Monday, March 31, 2008

The Northwest Front

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

"The Mountain Has Fallen"

[Harold Covington's graveside funeral oration for Robert Miles.]

On August 16th, 1992, a giant departed from among us when Robert Miles died at the age of 67, three months to the day after the death of his beloved wife, Dorothy. The gap which he has left in our ranks will not easily be filled.

For over forty years, Bob Miles played a leading role in the White resistance movement in North America, his courage and vision earning him worldwide renown among every friend and foe alike of Aryan man. Bob endured repeated assault; a life of grim poverty and unremitting hardship; six years of false imprisonment on perjured testimony in the worst hellhole of America's prison system as well as a disgraceful attempt in 1987 to imprison him yet again on bogus sedition charges; decades of spying and harassment; the imprisonment and murder of friends and family members; and an avalanche of media abuse and defamation without parallel in the annals of gutter journalism.

They never broke him. Bob Miles met and overcame every attack, every ordeal which this evil regime inflicted on him, and he did so with a calm courage, a quiet dignity, and an irrepressible charm and humor which, more than anything else Bob did or said or wrote, drove the Jews and their lickspittle lackeys in the United States government to enraged distraction.

Bob Miles clearly understood something which many in our Movement have lost sight of, which is that death is no big deal. It is an inevitable fact of existence, to be accepted philosophically and met with dignity when the time comes. What matters is how one lives, what one leaves behind in the way of accumulated knowledge, experience, and moral example. For all of us today and for comrades of the future, role models don't come any stronger or more admirable than Bob Miles.

More than any White racial nationalist patriotin contemporary times, Bob lived his simple, powerful philosophy, which he sometimes referred to by the Irish Gaelic name of Sinn Fein, "Ourselves Alone." To Bob it was all very straightforward. Aryan man is the pinnacle of God's creation; we don't need anything which any other race or culture can offer us in exchange for admixture. All that is necessary to preserve our race and ensure a future for our seed among the stars is a simple recognition of who we are, and the spiritual willpower to just say no to every poisoned chalice, every rotten sweetmeat of which the Jew urges us to partake.

Bob understood the one basic principle which holds the key to our entire struggle, yet which seems so incredibly difficult for many of us to grasp; which indeed, some of us never succeed in grasping.

The Jews are not the problem, nor are the blacks or the Hispanics or the politicians or the international bankers or the Communists or any other grouping of our racial adversaries. We are the problem. Our weakness, our laziness, our profound moral cowardice, our craven unwillingness to place our physical bodies and our creature comforts at risk, as Bob himself did without fear or hesitation.

When we look in a mirror, there we see our enemy. But if we look hard enough, we can see Bob Miles standing behind us, a smile on his face and his hand on our shoulder to guide and uplift and strengthen us, as ever he did when he was with us here in life.

In ancient Celtic times, when a High King of Tara died, messengers were despatched in swift chariots riding the length and breadth of all Ireland, from Antrim in the north to Kerry in the southwest. At each village and crossroads and castle they came to, these couriers cried out, "The mountain has fallen!"

Our mountain has fallen, but his spirit lives on, and it is strong.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Black Rule, Anyone?

Since it looks like the United States, for no reason related to sanity, now may be contemplating an experiment in black rule, perhaps a look at some of the countries that have indulged themselves in this practice might be instructive.

Since no one in this country seems to care much about anything except their precious economy (what's a little rape and murder for the sake of all that lovely diversity?) then fine, let's take a look at how black-ruled countries do economically.

Google News reports that "Zimbabwe's inflation rate, already the highest in the world, has soared to a new high of 66,212.3 percent, according to official figures obtained by AFP on Thursday. 'The year-on-year inflation rate for the month of December 2007, as measured by the all items Consumer Price Index (CPI) stood at 66,212.3 percent, gaining 39,714.5 percentage points on the November rate of 26,740.8 percent,' the Central Statistical Office (CSO) said in a statement released to banks. 'This means that prices as measured by the all items CPI, increased by an average 66,212.3 percent between December 2006 and December 2007.'"

Actually, no. What it means is that the currency of black-ruled Zimbabwe, which in the 1970s as white-ruled Rhodesia was the most stable and productive country on the African continent after (also white-ruled) South Africa, is now completely worthless. You might as well use it as toilet paper.

"CSO said food and non-alcoholic beverages inflation was at 79,412.0 percent in December while non-food inflation was 58,492.9 percent."

74,000% inflation in food? What in God's name does that mean? Can any of us in this country really comprehend it?

Let's put it another way; Zimbuggery is in such God-awful shape that Mugabe's little tin-pot Marxist dictatorship can't even print money like the Federal Reserve here just did to bail out Bear Stearns. They now only print one side of a Zimbibbledy bank note, because they can't afford the ink to print both sides of the bill. Yeah, de black folk can sure run an economy, all right!

"But that's ridiculous," Obama cultists will gibber. "This isn't Zimbabwe! This is wonderful Amurrica, and besides, our Mahogany Leader will have all kinds of White people to advise him and do great things he can take credit for!"

Well, let's look at some of the examples of black rule on this continent, like Detroit (whose mayor was just indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice. Or Atlanta, which is now running out of water. Or Washington D.C., where I've just got one word for you--Marion Barry. Or New Orleans, which just had half of its niggers washed away and yet which is still an open-air toilet reeking of Katrina after countless billions of dollars have been poured into it, and almost nothing done to repair the levees so it doesn't happen again. Do you want me to go on?

The Obamanation admits he's a drug user. Will the D.C. police be doing a Marion Barry-style cocaine raid in the East Wing of the White House where the Mahogany Prez and Michelle are snorting some lines?

Will they be finding plastic bags full of cold cash in the White House freezer, like they did with that monkoid Louisiana Congressman last year?

Will they find that BO keeps the heads of his political opponents in his freezer like Idi Amin?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Jew Fakes Hatecrime, Case #1,729

[Was rooting around in old e-mails and found a news story somebody sent me last fall. - HAC]

It happens embarrassingly often. Swastikas or the letters "KKK" are written or spray-painted on a wall, or the latest fashion, a hangman's noose, is displayed to a negroid, and it turns out that the whole incident is a hoax perpetrated by the alleged black or Jewish "victim."

According to the student newspaper at George Washington University, the Hatchet, an 18-year-old freshman journalism student (journalism student, no less!) has admitted to faking a hatecrime against herself. Sarah Marshak was discovered to have drawn swastikas on her own dorm door in Mitchell Hall after video surveillance was viewed by University Police. The timeline goes as follows:

"Oct. 23 - Sarah Marshak, a Jewish freshman, reports a swastika drawn on the whiteboard mounted to her Mitchell Hall door." (i.e. she started the whole thing.) "In the next four days, two more are drawn, each progressively larger in size."

"Oct. 27 - Transfer student Erica Tanne, a Jewish sophomore, finds the symbol drawn on the whiteboard mounted to her residence hall door. Tanne lives in Potomac House." (Now everybody wants in on the act. It's metastasizing like the Salem witchcraft trials.)

"Oct. 28 - A swastika is drawn on Marshak's door for the fourth time."

"Oct. 30 - Marshak reports a fifth swastika. In eight days, seven swastikas were found on campus: five on Marshak's door, one on Tanne's door and one on a fence by GW Hospital."

Etc., etc., you get the idea. Eventually there are a total of nine Swastikas drawn around campus, presumably with magic markers or something of the kind. Then, of course, the monkoids have to get in on the act. The Hatchet tells us "The word niggers was written at the bottom of a poster advertising for a black engineering group's event."

On November 4th, they find their scapegoat. The university charged some poor White upper classman with being the hatemonger, expelled him from school and ordered him off campus, and turned him over to the FBI. Yes, good people, your tax dollars in action! The mighty Federal Bureau of Investigation itself is devoting its time and resources toward the discovery of the vile fiend who drew nine ancient mystical symbols and one word on walls.

Ah, but on Monday morning? Monday, Monday, can't trust that day, like the Mamas and the Papas used to sing.

On Monday, November 5th, the Hatchet tells us "Using footage from a hidden video camera in Mitchell Hall, UPD linked [Sarah] Marshak with the vandalism to her door. Marshak told The Hatchet she only drew the final three of the six swastikas" (on her own door)

Oh, well, that's all right then. Sure, we believe this wonderful Daughter of Israel, whose people have established such a reputation for truthfulness and honesty down through the centuries.

