Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Greetings From Blighty

Hello and greetings from England.

Just came across and looked at the whole North West Migration initiative. Splendid idea, if I were an American I'd get involved immediately.

Just to clarify, is this open to all whites? Including non-American Northern Europeans like myself? [Absolutely. Check out the character of Jumping Jack Flash in A Mighty Fortress. - HAC] I wanted to ask, is this really taking off? Are people really getting with this? Obviously if this is going ahead, it would involve international recognition, and some hefty resistance I'd imagine. [You have to bear in mind that these are Americans we're working with, who are as useless as tits on a bull, but yes, the idea is slowly beginning to percolate through all those skulls full of mush.]

I hope for the sake of our race people are getting involved. I know it's not my place to say, but if you'd permit me a suggestion...

A movement like this I'd guess would attract a lot of people who are responsible for the "white flight" epidemics, that is people who know full well they do not want to live in coloured localities, and are only to happy to get away.. but, it's generally the same story, when things get comfortable again, those same people welcome in ( or at least don't do much to stop ) hordes of non-whites coming into the area. [See my comment above on Americans.]

Like I said, it's not my drive, or my descision of course, but don't you think perhaps somthing like a swastika on the white part of your flag would really hit the spot? A powerful symbol, a force to be rekoned with. Now I realize that this may make some folks timid to the idea, but it would go some way to keeping away the half wits and wishy washy folk who would just reduce this initiative to coloured chaos in the final anylasis, and probably attract the strong and noble minded, who make no apology for wanting to conserve their race. [We have deliberately avoided the use of any sectarian or specific symbol in order to try and make our flag a unifying and not a divisive symbol. If ever we do need such a symbol we'll have to invent our own.]

Anyway just a thought, great to see such encouraging signs from your country.

May I just add that I'm not some skinhead brute, or hater. I don't "hate" the non-white races, I merely have no desire to mix with them, or live around them, I think they have the right to conserve their races also, and to respect their own racial integrity, just as long as they keep far away from our people. [Which they won't do, so they must be kept away by armed force. Respect is earned by the shedding of blood. The White man no longer sheds the blood of his enemies, so he is not respected, nor should he be.]

By the way, what's your stance on the kosher contingent? I think most know who controls America. Again I try not to hate these people, as much as their deeds deserve it, but you are of course aware that any effort to break away from their melting pot will involve struggle and mighty resistance. [Read on.]

Well anyway thanks for your time. I'd like to stay posted on proceedings, perhaps I could help in some way, let me know. All the best,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

America is not unified it is a balkanized area controlled by the stupidest and laziets race in the world, Africans.

The weak whites worhip a god called Jew and are terrified of the dominant minority which they outnumber 8 to 1.

This God Jew requires an entire abnormal psy text to describe his relationship with the idiot whites who want to spend their free time anonymously cussing him.

Pray for nuclear war!

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