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HAC's Recommended Reading List

The following works have been selected because each of them has something of value to offer the Aryan reader by way of information, ideas, or instruction. This does not mean that we agree with every single word in them, or that you will. Most are written by our own people, but some are outright anti-White in content, while others contain leftist propaganda or perpetuate liberal stereotypes. And yes, a few are written by Jews. Learning to read such enemy literature between the lines, to garner the truth and wisdom while scorning the lies and the malice, is in itself a skill which racial nationalists should cultivate and master.

Most of these works are available in bookstores and public libraries, although many are out of print, and you may have to hunt a bit or get them on inter-library loan.

A final word: inevitably, we will have left out someone's favorite book or author. The corpus of Aryan racialist literature in the English language is far more extensive than the few titles listed here, and in future we hope to publish an even more extensive list when time and resources permit.

Remember: cliche though it may be, it is a truth that those who will not read have no advantage over those who cannot read. So turn off that damned tube, shut down that computer, and get your ass down to the library!

Aryan History

A DISTANT MIRROR by Barbara Tuchman-A social history of 14th century France.
ANABASIS (The March Up Country) by Xenophon - Epic of ancient Greekcourage.
BEOWULF - Ancient Saxon epic poem, full of blood and guts. Great stuff! FIFTEEN DECISIVE BATTLES OF HISTORY by Edward Creasey - Military history.
OUR NORDIC RACE by Richard Kelly Hoskins - A good basic introduction.
POETIC EDDA- Norse epic poem.
THE CONQUEST OF GAUL by Julius Caesar - Roman method versus Celtic courage.
THE CONQUEST OF MEXICO by Thomas Prescott - 500 White men gain an empire.
THE DIARY OF BENVENUTO CELLINI - The ultimate Renaissance man. Witty and fun.
THE GUNS OF AUGUST by Barbara Tuchman - How Western civilization perished.
THE PROUD TOWER by Barbara Tuchman - Europe at its height before World War I.
THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR by Hugh Thomas - The good guys win one, for a change.
THE STORY OF ENGLISH (McNeil/Lehrer) - The book from the PBS television series.


ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell - Classic allegory about Communist society.
BEHIND COMMUNISM by Frank L. Britton - The basic introduction to thesubject.
COMMUNIST MANIFESTO by Karl Marx and Frederich Engels.
CUBA by Jacobo Timerman - Even this lefty Jew can't say much good aboutFidel.
DESTRUCTIVE GENERATION by Collier and Horowitz - Bad-mouths the 60s. A-1.
DOWN AND OUT IN PARIS AND LONDON by George Orwell - Early Communist polemic.
HARVEST OF SORROW by Robert Conquest - The Ukraine famine which killed millions.
OUT OF THE NIGHT by Jan Valtin - Story of a Communist agent in 1930s Germany.
THE GREAT TERROR by Robert Conquest - Mass murder in 1930s Russia.
THE GOD THAT FAILED Various authors, all ex-Communists. To the point.
THE RED DECADE by Eugene Lyons - First rate! Now almost impossible to find.
THE ROAD TO WIGAN PIER by George Orwell - The beginning of his disillusionment.
THE TROUBLES by Joseph Conlon - Another readable, jaundiced look at the 60s.
WITNESS by Whittaker Chambers- The best written work on American Communism.

The Jewish Question

A HISTORY OF THE JEWS by Max Dimont - Arrogant, boastful, paranoid Yiddishkeit.
ANTI-ZION compiled by William Grimstad - Hard to obtain but good.
DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE? by Richard Harwood - Good intro to Revisionism.
HOLOHOAX COMIC by Michael Hoffman - Ve haff vays of makink you laff!
JEWS MUST LIVE by Sammy Roth - Gives away a lot of their trade secrets.
THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY by Dr. Arthur Butz - Revisionist classic.
THE INTERNATIONAL JEW by Henry Ford - This one still gets the hebes gibbering.
THE JEWISH STATE by Theodor Herzl - The foundation of Zionist thought.
THE REVOLT by Menachem Begin - How the Jews seized Palestine by violence.
THE ZIONIST CONNECTION by Alfred Lilienthal - How Zionism works in practice.

