Thursday, March 06, 2008

Rumor #14,567

[Okay, granted "our" people are not the most reliable in the world and we have more paranoid raving on the internet than they do in Colney Hatch. This is probably bullshit.



I have some news about something possibly getting ready to happen in Oregon. A few days ago I saw an e-mail on Ghost Troops where somebody claimed they had very very reliable information that the Oregon guard was being mobilized on 48 hours notice and that the mission was domestic and something possibly to do with a banking crisis. They claimed that not a rubber tired vehicle was left in any of the armories in the state.

My next door neighbor xxxx is in the Guard, and I have been waiting for a chance to talk to him for a couple of days now.

I just spotted my neighbor xxxx in his fatigues and just getting back home from drill in Salem. I ran over to ask him a few questions and he seemed surprised that I might know something is up. He said there was a lot of unusual things at drill this weekend.

Firstly I asked if he knew anything about the guard being mobilized on 48 hours notice with a domestic deployment. He said no, but there was something getting ready to happen he thinks. I told him I had heard that there was not a rubber tired vehicle left in any of the armories in the state of Oregon. He was kind of startled a little, that I might know that, and he said that it is really strange that there are a lot of vehicles missing, what's left is being made ready to use, and that there were some huge vehicles there that he had never seen before. Big vehicles with 5 axles and huge tires and the nose was slanted up as if to go over rough terrain. He thought it was all very odd.

Also they were given four shots yesterday and they wouldn't tell them what they were for. [You know, Jug-Ears might be planning to invade Pakistan and try and grab the Pakistani nukes. - HAC] He stated that he was up to date on all his shots and was told he needed these also. He didn't like that too much.

Also the company commander and a couple of high ranking NCOs were absent from drill which was odd, as they have always been present in the past. They also had to go through all of their gas masks and their MOP suits and make sure everything fit and was in good working order. This one alone tells me something!

A doctor told him that they were getting ready to do something because of all of the readiness being made with the men and equipment. And the feeling is just talking to xxxx that it is very soon...he doesn't know, but he is edgy about it and seems a little worried. And I'm worried a lot!

I also got out of xxxx that he had heard something about a banking crisis connected to the stock market and that they were issued new carbines this weekend. Also they were given a briefing on readiness. I asked him when was the last time he had a briefing on readiness and he said "never." He said he couldn't tell me everything but that he had told me almost everything he knows.

I said well you wouldn't let us die from a dirty bomb would you if you knew something about that? He said he wouldn't worry too much about that...and then added, "Don, do you have any idea how many 'terrorist training camps' there are in Oregon?'"

I said what do you mean, Muslim terrorists? He said "No... just these American guys that hate the government and are training to overthrow it or planning to overthrow it." I said you mean there are a lot of those guys here?...He said "You have no idea how much of that is in Oregon."

So what do I do I think to it time to bail out of here for a week or so?

[Dear me. Sounds like someone in a cubicle in Washington may have been reading The Brigade.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oddly enough I'd heard something along those lines. But am not a propetier of odd comments so i'll just keep the info lid tight. Enough goat dancing.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That 5-axle truck sounds like a 10x10 HEMTT.

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yah, probably bs, but therein lies the problem, people with overactive imaginations go bonkers over what may be routine yearly shots, etc. Then what happens when something really is about to happen, and it will eventually you know, everyones response will be, "Today's rumor is pretty kool, yawn".

Mike Petersen

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, at least get the story straight then... is it going to be a domestic assault or foreign? If domestic, why the shots?

6:54 AM  

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