And the White student was been charged and expelled because of this vicious little yenta's lies? He has been released, returned to school, and received a public apology from the administration, right?



George Washington University seems to be a haven for this sort of nonsense. The Hatchet reports: "This actually isn't the first incident of a fake hate crime at the same university in recent history. On October 8, The Hatchet reported on supposedly-anti-Muslim posters placed around the university, claiming to be placed there by the Young Americans Foundation, a Conservative group for young people. 2 days later, after the group had been widely condemned, 7 GWU students, non of them YAF members, admitted to hanging the posters to pose the YAF as racist." If any of these left-wing students who pulled this stunt were disciplined, never mind arrested by the FBI, the newspaper seems to have neglected to report it.

One final little reminder: this Sarah Marshak is a journalism student. She will either be allowed to slip quietly back into GWU to continue her studies, or else transfer to another journalism school somewhere, and eventually she will end up working for some newspaper or television station and feeding us our daily news ration. Looks like this girl has gotten off to a great start for a career in a profession that lies for a living. When Sarah Marshak is a full fledged reporter she can not only lie, but get paid for lying.

God, what a great country we live in!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Good Old Days

The truth is a strange and wondrous thing. You just can't keep it down, can't shut it out, can't kill it. No matter how you try to suppress it, it keeps bubbling up from beneath the Iron Heel.

The British Daily Mail reports that : "One in four Germans believe there were positive aspects to Nazi rule, according to a new poll. The poll run by the weekly Stern magazine asked whether National Socialism also had some 'good sides such as the construction of the highway system, the elimination of unemployment, the low criminality rate and the encouragement of the family.' Results showed 25 per cent responded 'yes'.

"The poll, run by the Forsa agency, also showed that people aged 60 or older had the highest regard for aspects of the era, with 37 per cent answering 'yes.'" (In other words, people old enough to actually remember some bits and pieces of National Socialist Germany.) "Those who grew up directly after the war, now aged 45 to 59, were the least enthusiastic about the Nazi era, with only 15 per cent responding 'yes.'" (The de-Nazification era, when guilt and fear of the past were pounded into young Germans' brains with a sledge hammer. Their parents were devils incarnate, period, and the slightest doubt or suggestion of doubt was not permitted.)

"The finding comes after a popular talk show host was fired for praising Nazi Germany's attitude toward motherhood. Talking about Nazism in Germany, broadcaster Eva Herman said while there was 'much that was very bad, for example Adolf Hitler,' there were good things, 'for example the high regard for the mother' under the Nazis. Despite being fired from her show, Herman, 48, who has written books urging a return to more traditional gender roles in Germany, has stood by her comments. She said: 'What I wanted to express was that values which also existed before the Third Reich, such as family, children and motherhood, which were supported in the Third Reich, were subsequently done away with by the 68ers' - a reference to 1960s leftists." (This is almost an unknown phenomenon: the speaker of a politically incorrect statement in Germany refusing to retract and recant. She will probably be arrested and imprisoned.)

There is no greater testament to the power of Adolf Hitler's ideas than the fact that over six decades after the defeat of his nation and his own death, his name and his program and his wisdom are feared more than ever by the slimy Jewish thugs who now rule Europe, and every year the penalties for speaking aloud genuine "inconvenient truth" grow more and more draconian. But yet Adolf Hitler seems to be irrepressible. Sixty years of defamation, vilification and denunciation have not served to dim his memory or tarnish his message, and time after time in his Fatherland, his name and his image rise from the grave to haunt the banquet of the Jews. One day they will no longer be able to resist his resurrection and his triumphant return to the hearts and minds of his countrymen.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In Memoriam: Joe the Skinhead

Hi everyone,

As some of you may already know, our highly esteemed friend and National Socialist comrade Joe Odegaard (Joe The Skinhead) perished in a car accident on Alaska Highway 4 on Saturday March 22. The state trooper who phoned me stated that heavy snow was falling at the time and that it appeared Joe had driven into a patch of ice, skidded out of control, and plunged the side of a mountain to a sudden death.

In a lamentable twist of irony, Joe's very persistence and resoluteness, the things that made him such a tremendous friend and formidable foe, taken to an extreme bordering on irredentist stubbornness were the very things that killed him. While ordinary prudent men would have heeded nature's ominous warning and stopped during the snowstorm, Joe The Skinhead, with his indomitable and uncompromising outlook on life, refused to halt his journey temporarily so as to permit the snow to pass.

Skinheads throughout the world will miss Joe, as he was a rising young leader whom many considered similar to the great Ian Stuart. Joe hailed from one of Minnesota's wealthiest families yet he gladly forsook a privileged life to become a Skinhead. He briefly attended Harvard, as had his father and grandfather, yet dropped out to join the Army Special Forces after September 11. He served valiantly in the military, yet the military ingloriously discharged him for his National Socialist beliefs.

Rather than succumbing to adversity, Joe dedicated his life to working as a day laborer to raise racial awareness among the working class, standing outside schools handing out Skrewdriver CDs to kids, and building and creating a Skinhead organization that terrified the non-Aryan peoples invading Minneapolis. Not only did Joe fight in America, he also took his extensive military experience to south Lebanon in the summer of 2005 and fought alongside Hezbollah's forces to defeat the Zionists in Israel.

Joe later adopted the view that the solution for America's dwindling Aryan population would be to create a separate Aryan homeland in the Northwest governed according to National Socialist principles. Joe promptly decided to move to Alaska with several others and me. However, when Joe tried to cross the Canadian border, the Canadian government denied him entry because of his political views. Joe therefore took a ship to southern Alaska and then upon returning to ZOG controlled Alaska, he trekked north hoping to make his way to Fairbanks.

I will be organizing a remembrance ceremony for Joe The Skinhead to take place on April 20 (Hitler's birthday) on a lake near Fairbanks. There, we will place Joe's body and his possessions aboard a Viking ship and set it ablaze, as he expressly wished for this in his will. I expect Skinheads throughout the world to attend this event, which will likely match Ian Stuart's Waterloo concert in 1992. We expect Saga, Landser, and Sleipnir to attend, along with other bands. Even the great Tesak, leader of Moscow's distinguished Skinheads, plans to attend. I hope that this unprecedented gathering of Skinheads mourning Joe's death will symbolize a new rebirth for the Skinhead Movement and National Socialist ideology throughout the world.

Joe was one of my best friends and his death deeply saddens me. Joe was an unusually vivacious and courageous individual. He was exceptionally intelligent, yet he did not display the customary arrogance of the intellectual classes. I, along with many others, will miss him. Joe hailed from the upper class, yet he ultimately was a simple man of the people.

Finally, I would like to note that Joe The Skinhead's girlfriend Ashley is three months pregnant with twins. Joe leaves a sizable sum of money he inherited from his grandfather to his children. He expressly provided that I help manage his considerable assets so that his children will have sufficient funds with which to live. As an aside, I commend someone as seemingly invincible as Joe The Skinhead for possessing the Aryan long term vision that enabled him to craft a plan for his children should the need arise. Joe's foresight is a testament to his Aryan outlook. Despite being an ultimate fighter and fighting for money and never losing a competitive fight and his seeming invincibility, Joe looked forward to being a father and had the sense to plan for his eventual departure, which tragically occurred much earlier than it should have.

At any rate, if anyone has any additional questions or would like to attend the ceremony for Joe The Skinhead, please e-mail or call me. I wish everyone the best and hope that I must never again pass along such unfortunate news.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

HAC's Recommended Reading List

The following works have been selected because each of them has something of value to offer the Aryan reader by way of information, ideas, or instruction. This does not mean that we agree with every single word in them, or that you will. Most are written by our own people, but some are outright anti-White in content, while others contain leftist propaganda or perpetuate liberal stereotypes. And yes, a few are written by Jews. Learning to read such enemy literature between the lines, to garner the truth and wisdom while scorning the lies and the malice, is in itself a skill which racial nationalists should cultivate and master.

Most of these works are available in bookstores and public libraries, although many are out of print, and you may have to hunt a bit or get them on inter-library loan.

A final word: inevitably, we will have left out someone's favorite book or author. The corpus of Aryan racialist literature in the English language is far more extensive than the few titles listed here, and in future we hope to publish an even more extensive list when time and resources permit.

