Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Dear HAC:

Several weeks ago I was just getting settled in at my 8th period psychology class. We usually study nothing at all, so I pulled out my copy of A Mighty Fortress and began reading it. About 10 minutes later, my friend and class mate Matt, spoke something which totally caught me off guard: "Northwest Republic, eh? Like the flag."

I was blown away! He had heard of the Northwest migration, and was a secret supporter. After trying, but unsuccessfully to get him more involved, we came to the conclusion to share propaganda and techniques.

He, like myself, has seen the various orgs come and go, but he isn't willing to try unless something concrete is here. I said fine. He also asked if the Tricolor propaganda at the Forked River rest stop was mine, and I said the obvious. What was interesting, is that he was leaving his there too! Talk about coincidence.

I see him as a valuable asset, since he is a highly intelligent man, and yet not a geeky sort. His knowledge of the NPA was rather good, and he liked what I said. We'll see. We are both going to the same community college next fall, so we may develop a good strong friendship, and hence maybe form a unit out there. He's heading out there too, eventually.

He reminds me of a "Founding Father" sort.

-Name Withheld for Obvious Reasons


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This kid gets it! All you have to do is find three Whites who think like we do. Then they find three Whites, who find three Whites, etc.

How difficult is that? Well, if you throw a Northwest Volunteer Army recruiting poster at him/her as his first exposure, it's a no go. "THERE'S ONE OF THOSE RACISTS! GET HIM! But if you show a NAR flag sticker, somebody will ask what country's flag that is. And then you can take that first step of the thousand mile journey to awakening and saving a fellow White. Because believe me, even that twit that HAC wrote about in the Obama post is wondering why she got doors slammed in her face. If we could only follow that up with an all-expense paid trip to Sout-Central L.A. at midnight...

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Covington,

Part of the advocacy group advocacy that I mentioned earlier would be to attack marxist capitralist (their deals with Obama) and the big oil company robber barons (demanding US synthetic fuel sufficiency like Brazil)
Two social targets:
-Black racists(99.9% of blacks)

4:56 PM  

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