Friday, March 28, 2008

Jew Fakes Hatecrime, Case #1,729

[Was rooting around in old e-mails and found a news story somebody sent me last fall. - HAC]

It happens embarrassingly often. Swastikas or the letters "KKK" are written or spray-painted on a wall, or the latest fashion, a hangman's noose, is displayed to a negroid, and it turns out that the whole incident is a hoax perpetrated by the alleged black or Jewish "victim."

According to the student newspaper at George Washington University, the Hatchet, an 18-year-old freshman journalism student (journalism student, no less!) has admitted to faking a hatecrime against herself. Sarah Marshak was discovered to have drawn swastikas on her own dorm door in Mitchell Hall after video surveillance was viewed by University Police. The timeline goes as follows:

"Oct. 23 - Sarah Marshak, a Jewish freshman, reports a swastika drawn on the whiteboard mounted to her Mitchell Hall door." (i.e. she started the whole thing.) "In the next four days, two more are drawn, each progressively larger in size."

"Oct. 27 - Transfer student Erica Tanne, a Jewish sophomore, finds the symbol drawn on the whiteboard mounted to her residence hall door. Tanne lives in Potomac House." (Now everybody wants in on the act. It's metastasizing like the Salem witchcraft trials.)

"Oct. 28 - A swastika is drawn on Marshak's door for the fourth time."

"Oct. 30 - Marshak reports a fifth swastika. In eight days, seven swastikas were found on campus: five on Marshak's door, one on Tanne's door and one on a fence by GW Hospital."

Etc., etc., you get the idea. Eventually there are a total of nine Swastikas drawn around campus, presumably with magic markers or something of the kind. Then, of course, the monkoids have to get in on the act. The Hatchet tells us "The word niggers was written at the bottom of a poster advertising for a black engineering group's event."

On November 4th, they find their scapegoat. The university charged some poor White upper classman with being the hatemonger, expelled him from school and ordered him off campus, and turned him over to the FBI. Yes, good people, your tax dollars in action! The mighty Federal Bureau of Investigation itself is devoting its time and resources toward the discovery of the vile fiend who drew nine ancient mystical symbols and one word on walls.

Ah, but on Monday morning? Monday, Monday, can't trust that day, like the Mamas and the Papas used to sing.

On Monday, November 5th, the Hatchet tells us "Using footage from a hidden video camera in Mitchell Hall, UPD linked [Sarah] Marshak with the vandalism to her door. Marshak told The Hatchet she only drew the final three of the six swastikas" (on her own door)

Oh, well, that's all right then. Sure, we believe this wonderful Daughter of Israel, whose people have established such a reputation for truthfulness and honesty down through the centuries.

And the White student was been charged and expelled because of this vicious little yenta's lies? He has been released, returned to school, and received a public apology from the administration, right?



George Washington University seems to be a haven for this sort of nonsense. The Hatchet reports: "This actually isn't the first incident of a fake hate crime at the same university in recent history. On October 8, The Hatchet reported on supposedly-anti-Muslim posters placed around the university, claiming to be placed there by the Young Americans Foundation, a Conservative group for young people. 2 days later, after the group had been widely condemned, 7 GWU students, non of them YAF members, admitted to hanging the posters to pose the YAF as racist." If any of these left-wing students who pulled this stunt were disciplined, never mind arrested by the FBI, the newspaper seems to have neglected to report it.

One final little reminder: this Sarah Marshak is a journalism student. She will either be allowed to slip quietly back into GWU to continue her studies, or else transfer to another journalism school somewhere, and eventually she will end up working for some newspaper or television station and feeding us our daily news ration. Looks like this girl has gotten off to a great start for a career in a profession that lies for a living. When Sarah Marshak is a full fledged reporter she can not only lie, but get paid for lying.

God, what a great country we live in!


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