Remember: cliche though it may be, it is a truth that those who will not read have no advantage over those who cannot read. So turn off that damned tube, shut down that computer, and get your ass down to the library!

Aryan History

A DISTANT MIRROR by Barbara Tuchman-A social history of 14th century France.
ANABASIS (The March Up Country) by Xenophon - Epic of ancient Greekcourage.
BEOWULF - Ancient Saxon epic poem, full of blood and guts. Great stuff! FIFTEEN DECISIVE BATTLES OF HISTORY by Edward Creasey - Military history.
OUR NORDIC RACE by Richard Kelly Hoskins - A good basic introduction.
POETIC EDDA- Norse epic poem.
THE CONQUEST OF GAUL by Julius Caesar - Roman method versus Celtic courage.
THE CONQUEST OF MEXICO by Thomas Prescott - 500 White men gain an empire.
THE DIARY OF BENVENUTO CELLINI - The ultimate Renaissance man. Witty and fun.
THE GUNS OF AUGUST by Barbara Tuchman - How Western civilization perished.
THE PROUD TOWER by Barbara Tuchman - Europe at its height before World War I.
THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR by Hugh Thomas - The good guys win one, for a change.
THE STORY OF ENGLISH (McNeil/Lehrer) - The book from the PBS television series.


ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell - Classic allegory about Communist society.
BEHIND COMMUNISM by Frank L. Britton - The basic introduction to thesubject.
COMMUNIST MANIFESTO by Karl Marx and Frederich Engels.
CUBA by Jacobo Timerman - Even this lefty Jew can't say much good aboutFidel.
DESTRUCTIVE GENERATION by Collier and Horowitz - Bad-mouths the 60s. A-1.
DOWN AND OUT IN PARIS AND LONDON by George Orwell - Early Communist polemic.
HARVEST OF SORROW by Robert Conquest - The Ukraine famine which killed millions.
OUT OF THE NIGHT by Jan Valtin - Story of a Communist agent in 1930s Germany.
THE GREAT TERROR by Robert Conquest - Mass murder in 1930s Russia.
THE GOD THAT FAILED Various authors, all ex-Communists. To the point.
THE RED DECADE by Eugene Lyons - First rate! Now almost impossible to find.
THE ROAD TO WIGAN PIER by George Orwell - The beginning of his disillusionment.
THE TROUBLES by Joseph Conlon - Another readable, jaundiced look at the 60s.
WITNESS by Whittaker Chambers- The best written work on American Communism.

The Jewish Question

A HISTORY OF THE JEWS by Max Dimont - Arrogant, boastful, paranoid Yiddishkeit.
ANTI-ZION compiled by William Grimstad - Hard to obtain but good.
DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE? by Richard Harwood - Good intro to Revisionism.
HOLOHOAX COMIC by Michael Hoffman - Ve haff vays of makink you laff!
JEWS MUST LIVE by Sammy Roth - Gives away a lot of their trade secrets.
THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY by Dr. Arthur Butz - Revisionist classic.
THE INTERNATIONAL JEW by Henry Ford - This one still gets the hebes gibbering.
THE JEWISH STATE by Theodor Herzl - The foundation of Zionist thought.
THE REVOLT by Menachem Begin - How the Jews seized Palestine by violence.
THE ZIONIST CONNECTION by Alfred Lilienthal - How Zionism works in practice.

National Socialism

FOR MY LEGIONARIES by Corneliu Codreanu - Leader of Romanian Iron Guard.
HITLER: MEMOIRS OF A CONFIDANT by Gen Otto Wegener - Good read.
HITLER: THE PATH TO POWER by Charles Bracelen Flood - Surprisingly unbiased.
IN HOC SIGNO VINCES by George Lincoln Rockwell - Superb short introduction.
MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - The foundation of Aryan racial renewal.Essential.
MY PART IN GERMANY'S FIGHT by Dr. Joseph Goebbels - Early Kampfzeit diaries.
OTHER LOSSES by James Bacque - The murder of German POWS by Allies in WWII.
THE DESTRUCTION OF DRESDEN by David Irving - The real Holocaust, circa 1945.
THE LIGHTNING AND THE SUN by Savitri Devi - Essential work of NS thought.
THE ORDER OF THE DEATH'S HEAD by Heinz Hohne - The story of the SS.
THE YOUNG HITLER I KNEW by August Kubizek - The Fuhrer's boyhood friend.
THIS TIME THE WORLD by George Lincoln Rockwell - Very hard to obtain.
WHITE POWER by George Lincoln Rockwell - The book for American NS.

Political Science and Statecraft

CITIZENS by Simon Schama - The story of the French Revolution.
REFLECTIONS ON THE FRENCH REVOLUTION by Edmund Burke - Fundamental work.
SLOUCHING TOWARD GOMORRAH -by Robert Bork. Paleoconservative blast.
STALIN IN POWER by Robert Tucker - The monstrous modern master in action.
THE PETER PRINCIPLE by Lawrence Peter - Why things don't work in society.
THE PRINCE by Niccolo Machiavelli - The basic textbook on the subject.
THE SHADOWS OF POWER by James Perloff - Good, basic intro toCFR/Trilaterals.
WAR CYCLES, PEACE CYCLES by Richard K. Hoskins - Politics, economics, andrace.

Racial Theory and Philosophy

AMERICA'S DECLINE by Dr. Revilo Oliver - The greatest post-war Aryanpolemicist.
CONSPIRACY OR DEGENERACY? by Dr. Revilo Oliver - His famous 1966 speech.
IMPERIUM by Francis Parker Yockey - An essential cornerstone of our cause.
PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS by Jared Taylor - Affirmative action analysis.
RACE, EVOLUTION AND BEHAVIOR by Dr. J. Phillippe Rushton. Recent work.
RACE AND REASON by Carleton Putnam - Academic but definitive and convincing.
RACE AND REALITY by Carleton Putnam - Sequel to above work, equally good.
REPUBLIC by Plato - Often called the earliest surviving work of Fascisttheory.
THE BIOLOGY OF THE RACE PROBLEM by Wesley George - Comes well recommended.
THE DECLINE OF THE WEST by Oswald Spengler - Heavily influenced the Fuhrer.
THE DISPOSSESSED MAJORITY by Wilmot Robertson - Excellent intro to raceissue.
THE ETHNOSTATE by Wilmot Robertson - The author's latest update to theabove.
THE MYTH OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY by Alfred Rosenberg - From Noontide Press.
THE SEVEN PILLARS OF WISDOM by T. E. Lawrence - Part history, partphilosophy.
WHICH WAY WESTERN MAN? by William Gayley Simpson - Profound and powerful.

Revolution, The Art and Science

GUERRILLA WARFARE by Che Guevara - Valuable manual for advanced study.
HUNTER by William L. Pierce - How to manual disguised as fiction.
150 QUESTIONS FOR A GUERRILLA by Gen. Alberto Bayo - Castro's guerrillatrainer.
SOLDIER FOR THE ARABS by Sir John Glubb - "Glubb Pasha" beat Zionists in1948.
THE ANARCHIST'S COOKBOOK - Blow up a bridge and then blow your mind.
THE POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND by Kurt Saxon - A little more practical than most.
THE TRUE BELIEVER by Eric Hoffer - Revolutionary psychology handbook.
THE TURNER DIARIES by William L. Pierce - How-to manual disguised asfiction.

Southern Nationalism

A FOOL'S ERRAND by Albion Tourgee - A carpetbagger's butt is kicked by the Klan.
AGAINST THE BARBARIANS by M. E. Bradford - Southern nationalist essays.
I'LL TAKE MY STAND - Southern agrarian authors speak out on their Folk.
THE CLANSMAN by Thomas Dixon - The book on which Birth Of A Nation wasbased.
THE CASE FOR THE SOUTH by W. J. Workman - 1960 Nationalist work. A-1.
THE IMPENDING CRISIS IN THE SOUTH by Hinton Rowan Helper - 1856 warning cry.
THE TRAGIC ERA by Claude Bowers - The best book ever written onReconstruction.
TOMBEE - The diary of an antebellum planter in South Carolina.