National Socialism

FOR MY LEGIONARIES by Corneliu Codreanu - Leader of Romanian Iron Guard.
HITLER: MEMOIRS OF A CONFIDANT by Gen Otto Wegener - Good read.
HITLER: THE PATH TO POWER by Charles Bracelen Flood - Surprisingly unbiased.
IN HOC SIGNO VINCES by George Lincoln Rockwell - Superb short introduction.
MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - The foundation of Aryan racial renewal.Essential.
MY PART IN GERMANY'S FIGHT by Dr. Joseph Goebbels - Early Kampfzeit diaries.
OTHER LOSSES by James Bacque - The murder of German POWS by Allies in WWII.
THE DESTRUCTION OF DRESDEN by David Irving - The real Holocaust, circa 1945.
THE LIGHTNING AND THE SUN by Savitri Devi - Essential work of NS thought.
THE ORDER OF THE DEATH'S HEAD by Heinz Hohne - The story of the SS.
THE YOUNG HITLER I KNEW by August Kubizek - The Fuhrer's boyhood friend.
THIS TIME THE WORLD by George Lincoln Rockwell - Very hard to obtain.
WHITE POWER by George Lincoln Rockwell - The book for American NS.

Political Science and Statecraft

CITIZENS by Simon Schama - The story of the French Revolution.
REFLECTIONS ON THE FRENCH REVOLUTION by Edmund Burke - Fundamental work.
SLOUCHING TOWARD GOMORRAH -by Robert Bork. Paleoconservative blast.
STALIN IN POWER by Robert Tucker - The monstrous modern master in action.
THE PETER PRINCIPLE by Lawrence Peter - Why things don't work in society.
THE PRINCE by Niccolo Machiavelli - The basic textbook on the subject.
THE SHADOWS OF POWER by James Perloff - Good, basic intro toCFR/Trilaterals.
WAR CYCLES, PEACE CYCLES by Richard K. Hoskins - Politics, economics, andrace.

Racial Theory and Philosophy

AMERICA'S DECLINE by Dr. Revilo Oliver - The greatest post-war Aryanpolemicist.
CONSPIRACY OR DEGENERACY? by Dr. Revilo Oliver - His famous 1966 speech.
IMPERIUM by Francis Parker Yockey - An essential cornerstone of our cause.
PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS by Jared Taylor - Affirmative action analysis.
RACE, EVOLUTION AND BEHAVIOR by Dr. J. Phillippe Rushton. Recent work.
RACE AND REASON by Carleton Putnam - Academic but definitive and convincing.
RACE AND REALITY by Carleton Putnam - Sequel to above work, equally good.
REPUBLIC by Plato - Often called the earliest surviving work of Fascisttheory.
THE BIOLOGY OF THE RACE PROBLEM by Wesley George - Comes well recommended.
THE DECLINE OF THE WEST by Oswald Spengler - Heavily influenced the Fuhrer.
THE DISPOSSESSED MAJORITY by Wilmot Robertson - Excellent intro to raceissue.
THE ETHNOSTATE by Wilmot Robertson - The author's latest update to theabove.
THE MYTH OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY by Alfred Rosenberg - From Noontide Press.
THE SEVEN PILLARS OF WISDOM by T. E. Lawrence - Part history, partphilosophy.
WHICH WAY WESTERN MAN? by William Gayley Simpson - Profound and powerful.

Revolution, The Art and Science

GUERRILLA WARFARE by Che Guevara - Valuable manual for advanced study.
HUNTER by William L. Pierce - How to manual disguised as fiction.
150 QUESTIONS FOR A GUERRILLA by Gen. Alberto Bayo - Castro's guerrillatrainer.
SOLDIER FOR THE ARABS by Sir John Glubb - "Glubb Pasha" beat Zionists in1948.
THE ANARCHIST'S COOKBOOK - Blow up a bridge and then blow your mind.
THE POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND by Kurt Saxon - A little more practical than most.
THE TRUE BELIEVER by Eric Hoffer - Revolutionary psychology handbook.
THE TURNER DIARIES by William L. Pierce - How-to manual disguised asfiction.

Southern Nationalism

A FOOL'S ERRAND by Albion Tourgee - A carpetbagger's butt is kicked by the Klan.
AGAINST THE BARBARIANS by M. E. Bradford - Southern nationalist essays.
I'LL TAKE MY STAND - Southern agrarian authors speak out on their Folk.
THE CLANSMAN by Thomas Dixon - The book on which Birth Of A Nation wasbased.
THE CASE FOR THE SOUTH by W. J. Workman - 1960 Nationalist work. A-1.
THE IMPENDING CRISIS IN THE SOUTH by Hinton Rowan Helper - 1856 warning cry.
THE TRAGIC ERA by Claude Bowers - The best book ever written onReconstruction.
TOMBEE - The diary of an antebellum planter in South Carolina.

