Sunday, March 02, 2008

Putting Down The Monster

I am coming around to the idea that the purpose of the Obamanation is as follows: he is a beard put forward by certain powerful nabobs in the Democratic establishment, possibly with the collusion of certain powerful nabobs in the GOP, for the sole purpose of stopping Hillary Clinton and making sure she never gets back into the Oval Office. This I have to admit is in and of itself a laudatory goal. I wish they had chosen a human being instead of a simian as their candidate, but maybe they figured (maybe they figured correctly) that only a monkoid would have any chance of undermining enough of the PC bloc vote to keep her Prada-clad ass out.

Now they may be coming to realize that they have created a Frankenstein monster. I wonder if those fat boys in the suits have any kind of a Plan B for stopping their rampaging creation, maybe luring him into a power transformer and electrocuting him like they always do to the monsters in 1950s horror movies.


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