Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Panic of '08

The Great Housing Crash of '08 is on the way. Will you be wiped out by negative equity?

Basically what has happened here: ever since George W. Bush and his little Jewish friends entered office, Americans have been persuaded by a massive propaganda effort to turn their own housing, the places where they live with their families, into a mass gambling game that generates huge profits for Jews and parasitic bankers who actually contribute nothing at all to the economy or the general welfare.

The housing market of the 2000s is roughly what the stock market of the late 1920s was to ordinary people. Everybody back then was playing the market, hoping to buy low (on margin) and sell high, thus reaping huge profits on paper without actually doing any work, manufacturing anything, or contributing to society. Money making money, the essence of Jewish capitalism as opposed to Aryan free enterprise, which involves actual production of goods and services.

Then in October of 1929, all the paper came tumbling down and reduced pretty much the whole nation to destitution.

The object of the game from the point of view of the Jews and bankers has been to get everybody laboring under a crushing mortgage, owing 30 years' of devastating interest payments that will put even our grandchildren into debt in some cases. The only way people could (in theory) get out from under their crushing debt was to sell "up" in a bull housing market. In most cases, of course, they were just trading up into a higher bracket of debt, while the Jews and the bankers actually creamed off all the cash and stuck it in their pockets. The kikes pulled the same scam with housing that they have so often pulled with the stock market in the past...they convinced people that the bull market would last forever.

People bought or refinanced a house with almost no money down (the 21st century version of buying on margin) then waited for the market to go up, and hoped to sell at a huge paper profit. The fact that people do, in fact, need someplace to live and their paper profits were usually eaten up in an even worse mortgage for a more upmarket house seems to have escaped the notice of the millions of American dummies who fell for this Jew scam.

But in their mad lust to get everybody into 30-year financial serfdom and paying billions of dollars of interest into their pockets every month, the Jews and the bankers started lending "subprime," basically to any Tom, Nicodemus, and Jose who walked in the door.

They made billions of dollars of very shaky house loans to blacks, to illegal aliens, and to white working families whose jobs were then downsized or outsourced to India. The result is that hundreds of thousands of people can or will no longer pay the Jews for the houses they bought, and are walking into real estate offices and throwing the keys on the table. The bankers don't know what to do with all those houses--they're into money, not real things like bricks and mortar.

So the Jews and the bankers (often the same thing) ripped off immense profits and now they've got a lot of houses on their hands which they can surely re-sell for something, right? Afraid not. It's a lot more complicated than that.

You see, the Jews and bankers who were doing the mortgage lending were themselves borrowing money to stay afloat, based on their "accounts receivable" as collateral, in other words all that money they thought they were going to be raking in over the next 30 years. Now all the little sharks can't pay back all the big sharks that they themselves are indebted to, and they are going to be eaten.

Okay, you say, but since all of this is on paper, so what?

What you need to understand is that in a Jewish capitalist society, as opposed to an Aryan free enterprise society, everything is based on borrowed money. Everything. Everybody borrows from everybody else.

This allows for the lifeblood of the Jewish people: interest. Money making money on its own, without actually working or producing anything or providing any services of value. This is how the basically unskilled and parasitic Jewish people have survived for the past 2000 years, in essence recycling the same limited amount of actual wealth over and over again and drawing off their own sustenance in the form of interest, like vampires. Eventually, of course, the Jews' host organisms die and they move on.

Everything is dependent on borrowed money, including the company that you work for. (Almost all whites these days work on salary for a corporate entity, even if only as a no-benefit "contractor" or consultant; almost no one is actually self-employed on the basis of their own skills anymore.)

A major banking or financial crash sets off a domino effect as screaming, hysterical Jews demand that their paper holders sell up and liquidate their debt, anything to raise cash to allow the Jew to continue to "wet his beak" in a labor and production-free flow of money. What this will mean in the real world is that:

A) That adjustable rate mortgage that you were incredibly stupid enough to sign a few years ago for friendly Mr. Fiegenbaum is going to go through the stratosphere as the Jews raise your mortgage to try and squeeze more money out of those who are still paying; the 21st century equivalent of the 1929 "margin calls" that caused Black Thursday;

B) You will not be able to sell your house, because no one can get a mortgage any more since the flow of borrowed money has dried up and no more credit is available; and

C) You may end up with "negative equity," i.e. owing more on your house than its current market value, which will crash through the cellar floor since no one is able to buy any more. You will not be able to pay, because your job was sent to India or Panama and you are now flipping burgers for 24 hours per week. Then comes

D) The sheriff's foreclosure notice taped to your door, and then your family dragged into the street or the local Salvation Army homeless shelter because we in America have been stupid enough to hand our economy over the Jews. But hey, they're God's Chosen People, right?

Ain't diversity grand?


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