Saturday, April 05, 2008

Canadian Secret Police Face Query

[Stolen from Bill White's blog. I am ambiguous about White. He publishes some worthwhile material on the internet, and discusses some things that no one else will discuss, but no one can quite figure out who he is, or what his actual agenda is.]

Canadian Human Rights Officials May Face Prison
Hacking Of Woman's Network Violated Canadian Law

Toronto, Canada -- Law enforcement officials in Canada are considering whether to arrest several members of the country's Human Rights Commission after an investigator admitted in court the group was hacking innocent people's computer networks in order to disguise their identity on line.

Dean Steacy, an investigator for the group, and the supervisors who authorized his activities, may face prison time after Steacy admitted on the stand that he had hacked into the wireless network of a woman living in an apartment building next door to the Human Rights Commission building in order to disguise his IP address and post violent racist comments on conservative messageboards. It is a crime in Canada to criticize the government, any person who is not white, or a Jew.

Mark Lemire, a conservative anti-immigration activist targeted by the commission, has filed criminal complaints alleging four violations of Canadian laws restricting illegal access to computer networks.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission was allowed broad authority to arrest any person speaking out against Canadian tyranny until it made the mistake of arresting and prosecuting a Jewish newspaper columnist, Mark Steyn, for a column he wrote critical of Islam. When that occurred, the Jewish community, which controls the Commission and the Canadian government, began working against those board members who had urged Steyn's arrest.


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I'm always a bit suspicious of someone who claims to want to "lead" us but but won't give his real name.

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