Aryan Fiction

A CANDIDATE FOR THE ORDER by Michael Hoffman II - Ripping good read. Get it.
ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand - Libertarian cult novel still drives Redsballistic.
BARD by Morgan Llewellyn - Fictional history of Bronze Age Ireland.
BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley - Futuristic novel of PC gone berserk.
DARKNESS AT NOON by Arthur Koestler - A novel of Stalin's bloody purges.
IMPERIAL GOVERNOR by George Shipway - Ripping good tale of Roman Britain.
KNIGHT IN ANARCHY by George Shipway - Medieval swashbuckler. Very good.
RED BRANCH by Morgan Llewellyn - The story of Cuchulain of Ulster. Mystical.
SIR NIGEL by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Another superb medieval swashbuckler.
STARKADDER by Bernard King - Nordic mysticism at its most weird andbloody.
THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS by Jean Raspail - Prophetic tale of mass mudimmigration.
THE DARK ANGEL by Mika Waltari - Medieval historical. Depressing but good.
THE IRON HEEL by Jack London - "Third Position" cult novel. Dated but good.
THE KINGS IN WINTER by Celia Holland - Medieval Ireland novel.
THE PALADIN and THE WOLF TIME by George Shipway - Superb medieval series.
THE SCOTTISH CHIEFS by Jane Porter- Good Braveheart-style swashbuckling.
THE VIKING by Edison Marshall - The ultimate Viking novel! Five stars!
THE WHITE COMPANY by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Sequel to Sir Nigel.
WARRIOR IN BRONZE and KING IN SPLENDOUR by George Shipway - Trojan War. A-1.

Harold's Personal Picks

1984 by George Orwell - If writers may be gifted with prophecy, Orwell hadit. This book is absolutely essential to understanding the world we live in today---the abuse of language in the name of political correctness, the attempt to criminalize thought, the demand of complete, lockstep conformitywith Big Brother. Read!

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess - The sparkling quasi-Russian slang alone makes this a joy to read, but beyond that we are once again confronted with an establishment attempt to penalize difference and enforce conformity, in this case through the use of biochemical behavior modification. The character of Alex is a shining monument to that irrepressible spirit of human depravity which can never be vanquished, his ultimate fate a triumph of man's unconquerable will to destroy.

THE COMPLETE SHERLOCK HOLMES STORIES by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Not only enjoyable as detective stories, but for the glimpse they offer into the late Victorian era which I personally believe to have been Aryan man's pinnacle of achievement.

SELECTED WORKS OF BOOTH TARKINGTON - I can hear some of you now, saying "huh?" But I read Tarkington for relaxation, schmaltzy stuff like the Penrod series and Seventeen. I enjoy it because for a very brief time, I can return to a sane, stable, White America of peace and order and normal human relationships not based on psychopolitical power games, political correctness, "diversity," the desperate scramble for money, or deviate sexual acts. We've pretty much forgotten what such a world is like, I'm afraid. It helps to go back every now and then.

SELECTED WORKS OF H. P. LOVECRAFT - An Aryan fantaisist and a genuine mystic, in my view second only to Edgar Allan Poe. Liberal revisionists who like his work but are terrified by his ideas have desperately tried to "clean up" Lovecraft's open Aryan racialism in the years since his death in 1937, but it ain't gonna fly. Lovecraft was one of us, all right.

SELECTED WORKS OF H. L. MENCKEN - Another one of our people's forgotten literary heroes and philosophers. Sometimes called "the Will Rogers of Fascism".

COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - No comment necessary, forsooth.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Latest Percy Weller

Percy Weller CIA'd

England, a police state or where police are in a state?

Three police officers commit suicide

Police accidently shooting themselves

Asylum-seekers go missing after police let them make their own way to Detention Centre

Basil Brush a racist?

Here's the embed code which shows a tv picture of the video which you click on to run video clip, just in case you can use that on your blogs;

By the way did you check out promoting Northwest Observer?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Doom And Gloom Piece

[Here's one of the better Doom and Gloom pieces that have fallen into my e-mail box. - HAC]

Stagflation/Hyperinflation or
Just The End of Your Way of Life?

Craig Harris

I haven't written anything for public consumption in a while, because I've been busy living in what I like to call the real world and making my living by trading my own money. That's what I do these days. I'm a fly on the wall with electronic access to the dens of thieves. If I come out on top then I transfer those digits for things I need.

Yes I'm still long gold from $290, and crude from $60 but whatever, I've been doing okay. I've been doing okay that is, if the money I have was worth what it used to be, but it isn't. So rather than just slap a label on what it is when words have already arguably lost their meaning, let's discuss it.

I am personally more concerned about quality of life issues than I am about money given the current circumstances. The last time when I wrote publicly, I was talking about the decline of the empire and the end of the pre-eminence of the US dollar...war, that sort of thing.

So that's what's going on now, what I was talking about then.The US is currently in what I like to call a period of decay.. It is in a period of decay in every possible way. If you live in the real world like I do, it is evident. If you consume a diet of the corporate media cheerleading squad, then you don't live in the real world and it could be difficult for us to communicate during the rest of this essay.

We've got people charged with cleaning up the corrupt broken system going out with an $80,000 hooker bill and being replaced by a blind man. The current El Presidente is a wind-up doll for a bunch of Jews who should all be in orange jumpsuits. It would be comical if it weren't so sad to watch it all go down. It is a modern day tragedy being played out in real time in the context of a giant government/corporate media theatre production.

It's amazing to me how people who are into politics or religion or whatever will violently oppose some opinions, when people simply report the facts they see around them. Anyway, again... another subject. Politics and religion are both the same thing. They are both simply effective methods to control large masses of people. I just figured that one out not too long ago when I was into my learning the history of the world project. It has always been that way and always will be.

So anyway, that's all I do to make my living. I assimilate the facts I see around me and invest accordingly. I keep a diary of what I think and why, and I even publish it. If I'm right I make money and if I'm wrong I lose money. I like it that way. It keeps me honest.

That's one reason I don't write a lot publicly these days. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people who live in the real world to communicate with those who don't, and there is an increasing number of those who don't just simply because most people believe what they are told and the lies they are being told are now monumental. Astronomical in size. That's one of those universal rules about human beings; the majority will always go along with whatever you tell them. That's just the way it always has been and always will be. All good propagandists know that.

For those who do think for themselves and live in the real world however, everything that is happening today has been entirely predictable and even expected. I mean, the corporate media will say "no one ever saw this" or "they never saw that" and really the case is they just choose not to have those people appear. That's a whole subject in itself however.

I was noting to my subscribers the other evening that if you take a look at a picture of a pump price for gas from ten years ago until now, that's around an 18% increase annualized every year for ten years. All the other prices in the real world have risen at commensurate levels like healthcare and all the big items people like me in the real world need to spend money on.

Furthermore, if you plot energy in the last five years, the numbers are bigger. If you plot the last two the numbers are bigger yet. The last one, bigger yet. So what we have here in the real world are prices accelerating at an ever-increasing double-digit rate. Call that what you want.

We have real wages basically constant and good jobs are harder to come by. We have a middle class that is going away. We have the majority of the citizens having their wealth, if they still have any, confiscated due to the ravages of inflation, or with toxic financial contact with the healthcare/pharma, legal or government money machines.

So in the "not real world" Big Brother and his Establishment media outlets wants you to believe that there really hasn't been much inflation or any significant changes to the status quo, and that lie is so big that you may even believe it.

So if you do, then you don't live in the real world and we cannot communicate effectively because what you think you know is the product of a corporate boardroom. What I know is the product of living.

The other big thing that has happened since I last wrote is that the guys on Wall Street figured out how to loan a bunch of money to people that had no ability or even real desire to repay that money except for the fact that house prices were sure to go ever higher which is the definition of a mania. So working through a little bit of that math, with an estimated 30% of homeowners currently upside down on their mortgages, that works out to around ten trillion dollars of real estate still to be walked away from according to simple math and a few basic assumptions I worked out the other night.

In the "not real world" they have told you from the outset that first there was no real estate bubble, then that there might have been one, then that it would be over quickly and now they aren't sure when it will be over and the PR firms are busy working on what to tell you next.It's not going to be over any time soon. The big question in my mind is whether the whole thing is about to go kaput or if we are just going to witness a continuous decay as the wealth shifts into a very small percentage of the population... as the middle class flames out.

Again, that is a subject in itself. That is the subject of the Straussian nightmare; a change in the form of government that is pitched as the same thing as the old government.

