Monday, April 14, 2008

Enforcement WORKS!

The liberals and the minority pressure groups whine and moan that we have to legalize the invasion of our country by 30 million illegal aliens because "you can't just round them all up and make them leave."

But we can.

It's already happening in two states that have decided to enforce the law of the land. In Arizona and in Oklahoma, the wetbacks are packing up and leaving.

The Fox News television channel in Houston reports: "Illegal immigrants are coming into Texas, but not from where one might think. The rush is coming from Arizona, Oklahoma and other states -- places that have recently passed tough new anti-illegal immigrant laws."

"The two toughest measures are in Arizona and Oklahoma. The Oklahoma statute, which took effect in November, makes it a crime to transport, harbor or hire illegal immigrants. Effective Jan. 1, the Arizona law suspends the business license of employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers. On a second offense, the license is revoked."

Hardly rounding them up in cattle cars and transporting them to Auschwitz. A couple of simple statues punishing those who break the law. What could be simpler?

But it's working. "Anecdotal information seems to indicate that illegal immigrants are leaving these states in growing numbers. 'They're really tightening the screws,' said Mario Ortiz, an undocumented Mexican worker who came to Houston after leaving Phoenix last year. 'There have been a lot coming -- it could be 100 a day.'"

"In Tulsa, Okla., the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has estimated that 15,000 to 25,000 illegal immigrants have left the area. One builder estimated that 30 percent of the Hispanic work force left Tulsa."

(A 30 percent drop in spics! Fantastic! That's more jobs for Americans, more low-end affordable housing for Americans, more medical care for Americans in Tulsa.)

"Enrique Hubbard, Mexico's consul general in Dallas, said a dozen Mexican families from Oklahoma have applied for consular documents listing their new homes in the Dallas area. He expects more to arrive because jobs are available in north Texas." (They won't be for long if the illegals all swarm down there and take them all.)

Now if we can just get these laws passed in all 50 states and make the bastards go home!


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