Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It's obvious that Matt Drudge loathes and despises Hillary Clinton with a grand passion, and I like that in anybody. I can understand Drudge's visceral detestation of the Sea Hag, since she got one of her court Jews, Sidney Blumenthal, to file a baseless and malicious lawsuit against him that dragged on and on for years, in a deliberate attempt to bankrupt Drudge and silence his web site in revenge for exposing the Monica Lewinsky episode. That I can dig, as some of you know.

Some of the things Drudge does to spite Hillary are kind of childish, while some are just plain hilarious, like digging up every horrible and hideous photo of her he can find and running it on his web site. But today when I went to Drudge Report I got a real guffaw.

Bear in mind that today is the day of the Pennsylvania primary, which everyone seems to agree she will win and thus keep herself in the ring for of few more rounds of her Rocky Balboa-like battle against the Funky Monkey and his cult votaries. A moment of triumph for the bitch. And what is Matt Drudge's headline, as of noon?

Flying saucers sighted in Florida and Phoenix.

Now that's cocking the snook! Haw haw haw!


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