So on top of this Wall Street genius of loaning money to people who could not pay, you have the cure for all this mess being printing more money (creating more debt). So they're going to fix a problem of too much debt by creating more debt. Perfect. They're even monetizing it by taking nearly worthless debt for brand new money created with the push of a button and an organized media campaign to tell you what they did and why it was good and why it was not monetization or covert nationalization of the banking system. It is what it is, call it what you want.

So the idea is that by pushing buttons you can cure these ills, but the reality is that big pile of new money is diluting the old money and sending the US dollar into the toilet. I mean, they're pitching it as all good, and what's left of the free markets are in sharp disagreement with the party line.

Now; the only reason the USA has gotten away with the idea that this balance sheet was compatible with the idea of being the world's reserve currency was that the USA was the global kingpin, the Mac daddy... until the empire did what all empires do and that's get too big for their britches.

Then they always start going off expanding the empire into places that are too expensive to maintain, imposing their will on people who don't want their will imposed on, and then that all gets so expensive and they start making so many enemies they start going bankrupt. That's what always happens. It always does. That's probably another one of those human nature things.

So in the real world right now, we have a situation where the banks are bankrupt, the government is bankrupt, the people are bankrupt, and the cure for this is to lower interest rates and create more money (debt) by pushing a button... diluting the value of the money further and causing everything we have going on now. It all makes sense here in the real world. All the pieces to the puzzle fit and none don't.

So is this stagflation or is this hyperinflation? Well, I'm not carrying a wheelbarrow around with my money in it yet, but I do know the prices and costs of everything I need to live are going up at an ever-increasing rate.

The shape of that curve is a polynomial consistent with ever accelerating inflation which some would call hyperinflation. I know that if I earn a 20% return, then I might be keeping up with the increase in the costs of everything I need to maintain my personal status quo. If you can balance a checkbook and multiply, then you know. If you are one of the ones who believe everything you're told, then you have to not believe your lying eyes or not be able to balance a checkbook. When the cure for all problems can only be to lower interest rates and dilute the supply of the money by creating more money, then that is a vicious cycle consistent with acceleration or hyperinflation.

I really don't like it when people casually compare what is going on right now to 1929, because in 1929 the cure was basically to spend less and now the cure is basically to spend more.

Even worse, being the geniuses we are, we figured out a way to amplify spending, called derivatives. They're based on the real thing but amplified like 100 times. So we've already been doing the "cure" for so long that maybe the patient is no longer responding?

So what we are currently seeing, in both gold and crude oil is a loss of confidence. It's a loss of confidence that this whole thing makes any sense.

It's a loss of confidence in the absurd idea that you can create wealth by pushing a button. Since this whole thing now relies solely on confidence and not any intrinsic value, commodities, especially gold and crude oil, are acting as alternative wealth storage devices to paper currency.

If you have a bushel of corn, then you know what that is. You can eat it, or do a bunch of other stuff with it. With a piece of paper with a picture and official looking numbers on it, well you aren't as sure as you were yesterday what you can do with that. There will be no run on the banks this time around, because the banks can always be refilled with ever more worthless money. Instead of a run on the banks, there will be a run on the dollar. A run on the dollar (or run into commodities) is the modern equivalent to a run on the banks back then, for the reasons I'll get into shortly.

So there is a loss of confidence roughly equal to people's confidence in the government and the banking system. This decreased confidence is fueled by the fact that they are creating too much money. The idea with fiat money is that you only grow the amount of it as the total output of the economy increases otherwise you are diluting it. The thought experiment for that goes like this. You have one giant pile of stuff, and one giant pile of money.

Right now there is enough money so that one-dollar gets one pound of stuff. Now, if you double the amount of that money, then it takes two dollars to equal one pound of that stuff. Unless the pound of stuff doubles in size, you have just caused 100% price inflation. So, operations like just zapping a half a trillion or so into existence out of thin air means just a bigger pile of money going after the same amount of stuff. So that's what we have going on now.

These are financial engineering acts of desperation to save a system by giving it more of what got it to this point in the first place... debt. So when regular people like me think about that, they think, that doesn't make any sense, and they lose confidence.

That's in the real world. On TV things are still good though. So if you don't like what you're reading here, then go turn on the TV. You'll feel better.I hate to simplify things too much, but this is the reason Mr. Greenspan called gold the conscience of the central bankers back in the 60's before he lost his mind or whatever happened. Maybe he couldn't resist the power of the ring or something... I don't know. Anyway, it's their conscience because they can't just zap gold into existence with the stroke of a pen.Guess what? They can zap money into existence now. Poof - you've got money.

Any amount you want. That's why this is fundamentally different from the great depression. This time, they can just increase the giant pile of money. they can just drop it out of helicopters if they have to. They even said so... and it isn't going to buy as much stuff. It doesn't already.So you still have the same basic problem from a human standpoint. That's the really interesting thing. In other words, whether you have a deflation like in the 30's or an inflation like now, the people suffer similar effects. It's hard to find a job, you can't make ends meet, city and government functions and services are understaffed and underfunded, and you are hungry. They are both a state of decay. Both usually end in war too.

The last one did. This one is different however in a lot of ways... and it's much more serious. It is fundamentally different because it is the end of the world's first experiment in government by the people and it has been replaced by something new.

So if you're into labels, then maybe you can find a label for what to call this. I like to quote Lenin on that:"Fascism is capitalism in decay." -Vladimir Lenin [Mmmm…Lenin may have said something like that, but in view of the fact that he died in January of 1924 and he was paralyzed by a stroke a year before that, I’m not sure he was really all that familiar with Fascism. This sounds apocryphal. - HAC]

So I really don't want to get into all that implies in a short essay, but I will condense it all and say the US is in a state of decay. Political, socioeconomic, leadership, influence, status, any label you can think of.

The US is losing power and influence in the world, and it only has 5% of the world's population and they're all bankrupt. I like to think of it like a continuum from the US coming out on top after WWII to a banana republic run by El Presidente. That's what I call them now, whoever he or she is, El Presidente because that's what they are. A corporate spokesman who is put there, bought and paid for by Acme corp.

The country has lost its way and is increasingly operating at the whim of the corporate lobbyists and special interests that own the politicians as the stench of it all starts to smell so foul that even the corporate media disinformation campaign can't convince your lying eyes. It is not what it appears to be. It is Rome circa 400's. It has already bankrupted itself policing an unsustainably large global empire. You have to live through the decline.

So that all gets into people living in the real world versus those who are not. Again, it's safe to say that the world is voting with its dollars... and the 5% of the world's population are going down hard on 95% leverage. They aren't going to like it either.

Tune in next time to hear which states secede first.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Martin Lucifer Koon Jr. - Pop Quiz

[Since we are considering electing a "noble black man" as President, perhaps we should take a look at the last one of these critters that afflicted our nation.]

1) Name the judge who has sealed King's FBI surveillance file until the year 2027.

Answer: The Honorable John Lewis Smith, Jr.

2) According to whose 1989 biography did King spend his last night on earth in an adulterous liaison?

Answer: Reverend Ralph Abernathy. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

3) According to whose 1989 biography did King spend his last morning on earth physically beating a woman?

Answer: Reverend Ralph Abernathy. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

4) Who was the U.S. Attorney General who ordered the FBI to wiretap King?

Answer: Robert F. Kennedy

5) Who was the Assistant Director of the FBI who wrote a letter to Sen. John P. East (R-NC) describing King's conduct of "orgiastic and adulterous escapades, some of which indicated that King could be bestial in his sexual abuse of women."

Answer: Charles D. Brennan

6) Who called King a "hypocrite preacher?"

Answer: President Lyndon B. Johnson

7) What U.S. newspaper reported that King had plagiarized his doctoral thesis at Boston University?

Answer: the Wall Street Journal.

8) Whom did King plagiarize in more than 50 complete sentences in his doctoral thesis?

Answer: Dr. Jack Boozer

9) Who was the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities who purposely suppressed knowledge of King's plagiarism of his doctoral thesis?

Answer: Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Richard Cheney

10) What was Martin Luther King's real name?

Answer: Michael King, Jr. In 1935 his father, Michael King, declared to his congregation that he would henceforth be known as Martin Luther King and his son would be known as Martin Luther King, Jr.

11) In his first public sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in 1947 who did King plagiarize?

Answer: Harry Emerson Fosdick

12) Name the man who served as King's personal secretary from 1955 to 1960, had joined the Young Communist League at New York City College in 1936, went to prison for draft evasion in 1944, and in 1953 was sentenced to 60 days in jail in California "lewd vagrancy and homosexual perversion."

