Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Those Anti-Semitic Brits

[The Jerusalem Post recently ran some article screaming that the British were anti-Semitic.]

Brits "most anti-semitic"- Yes that was last week.

This week it's Iceland and next week it's probably Djibouti.

I wrote a piece some time back detailing some actual "most anti semitic nations" lists, when it was Sweden's turn--previously it was Finland, after Sweden it was France--for months, then USA, but Ahmadinejad went and scored a home run, only to be relegated when Putin, brilliant manager of the first division Russian side, defeated all comers, with his famous Double Whammy- kicking out Jewish oil oligarchs and bumping off another in London.

But was his team's performance just a wee bit too good to be true? An often asked question. I suspect doping and possibly anti-Semitically enhancing drugs.

We are fielding a good, strong, all British, anti-Semite team in this year's semi finals, as the writer concedes--but will we be good and anti-Semite enough to win the coveted world anti-Semite final against such experienced opponents as the Palestinians, the Poles (always a strong contender) or the Pakistanis? And we must not discount the newcomers Bolivia and China.

Who can tell? World Anti-Semitism is a funny old game sure enough, and 'it aint over till the fat Jewboy screams "Anti-Semite," as they say.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Fat Jewboy might also scream, "Outraged!" God Bless him, he does get worked up.

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We owe these kike bastards a Holocaust. I hope we all live long enough to pay the debt.

3:31 PM  

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