we have in plenty, and if we didn't have we could make it. We just won't take it when we get it, because we are too weak, lame, bone-idle lazy and fearful of physical pain and danger. The problem is not opportunity or lack of it; the problem is our rabbit's courage. It doesn't matter how "deeply angry" our people get if all they are going to do about it is call Rush Limbaugh and bitch, or go into a ridiculous little booth and pull a lever to choose which treacherous reptile they want betraying us all for the next four years. - HAC]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The white chicken shits been a roosting for 100 years.

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Keith said...

I agree with your reply one-hundred percent. I am reaching a point where I cannot stand the company of most over the things you pointed out.

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The omnipresence of "PC" talk is proof that our freedom of speech is being murdered.

Our Founding Fathers were extremely wise in explicitly supporting Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech contributes to political stability.

Here's why I think so:

"Paregoric", or "tincture of opium", is used to stem traveler's diarrhea. It comes from the Greek word, paregorein--"to talk over, soothe" (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1980). In other words, verbally expressing our anger soothes and therefore de-fuses rage which would otherwise erupt in action.

When people are allowed to publicly vent their outrage via such true statements as, "That smug fucking nigra would never be where he is if he weren't a fucking handout-taking mutha-fucking shit-colored poseur!", their anger loses power.

In societies where freedom of expression is curtailed, you end up with bloody revolution.

Let the jew-controlled media keep on PC-ing everything. Buy your guns and ammo NOW, fellows. The jew and his puppet-slave-chimpresident will come after that next, so we will be castrated at all levels.

3:57 PM  

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