Answer: Bayard Rustin

13) According to whom had King privately described himself as a Marxist?

Answer: His biographer, David J. Garrow

14) Who edited King's book Stride Toward Freedom?

Answer: Communist Stanley Levison

15) Who made the following speech?

That's exactly what we mean-- from every mountain side, let freedom ring. Not only from the Green Mountains and White Mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire; not only from the Catskills of New York; but from the Ozarks in Arkansas, from Stone Mountain in Georgia, from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia --let it ring not only for the minorities of the United States, but for the disinherited of all the earth--from every mountainside, LET FREEDOM RING!

Answer: Archibald Carey, 1952


1-3 questions correct means you could be dangerous.
4-6 questions correct means you must read too much.
7-10 questions correct means you must value historical correctness instead of political correctness. Congratulations!

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Sea Hag Strikes

Looks like Mommy Dearest slipped a couple of operatives into the State Department as temps and got into BO's passport files. Be interesting to see where the Funky Monkey has been traveling to and any other files the State Department has on him. Of course, Mommy Dearest's moles got caught, so she'd have to explain where she got the files.

I tell you, people, do not count this harpy out. She will do anything to win.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Covington Novelette Posted By A Drunk

The sodden "Jack Torrance" has made his reappearance. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if he really was haunting a hotel somewhere. Anyway, he posted one of my novelettes at

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Guys, PLEASE Don't Plug BO

If there's anyone out there who is considering splattering what few brains the Funky Monkey has all over the concrete, do us all a favor. Please, don't.

You need to understand what will happen if someone does put a bullet in BO's malodorous carcass. You think the Martin Lucifer Koon cult is bad? Wait until you see the Saint Barack cult that arises if anyone plugs his high-yellow ass. His birthday will become a second bogus national holiday, just like Martin Lucifer Koon's. His Curious George-like mug will be on postage stamps, coins, post office walls (framed, not in the wanted posters where it should be), you name it. The whole liberal establishment will descend into a century-long orgy of erotic and homoerotic adulation of this worthless ward heeler from Chicago's South Side.

It's been less than a year, and I am already sick of hearing this jive-ass nigger's name. Don't inflict it on us for the next hundred years as something to be chanted like some kind of bird-brained mantra by lefties and libs with skulls full of mush and booga booga congoids as an excuse to rob and rape and pillage what is left of Western civilization.

Let him become President, during the coming depression and collapse of the American Empire, and let the whole world sit back and laugh themselves silly while this baby-shit brown anthropoid fucks it all up, royally. Look, we're going to have the same thing happen to us no matter what--Mister Potato Head is just as liberal as the Funky Monkey or the Sea Hag ever thought of being.

Niggers say they're equal? They are nothing of the kind, but fine. Let's drop this godawful mess right in this bubble-lipped burrhead's lap, and see how he does with it. Maybe we'll finally learn the hard way to never again elect a nigger to any public office, of any kind, and instead begin stuffing them on boats back to Africa.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Constitution of the Northwest American Republic

Draft Outline (October 2006)


In the name of the Divine Creator of all things we, the Aryan peoples of the earth, do hereby set forth this Constitution of the Northwest American Republic, in order that we may secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

Section One - Nationhood and Citizenship

Article I. The Northwest American Republic shall be a Homeland solely for the use and habitation of White people of all nationalities, cultures and creeds worldwide, in order that Western civilization may be preserved and White children may be raised to responsible adulthood in safety, prosperity and tranquility. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. Such is the overriding principle of this Constitution. Nothing incompatible with this prime directive may be held by any authority to be constitutional.

Article II. All White people, of any nationality or previous citizenship, shall have the right to live permanently in the Northwest American Republic as legal residents.

Article III. Citizenship in the Republic, as opposed to legal residence and domicile, to include exercise of the franchise and participation in government and the political process, shall not be automatically conferred at birth, or through racial identity alone. Citizenship is to be earned through responsibility fulfilled.

Article IV. Residence and citizenship in the Northwest Republic shall be restricted, absolutely and for all time, to those persons of unmixed Caucasian racial descent from any one of the historic family of European nations, who shall have no known or identifiable non-White ancestry, and no visibly non-White element in their genetic makeup.

Article V. The race commonly known as Jews are in culture and historic tradition an Asiatic people, and shall not be considered White or accorded White racial status under law. No Jew shall be allowed to enter or to reside in the Northwest American Republic under any circumstances.

Article VI. Citizenship in the Republic and the right to exercise the electoral franchise shall be divided into three classes, with each class of citizenship holding one, two, and three votes respectively. Those who demonstrate superior civic and political responsibility, and who display the greatest dedication to state service, and who thereby achieve a higher class of citizenship, shall thereby have the greatest say in the political process.

Article VII. Citizenship in the Northwest American Republic may be legally reduced or revoked by a court of law, by the Bureau of Race and Resettlement or other competent governmental authority, by act of the National Convention, or by decree of the State President, which bodies and authorities may also grant or restore citizenship. Grounds for revocation or reduction of citizenship shall be

1) Conviction of a felony.

2) Medically certified mental defect or insanity.

3) Proven non-White racial descent to include Jewish ancestry.

4) Willful miscegenation with persons of non-White race.

5) Factual proof of the commission of acts of homosexuality.

Article VIII. Standards of race and citizenship shall be established by a Bureau of Race and Resettlement, which shall set all racial parameters and codes, establish scientific and cultural standards of racial identity, and which shall make determination in individual cases where applicable.

Article IX. Whereas the basis of all human civilization has been, and shall remain, the traditional nuclear family based on the institution of marriage, with the wife and mother as the heart and the gainfully employed father as the head, the Northwest American Republic herewith acknowledges this traditional family unit and the values historically attached to it as the foundation of the state, and declares that the protection of the family shall be and shall remain a primary goal and supporting pillar of the Republic, its laws and institutions.

Section Two - Government and Administration

Article I. The Northwest American Republic shall be a unitary or single-party state, with [the Fighting Revolutionary Party to come] serving as the official party of government.

Article II. The government of the Republic shall consist of two branches, executive and legislative.

1) All state and local governments, offices and agencies thereof which existed under the previous rule of the United States of America are herewith abolished.

2) Pre-existing counties and cities within the Northwest American Republic shall create such local governments within the parameters of this Constitution as appear to be necessary for the maintenance of health, order, and prosperity, but all ordnances, laws, and functions of said local governments shall be subordinate to the central government and laws of the Republic, and the authority of the National Convention and the State President.

Article III. This Constitution shall be enforced and interpreted by a standing Constitutional Committee of the National Convention, to whom constitutional issues may be referred for determination by the Convention as a whole, by the executive branch, by state agencies, and by the courts.

Article IV. The basis of the body politic of the Northwest American Republic shall be the roster of all persons holding citizenship in the Republic, which citizenship roll shall function as the lowest level of government and the foundation of the state. The citizenship roll shall function in this capacity through general elections to the National Convention, and also through the institution of the national referendum.

Article V. National referendums shall take place as needed in conjunction with general elections to the National Convention.

1) National referendums on specific issues of immediate urgency or interest may also be called by the Convention as needed through special resolution, with such referendums to take place within not less than thirty (30) days and not more than sixty (60) days from the adoption of said resolution.

2) No national referendum or any other act of government may alter or amend this Constitution, in whole or in part.

Article VI. The historic role of [the Fighting Revolutionary Party to come] in implementing the Revolution and securing the independence of the Republic is officially acknowledged. The primacy of the Party in governing the Republic is formally acknowledged and enshrined in this Constitution.

Article VII. The chief executive of the Northwest American Republic shall be the State President, who shall be a first-class citizen and Party member not less than thirty-five years of age, and who shall be a military veteran.

Article VIII. The State President shall serve as head of the executive branch of government, as commander in chief of the armed forces and the Civil Guard, [national police force] and commander of the Bureau of State Security.

Article IX. The State President shall have the right to appoint a Council of Ministers of his own choosing, and to create or dissolve ministerial portfolios as he deems necessary, with the following exceptions: he may not dissolve or allow to fall into abeyance the Ministries of Defense, Interior, Finance, or Race and Resettlement.

1) The State President shall have the authority to assume one (1) ministerial portfolio himself for all or part of his term.

