Friday, April 11, 2008

50 Years Of Failure Is Enough

[But] the time comes when even the worst coward about going to the dentist can no longer fool himself with soothing syrups, and scrambles in to a real dentist to have the radical treatment which alone can solve his problem—to have the tooth jerked out and the germs of decay killed. Nothing less can stop a real tooth-ache. And nothing less than killing the enemy germs and extracting the nigger hell-raisers can stop the disease and pain which is killing America and the White Race.

Our job is to be good dentists, remain steadfast and keep our pliers and germicide ready to extract the black aching tooth and disinfect our Nation of the germs of Jewish treason and decay, when the patient is ready.

Fifty years of conservative failure is enough!

-George Lincoln Rockwell
White Power


Anonymous Team_Euro said...

HAC, have you ever heard of "McMafia" by Misha Glenny? The book goes into great detail about globalization and the creation of all-time levels of organized crime. What's more interesting about this book is the chapter which covers the Israeli involvement of human trafficking and white sex slavery.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the supposed oppression of Russian Jews, the Ashkenazic Jews of Russia have flocked to Israel in record numbers (aliyah) and they have created a market for kidnapped white women of Slavic origin in Tel-Aviv.

This book exposes the brutality and horrific dehumanization that the mainstream media has ignored for decades. Israel is the capital of human sex-slavery and it deserves to be exposed of this fact.

8:47 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

So, what's to complain? They are only shiksa animals. It should be an honour that the chosen people use them for profit and pleasure. What are you - and anti-semite?

4:31 AM  

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