Aryan Fiction

A CANDIDATE FOR THE ORDER by Michael Hoffman II - Ripping good read. Get it.
ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand - Libertarian cult novel still drives Redsballistic.
BARD by Morgan Llewellyn - Fictional history of Bronze Age Ireland.
BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley - Futuristic novel of PC gone berserk.
DARKNESS AT NOON by Arthur Koestler - A novel of Stalin's bloody purges.
IMPERIAL GOVERNOR by George Shipway - Ripping good tale of Roman Britain.
KNIGHT IN ANARCHY by George Shipway - Medieval swashbuckler. Very good.
RED BRANCH by Morgan Llewellyn - The story of Cuchulain of Ulster. Mystical.
SIR NIGEL by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Another superb medieval swashbuckler.
STARKADDER by Bernard King - Nordic mysticism at its most weird andbloody.
THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS by Jean Raspail - Prophetic tale of mass mudimmigration.
THE DARK ANGEL by Mika Waltari - Medieval historical. Depressing but good.
THE IRON HEEL by Jack London - "Third Position" cult novel. Dated but good.
THE KINGS IN WINTER by Celia Holland - Medieval Ireland novel.
THE PALADIN and THE WOLF TIME by George Shipway - Superb medieval series.
THE SCOTTISH CHIEFS by Jane Porter- Good Braveheart-style swashbuckling.
THE VIKING by Edison Marshall - The ultimate Viking novel! Five stars!
THE WHITE COMPANY by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Sequel to Sir Nigel.
WARRIOR IN BRONZE and KING IN SPLENDOUR by George Shipway - Trojan War. A-1.

Harold's Personal Picks

1984 by George Orwell - If writers may be gifted with prophecy, Orwell hadit. This book is absolutely essential to understanding the world we live in today---the abuse of language in the name of political correctness, the attempt to criminalize thought, the demand of complete, lockstep conformitywith Big Brother. Read!

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess - The sparkling quasi-Russian slang alone makes this a joy to read, but beyond that we are once again confronted with an establishment attempt to penalize difference and enforce conformity, in this case through the use of biochemical behavior modification. The character of Alex is a shining monument to that irrepressible spirit of human depravity which can never be vanquished, his ultimate fate a triumph of man's unconquerable will to destroy.

THE COMPLETE SHERLOCK HOLMES STORIES by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Not only enjoyable as detective stories, but for the glimpse they offer into the late Victorian era which I personally believe to have been Aryan man's pinnacle of achievement.

SELECTED WORKS OF BOOTH TARKINGTON - I can hear some of you now, saying "huh?" But I read Tarkington for relaxation, schmaltzy stuff like the Penrod series and Seventeen. I enjoy it because for a very brief time, I can return to a sane, stable, White America of peace and order and normal human relationships not based on psychopolitical power games, political correctness, "diversity," the desperate scramble for money, or deviate sexual acts. We've pretty much forgotten what such a world is like, I'm afraid. It helps to go back every now and then.

SELECTED WORKS OF H. P. LOVECRAFT - An Aryan fantaisist and a genuine mystic, in my view second only to Edgar Allan Poe. Liberal revisionists who like his work but are terrified by his ideas have desperately tried to "clean up" Lovecraft's open Aryan racialism in the years since his death in 1937, but it ain't gonna fly. Lovecraft was one of us, all right.

SELECTED WORKS OF H. L. MENCKEN - Another one of our people's forgotten literary heroes and philosophers. Sometimes called "the Will Rogers of Fascism".

COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - No comment necessary, forsooth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good list, but not enough works by Joseph Goebels. Nazi-Sozi is a simple dialogue pamphlet, but it is still one of the best pieces of informative conditioning material I have ever read.

By the way, does anyone know why it is so damn hard to find his works anywhere?

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What, no mention of The Warwolf? (English translation of Hermann Loens' Der Wehrwolf, a great novel of how North German peasants banded together during the Thirty Years War and fought for survival, guerrilla style).

4:55 AM  
Anonymous Team_Euro said...

I realize some will not dare read anything related to the Establishment's politicians, but I still say Pat Buchanan has some of the best books out there.

Also, it appears that Ron Paul has proven his worthiness for our cause. Ron Paul has good books on the Second Amendment and other pro-Libertarian issues.

9:56 PM  

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