2) The State President shall serve as chief magistrate of the Republic and shall exercise full and final recourse over all actions and decisions of the judicial system and the National Honor Court, specifically including the power of full or partial pardon and/or commutation of any civil or military sentence of death, confinement, corporal punishment, loss of citizenship, amercement, or exile, with the following exception: the State President may not overrule or set aside any jury or other court verdict of not guilty, not proven, or other acquittal.

Article X. The State President shall be elected by direct popular vote of all citizens, through a primary election wherein all candidates for the office shall fulfill the basic requirements of eligibility, and who will furthermore be members of the National Convention.

Article XI. Subsequent to the primary election, should any candidate fail to gain more than 50% of the vote, a run-off or general election between the two front runners shall take place. The candidate receiving a simple majority of votes shall become State President.

Article XII. The State President shall serve a single term of six years in office, and may not be re-elected to the office of President for two consecutive terms.

1) In the event of his or her death, illness, or other incapacity, the State President shall be succeeded in office by the Speaker of the National Convention. In the event of the death or incapacitation of both the State President and the Speaker of the National Convention, executive power shall be collectively assumed by the properly constituted ruling body of [the Party] for a period of no longer than thirty (30) days, who shall during that time appoint a caretaker President who shall hold office for a maximum of one (1) year, until a special presidential election can be held.

2) The State President may be impeached and removed from office on foot of a national referendum of recall. Any national referendum on the impeachment and removal of a State President may be passed by the National Convention without the signature of the sitting State President, nor shall he or she have any power of veto thereon.

Article XIII. The legislative branch of government shall consist of the National Convention, which shall be elected by popular vote of all citizens every two years. The National Convention shall be presided over by a Speaker who shall be elected in caucus by the Government members of each incoming convention, and who shall serve at the pleasure of the Government parliamentary party.

Article XIV. The National Convention shall be unicameral.

Article XV. The National Convention shall consist of four elements: Government, Opposition, deputies from the armed forces and Civil Guard, and non-voting Ministers of State.

1) Civilian deputies of the National Convention shall be elected by popular vote of the citizenship roll on the basis of two Government members and one Opposition member per county.

2) One (1) serving officer and one (1) senior non-commissioned officer from each branch of the military shall be appointed as deputies to the National Convention by a duly constituted body of senior officers of their service. Further, two (2) senior members of the Civil Guard shall be appointed as deputies by the State President.

3) Ministers of State [Cabinet members] shall have the right to attend all sessions and participate in the debate and work of the National Convention, but shall have no vote on legislation or resolutions.

Article XVI. The National Convention shall remain in constant session during the two years of its term and may recess only twice per year, for a cumulative period of not more than sixty (60) days per year.

1) Neither the State President nor any other body may prorogue, dismiss, or dissolve the National Convention, except for the Speaker of the Convention immediately prior to and as part of a nationwide general election.

2) No deputy or other functionary of the National Convention may receive or accept any salary, commission, fees, royalties, or other income, benefits, perks, or any other thing of value from any source other than such salary, emolument, or benefits which shall be decreed to such deputies and functionaries by a national referendum and thus enacted into law.

3) All deputies and functionaries of the National Convention and all Ministers of State, specifically including the State President and Vice President, must file an annual full and complete financial disclosure statement with the office of the Speaker detailing their current net worth, financial status, all property held, etc. which disclosure statements shall be matters of public record and available for inspection to any citizen or resident of the Republic.

4) The State President may in time of national emergency or legislative recess rule by special executive order solely in order to preserve life, property, and the existence of the Republic. All such special executive orders are non-renewable and must be confirmed or rejected within sixty (60) days by the National Convention in full session.

5) The Convention shall function not only as a legislative body, but as a reserve of administrative manpower for the government and as an arm of the civil service. The Convention as a body and the State President shall assign to deputies of the Convention such additional governmental, legal, and social duties within the administration of government as they shall think fit, in order to gain optimal benefit for society as a whole.

Article XVII. The Government parliamentary party and the Speaker of the Convention shall set aside a regular day of full session no less often than once per calendar month, for public questioning of Government members and all ministers of state, including the State President, by Opposition members on specific policies and issues facing the nation.

1) Said Ministers of State shall make themselves available and render public responses to such questions, except on such infrequent occasions when genuinely sensitive matters of national security are involved, in which case the State President or government minister concerned shall have the right to respond to such questioning to a select committee in closed session, under all applicable laws and regulations of official and military secrecy.

2) Opposition members and the Speaker of the Convention may require the presence of any government minister, military officer, or other functionary or person to respond to such questioning. Opposition members and the Speaker of the Convention shall have legally enforceable subpoena power to compel the appearance of any person for the purpose of public examination with the exception of agents of the Bureau of State Security. The State President shall have the power to interdict the appearance of any member or operative of BOSS when, in his determination, it is in the overriding national interest that he do so.

Article XVIII. All members of the National Convention shall enjoy full parliamentary privilege and immunity from any arrest, prosecution, or investigation in connection with their official duties as members of the Convention or in connection with any written or oral communication, public or private, in connection with their official duties as legislators or members of government.

1) The Speaker shall as necessary convene a special investigatory committee of deputies, including both Government and Opposition members, which shall act as a tribunal to resolve questions of immunity, ethics, and specific allegations of unethical or criminal conduct against deputies.

2) No deputy to the National Convention may be stripped of his parliamentary immunity or expelled from the Convention except on the recommendation of the investigatory committee aforesaid, which recommendation must be confirmed by a vote of the Convention in full session.

Article XIX. Laws of the Northwest American Republic shall be enacted upon introduction of a bill by any deputy or group of deputies, or by the State President, into the National Convention.

1) Such bills shall become law by majority vote of the Convention only after two (2) readings separated by a time period of not less than seven (7) and not more than thirty (30) days, and only after two (2) public debates by the Convention on each individual bill. Such bills must then be presented to the State President for signature with seven (7) days.

2) The State President may veto all or part of any bill presented to him by the National Convention for signature.

3) A Presidential veto of all or part of any bill may be overridden and shall become law on a majority vote of the National Convention in full session.

Article XX. The National Convention shall have the sole power to levy all excise and customs duties, taxes, and other imposts, including any and all fees charged by government for any goods or services whatsoever. All monies due to the state or any agency thereof shall be paid directly into the State Treasury and shall be apportioned according a budget laid out by the Finance Minister and approved by the National Convention as a whole.

Article XXI. The Finance Ministry shall have operational authority over all coinage and issuance of money or other legal tender within the Republic, but ultimate power over all such coinage and issuance of money shall reside in the National Convention, which shall have the power to amend or rescind any act of the Finance Ministry with relation to monetary affairs by resolution carried on a majority vote.

Article XXII. Neither the state nor any local government or authority shall levy any tax or impost upon individual income or on real property in the form of land, family housing, or homestead, nor upon any family owned farm. Income taxes may be leveled upon corporations or organizations of any commercial, social, or religious character deemed necessary. Property taxes may be leveled upon any land, buildings, structures, manufactories, or facilities used for commercial purposes, corporate agribusiness, or for religious purposes.

Article XXIII. The power to declare a state of war between the Northwest American Republic and any foreign power or powers is reserved to the National Convention in full session.

Article XXIV. The State President in his capacity as commander in chief of the armed forces shall have the power to initiate and implement any and all military activity he deems necessary for the immediate defense of the independence and territorial integrity of the Republic, and for the defense of the lives and property of its residents and citizens, without the requirement of recourse to the National Convention, with the following exceptions:

1) Any declaration of martial law within the boundaries of the Republic must be submitted to the National Convention by the State President within fourteen (14) days, and either rescinded or confirmed by majority vote and renewed for such time as the Convention shall think fit.

2) The State President may not order military action of any kind outside the borders of the Republic or in any foreign country, except by a special executive order in cases of the strongest and most overriding necessity and national urgency, and then for only for a period not to exceed seven (7) days.

3) Such special executive orders shall be renewable for a second period of seven (7) days should the State President deem it necessary.

4) On the fifteenth day such special executive order must be confirmed by majority vote of the National Convention in full session, and any extension granted on such orders may not exceed a single thirty (30) day period, at which time there shall be a full session debate in which the State President shall either report to the Convention the successful conclusion of such military operations outside the Republic's borders, or else he shall ask the assembly in full session for a formal declaration of war.

Article XXV. All treaties between the Northwest American Republic and any foreign power shall be confirmed by majority vote of the National Convention in full public session, and shall have the force of law. Such treaties may be revoked or abrogated only by the National Convention in full session.

