Friday, May 30, 2008

Burmese Refugee Dumping

Letter to Editor

Republican American, Waterbury, CT

Burmese Refugee Dumping

The International Institute of Connecticut claims on its website, "we have assisted over 7000 people each year integrate into American life. We have paved the way for them to find a place to live, to find employment, to learn English and to generally improve their lives and be happy and adjusted in their new country." These are for profit organizations engaged in trafficking human cargo, paid for by the U.S. State Department. They bring over hapless people to Waterbury, dump them in roach invested apartments, and then abandon them after ninety days to local welfare. What great humanitarians!!

27,000 Hmong "refugees" have settled Minnesota and they just keep coming from Laos, decades after the Vietnam War. One Hmong deer hunter shot eight White hunters and killed six of them. This was followed by a white hunter killing a Hmong. Such are the multicultural pleasantries.
In schools, Hmong children turn up pregnant at the age of thirteen and have their second child in high school. Needless to say, this is all paid for by the local taxpayers.

Lewiston, Maine has 2,000 Somalis, with about 13,000 in the United States. The problems of the world are dumped on unsuspecting towns and cities across the United States. Welfare, fights in schools, endless charges of racism, xenophobia, etc.

The Burmese represent a new group the U.S. State Department and the Institute can mine for refugees. A few thousand in Waterbury? Don’t think it is not possible.

Senator Christopher Dodd’s involvement in this is laughable. He receives an "F" for his voting record on immigration and has done everything possible to have unlimited immigration into the United States and amnesty for the illegals already here.

Rep. Christopher Murphy’s response, "this agency is one of the few outlets that we have for refugee resettlement." Does Rep. Murphy want more resettlement? Does he want 27,000 Hmong coming to stay, or 27,000 Burmese in the State of Connecticut?

Neither Christopher Dodd nor Christopher Murphy give any thought that these "refugees" should be returned home. Their comments lead one to believe they would welcome thousands more. There are seven billion people in the world, most of which would love to be in the United States to "to escape the tyranny in the native country." How many can the U.S. hold? We may find out.

Refugee laws were set up on the model of European wars where refugees would return to their countries at the end of a war. What this has turned into is massive air-lift from third world, from every spot on the globe into the United States, from which the "refugees" never return.
The best solution to this problem is to return the Burmese, Somalis and Hmong. Pay them off and set them up in their own countries. They would be better off and so would citizens of the United States.

Paul Streitz
CT Citizens for Immigration Control

Paul Streitz,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

same thing in Providence, Rhode Island with the Liberians, thanks to the gay mayor. 40,000 strong on the welfare dole. all voting.

there is no end in sight to this affront to individual rights under democratic tyranny.

the Ron Paul movement can only at most garner 10-15 % of the electorate, for many obvious reasons. nor will mass civil disobedience occur.

flee, or separate, or adjust.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, isn't that just special? Seems to me the answer to this, and many more problems these cretins are creating, is discussed on the following website:

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Werwolf said...

Why is it that
these "patriotic"(as in idiotic) citizen groups don't seem to have a problem with who controls the media and the U.S.government?

11:53 AM  

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