Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In Memoriam: Joe the Skinhead

Hi everyone,

As some of you may already know, our highly esteemed friend and National Socialist comrade Joe Odegaard (Joe The Skinhead) perished in a car accident on Alaska Highway 4 on Saturday March 22. The state trooper who phoned me stated that heavy snow was falling at the time and that it appeared Joe had driven into a patch of ice, skidded out of control, and plunged the side of a mountain to a sudden death.

In a lamentable twist of irony, Joe's very persistence and resoluteness, the things that made him such a tremendous friend and formidable foe, taken to an extreme bordering on irredentist stubbornness were the very things that killed him. While ordinary prudent men would have heeded nature's ominous warning and stopped during the snowstorm, Joe The Skinhead, with his indomitable and uncompromising outlook on life, refused to halt his journey temporarily so as to permit the snow to pass.

Skinheads throughout the world will miss Joe, as he was a rising young leader whom many considered similar to the great Ian Stuart. Joe hailed from one of Minnesota's wealthiest families yet he gladly forsook a privileged life to become a Skinhead. He briefly attended Harvard, as had his father and grandfather, yet dropped out to join the Army Special Forces after September 11. He served valiantly in the military, yet the military ingloriously discharged him for his National Socialist beliefs.

Rather than succumbing to adversity, Joe dedicated his life to working as a day laborer to raise racial awareness among the working class, standing outside schools handing out Skrewdriver CDs to kids, and building and creating a Skinhead organization that terrified the non-Aryan peoples invading Minneapolis. Not only did Joe fight in America, he also took his extensive military experience to south Lebanon in the summer of 2005 and fought alongside Hezbollah's forces to defeat the Zionists in Israel.

Joe later adopted the view that the solution for America's dwindling Aryan population would be to create a separate Aryan homeland in the Northwest governed according to National Socialist principles. Joe promptly decided to move to Alaska with several others and me. However, when Joe tried to cross the Canadian border, the Canadian government denied him entry because of his political views. Joe therefore took a ship to southern Alaska and then upon returning to ZOG controlled Alaska, he trekked north hoping to make his way to Fairbanks.

I will be organizing a remembrance ceremony for Joe The Skinhead to take place on April 20 (Hitler's birthday) on a lake near Fairbanks. There, we will place Joe's body and his possessions aboard a Viking ship and set it ablaze, as he expressly wished for this in his will. I expect Skinheads throughout the world to attend this event, which will likely match Ian Stuart's Waterloo concert in 1992. We expect Saga, Landser, and Sleipnir to attend, along with other bands. Even the great Tesak, leader of Moscow's distinguished Skinheads, plans to attend. I hope that this unprecedented gathering of Skinheads mourning Joe's death will symbolize a new rebirth for the Skinhead Movement and National Socialist ideology throughout the world.

Joe was one of my best friends and his death deeply saddens me. Joe was an unusually vivacious and courageous individual. He was exceptionally intelligent, yet he did not display the customary arrogance of the intellectual classes. I, along with many others, will miss him. Joe hailed from the upper class, yet he ultimately was a simple man of the people.

Finally, I would like to note that Joe The Skinhead's girlfriend Ashley is three months pregnant with twins. Joe leaves a sizable sum of money he inherited from his grandfather to his children. He expressly provided that I help manage his considerable assets so that his children will have sufficient funds with which to live. As an aside, I commend someone as seemingly invincible as Joe The Skinhead for possessing the Aryan long term vision that enabled him to craft a plan for his children should the need arise. Joe's foresight is a testament to his Aryan outlook. Despite being an ultimate fighter and fighting for money and never losing a competitive fight and his seeming invincibility, Joe looked forward to being a father and had the sense to plan for his eventual departure, which tragically occurred much earlier than it should have.

At any rate, if anyone has any additional questions or would like to attend the ceremony for Joe The Skinhead, please e-mail or call me. I wish everyone the best and hope that I must never again pass along such unfortunate news.



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