Section Three - Judiciary and Judicial Procedure

Article I. Every county of the Republic shall maintain a court to try criminal cases, each with its own magistrate or judge who may if necessary be assisted by subordinate magistrates or judges appointed by law and the rules of judicial procedure. Civil law and litigation as known under the United States is abolished.

Article II. The purpose of the courts and judiciary shall be solely to serve as bodies for the determination of fact in criminal cases or non-criminal matters such as property ownership, inheritance, etc. The courts and judiciary shall have no governmental or policy-making role whatsoever within the State; these powers are reserved to the legislative and executive branches.

Article III. All magistrates shall be appointed by a special Judicial Committee of the National Convention, on nomination of any deputy or by the State President. The said Judicial Committee shall draw up and enforce rules of procedure for all courts and magistrates.

Article IV. In no courtroom or tribunal, civilian or military, shall any magistrate, judge, presiding officer, or jury be seated at any elevation higher than or above any defendant or other person in said courtroom or chamber.

Article V. - All judicial appointments shall be subject to confirmation by the State President in his capacity as Chief Magistrate.

Article VI. No citizen or resident of the Republic shall be charged, arrested, brought to trial, fined or amerced, or subjected to loss of life, property or citizenship or otherwise punished, except upon indictment and return of a true bill by a grand jury comprised of citizens of the county wherein an alleged offense was committed, and except upon subsequent conviction by a jury of citizens.

1) Bills of indictment may be presented to the grand jury for consideration by the State Prosecutor for the county, by any citizen, or by any citizen acting for any resident of the Republic, so long as such citizen receives no pay or emolument for such action.

2) No citizen or resident of the Republic may be placed under lawful arrest except on foot of a warrant issued and signed by a magistrate, or except by officers or agents of the Civil Guard or Bureau of State Security acting in their official capacity, in order to prevent immediate disorder or criminal behavior. All persons arrested in ordinary criminal matters not subject to the jurisdiction of the Bureau of State Security shall be brought before a magistrate within forty-eight (48) hours of arrest for a habeas corpus determination, and shall either be discharged, or allowed release on bail. Arrested persons shall be held in custody for presentment to the grand jury only if said person is believed to be a flight risk, to present a danger to the community, or to be in danger from the community.

3) No judge or magistrate shall impose any bond for appearance or good behavior which is demonstrably outside the available resources of any defendant or accused person.

4) No judge or magistrate may order any arrest or detention in the absence of a formal criminal charge based upon a true bill or indictment by a grand jury, except on conclusion of a habeas corpus hearing and pending presentment to a grand jury within the next thirty (30) days.

5) No officer or other rank serving in the military shall exercise powers of lawful arrest or detention, except during a state of martial law proclaimed by the State President in his capacity as commander in chief, or except on the premises or property of any military base or installation.

Article VII. The Bureau of State Security shall be governed in its operations and conduct by a special protocol to be determined by the State President and a standing Security Committee of the National Convention. Said protocol may, at the discretion of the State President and the said committee, exempt officers and agents of the Bureau of State Security, acting in good faith and on foot of national necessity and the national interest, from compliance with any and all laws or constitutional safeguards, until such time shall come when the existence and the independence of the Northwest American Republic shall be deemed to be no longer at risk.

Article VIII. No resident, citizen, or other person charged with a criminal offense before the courts of the Republic shall be denied the right to counsel and advocate of his choice, provided such counsel or advocate shall accept no fee, reward, emolument in money or kind, property or thing of value, officially or unofficially, for the performance of such function, and shall affirm such on oath before the commencement of trial or other proceeding.

Article IX. In order to instill and maintain the highest standards of personal courtesy, deliberation, maturity, integrity and courage in the manhood of the Republic, the State President in his capacity as chief magistrate shall establish and supervise a National Honor Court. The said body shall in turn create and enforce all necessary regulations, procedures, and protocols for the resolution of personal differences between individual male residents and citizens of the Republic, up to and including private combat by mutual consent, in accordance with the ancient and historic traditions and practices of the European family of nations.

1) No act or result of personal combat by mutual consent of both parties, having received prior sanction by the National Honor Court, shall be deemed criminal or liable to legal proceeding or interdiction.

2) Serving members of the military and Civil Guard may be regulated or prohibited from issuing or accepting a challenge, dueling, or participating in a legal duel in any other capacity by the appropriate regulations of their service or by order from a superior officer.

3) All statements, actions, or proceedings by deputies of the National Convention in connection with their official duties shall be deemed subject to full parliamentary immunity and shall not be subject to challenge or the jurisdiction of the National Honor Court.

4) No serving member of the military, the Civil Guard, the Bureau of State Security, or any person acting in any governmental capacity whatsoever may be subject to a challenge on foot of their performance of any lawful or legally mandated exercise of their official duties.

Section Four - Bill of Rights

All citizens and residents of the Republic shall enjoy the following absolute and inalienable rights:

Article I. Whereas an armed population is the most basic essential for the preservation of life, liberty, and the prevention of oppression and tyranny, and whereas the possession and use of arms is the most ancient birthright and proudest mark of the free man down through human history, all citizens and residents of the Northwest American Republic shall enjoy the right to keep and to bear firearms and other personal arms for defense of the state and of their lives and property.

1) The right to keep and bear arms shall not be qualified or restricted by any requirement of licensing, registration, fee, taxation, restriction on transportation, or other such impediment.

2) The purchase, acquisition, ownership, possession, transportation, or manufacture of ammunition, powder, cartridge casings, and other ancillary equipment or supplies necessary to the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms shall not be restricted or otherwise interfered with by any governmental authority.

Article II. All residents and citizens of the Republic shall enjoy the right to complete freedom of speech, freedom of artistic and creative expression, and freedom of the press. (This article shall not be construed as limiting or interdicting the right of the government of the Republic or competent local authority to control or prohibit expressions of obscenity and/or pornography.)

Article III. All residents and citizens of the Republic shall enjoy the right to freedom of religion, which shall include the right to raise children in the religion of family and cultural tradition.

Article IV. - All residents and citizens of the Republic shall have the right to adequate and life-preserving medical care, free of charge.

Article V. All residents and citizens of the Republic shall have the right to adequate food, shelter, clothing, and to a safe and stable home for children.

Article VI. - All residents and citizens of the Republic shall have the right to gainful and productive employment.

Article VII. All residents and citizens of the Republic shall have the right to be free of arbitrary search and seizure of goods and property and the right to freedom from imprisonment, punishment, or forfeiture of citizenship except by due process of law.

Article VIII. The right to life of unborn children, beginning at conception, shall be respected and enforced by the state.

Article IX. All citizens and residents of the Republic shall enjoy the right, free of charge, to all such education, technical training, vocational training, and instruction as shall be within their innate personal capacity to understand, assimilate, and apply in life.

Section Five - Bill of Responsibilities

Article I. All able-bodied male residents and citizens of the Northwest American Republic must serve a basic term of active duty in the armed forces and a set term in the reserves.

Article II. All residents and citizens who by reason or gender or other cause are not subject to mandatory military service as stipulated in Article I above, must complete a term of national service to the state and community, the duration and nature of which shall be determined by law.

Article III. All residents and citizens of the Northwest American Republic shall refrain from the abomination of sexual congress or contact with non-Whites.

Article IV. All residents and citizens of the Northwest American Republic shall refrain from the abomination of homosexuality.

Article V. No citizen, resident, corporation, institution, or government body or authority shall charge any form of interest, premium, or any other form of fee or bonus for any loan of money.

Article VI. No citizen or resident of the Northwest American Republic may accept any monetary emolument, fee, gift, or anything of value for performing the function of a priest or minister of religion.

Article VII. - No citizen or resident of the Northwest American Republic may charge or accept any monetary emolument, fee, gift, or anything of value for performing any service connected with law, legal processes, trial or litigation, or for speaking in defense of a defendant in any legal case.

Article VIII. - The Northwest American Republic has and shall maintain the right to demand of all residents and citizens of the state their loyalty, their active support and aid, and their participation in the life of the community and the Folk to the utmost of their ability. All residents and citizens shall acknowledge the inalienable right of the Northwest American Republic to exist as a state exclusively for the use and residence of White people, and shall refrain from all acts of disloyalty, subversion, or counterrevolution.