Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Coming...

Today, for the first time, I paid over $4.00 per gallon for gas. I might have found some still at $3 something, by a couple of cents maybe, but I just didn't feel like driving all over town on fumes looking for it. So I may have bought my last $3-something per gallon gasoline. I may not ever see it again under $4.00, anywhere.

I read one prediction that says in a couple of years it will be up to $12.00 per gallon.

Sounds good to me, you assholes. You have spent your entire lives winding up this particular clock. Now you can damned well hear it strike.

The Roman orator and statesman Cicero once said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." You have spent your entire lives avoiding the whole issue of the nature of the world we live in, who is responsible for what is happening in that world, and what must be done about it. Not before time, you are about to begin a long course of schooling on the punishment involved for doing nothing.

In time to come you are going to pay for every hour of your life you wasted playing some stupid online computer game, for every day you fucked off in school, for every triple cheeseburger you stuffed into your gob, every corner you cut, every responsibility you evaded, and every time you turned and walked away to avoid "trouble," pretending you didn't see or hear. And your loved ones will pay a good chunk of your bill as well.

Have a nice life, paleface.


Anonymous brian boru said...

The intersting point about this rise the cost of oil is that there has been no shortage over the last four years. Supply has always exceeded demand. The problem is that our masters have decided that the time of cheap energy for the masses is over. Much of the impetus comes, of course, from the sabre rattling of the kikes and their Yankee and Brit attack dogs and speculation in Jew York. But, as you say, it's tough times for the cowardly white middle class from now on.
You might see the price dip below $4 a gallon again but it's very unlikely that it will go below $3 ever again. We are paying £6 an imperial gallon now in the UK, ie $12, so you have a ways to go yet.
Iran and Venezuela are the places for cheap driving now.

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Team_Euro said...

My two cents on rising gas prices in America...

As the overwhelming hordes of Third-Worlders continue to flood the last remaining civilized regions of the planet, the Zionists and White elites are attempting to keep them isolated by taking away their mobility via high fuel prices. The good side of this is the simple fact that the wealthy and successful whites will be the ones living in safety and comfort by having mobility and staying free from non-white predators. The bad side of this crisis is the fact that many of the less fortunate Whites trapped in multi-culti hell will also be isolated with their third-world neighbors preying on them.

I know elitism is considered by many to be the absolute enemy of White Nationalism, but I still can't stress enough over the impotance of education and wealth for young Whites coming up in this crazy world. Yes, I'm fully aware that many of these Marxist college professors will attempt to indoctrinate them with race-traitor ideology, but this will be useless as long as White parents prepare their children for the bullshit awaiting them.

As our global population continues to be incredibly low when compared to the Third-World masses, White financial elitism and gated communities will likely become our only hope for survival. Personally, I see no other way to combat the ever fluctuating hordes of dangerous and poverty-sricken non-Whites looking to drain us of our hard earned possessions in this world.

The other crisis awaiting Whites, particularly those living in America, is the increasing prices of guns and ammunition. Let's not forget what is about to happen to whites and their guns if Obama becomes president, so we need to purchase as much protection as we possibly can while we still can.

Like many of my long and desolate posts on this site, I will once again end by providing a link to the honorable Whites in South Africa who are living the separatist dream. We could all learn so much from these South African Boers when it comes to sustainability and protection of our endangered people...

1:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen... and amen. We hollow white men deserve all the vituperation that anyone can heap upon us, until that time when we rediscover our courage or just go out forever, not with a bang, but a whimper, as T.S. Eliot so succinctly put it.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Lee Jensen said...

It still amazes me that people act as if this price of gas is a temporary thing and soon everything will work out--just pass me the remote please, Oprah's on. Gas is only going to get higher and higher. Our wages are not. EVERYTHING that we have is dependant on the price of oil--everything. The cost of everything is going to skyrocket. Entire industries based on petroleum products--fiberglass, plastic, etc and going to collapse. A $20,000 boat will cost $60,000 and no one will buy it--the company will fold and more unemployment will result and fewer people will be paying those precious taxes. Niggers and other third world scum will see their free ride going away and will become violent.

We as White people can either be ready--now or become victims. You folks in the South--good luck getting out when the shit hits the fan. But then never mind--the commercial's over and Oprah's back on.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went that orania site and the first thing that popped up was a picture of some white guy shaking hands with a smiling black. So much for "living the dream". I don't read Dutch so I don't know what that was about, but images are worth 1000 words anyway, and the message sent is the same old shit just by having the picture there.

On a side note, I shop at WalMart, and it's not such a bad place around these parts. Sorry for still being interested in bargains. Does that make me a bad white nationalist?

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Team_Euro said...

The white guys shaking hands with the negro in the picture is one of the founders who helped purchase the land. As we all know South Africa is located on the negroid continent, this may explain the shaking of hands with one of the few black South African politicians who happens to be accepting the Orania homeland for Whites.

Yes, I fully realize that a photo of an old White man shaking hands with a negro on the cover of a White separatist homepage is not very encouraging, but one must remember the demographics of South Africa.

3:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The point isn't WHY there's a white guy in Africa shaking hands with a black guy... the point is WHY post it as the first image seen on a site that is supposedly about whites celebrating the separatist dream?

It makes the site look more like the same-old-same "Can't We All Just Get Along Together" propaganda.


4:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As we all know, a white enclave on the black continent is not "living the dream", rather, they're living on borrowed time. You think the legal purchase of the land and shaking hands with a black politician means everything is hunky-dory?

7:41 AM  

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