Thursday, March 13, 2008

Admiral Fallon Jumps Ship

Well, looks like the last major senior military opposition to some kind of deranged assault on Iran by Jug-Ears and his little Jewish friends is gone. One wonders just what the hell Jug and Quack-Quack are planning for their last months in office. (Or do they intend to leave during whatever "national emergency" they fabricate?)

I wish some of these senior generals would quit just resigning and going off into a corner to sulk, once they finally become convinced that their Commander In Chief is utterly corrupt and/or hopelessly insane. Instead, one fine morning, let us see the tanks rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue to place the little lunatic under restraint in the rubber room where he belongs, and to dangle Quack-Quack from one of the cherry trees along the Potomac, where he belongs.


Blogger Tom said...

See video: Why Fallon's Resignation is Frightening Defense Secretary Robert Gates did not have to accept Admiral Fallon's resignation. "The military people think basically that Admiral Fallon was PUSHED OUT" - Mark Thompson Time Magazine National Security Correspondent
Fallon is described as "the one person in the military or Pentagon standing between the White House and war with Iran."

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