Thursday, February 21, 2008

Serbs Burn U.S. Embassy

The Serbs seem to be pissed off at the United States helping themselves to one of their provinces and turning it into an American/UN colony run by Albanian organized crime. A mob estimated at 200,000 people burned the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade today.

Interesting to note that some White people are still capable of acting against American thieves and murderers and sky-bombers who steal their land and their freedom. Maybe next time the American ambassador and his little Jewish friends will be inside the embassy.

"To stop the United States from turning into Brazil, we must turn it into Yugoslavia first."


Anonymous Nick Tracy said...

Hail Victory! Srjbia je Kosova! Slava Serbia!

5:15 PM  
Anonymous orwell said...

Great quote! I look forward to passing out more flyers with this on them. It feels so good to awaken the masses. I love telling people how our U.S. flag and "nation" no longer represent anything that was intended by the founding fathers. Believe it or not, most see eye-to-eye with me on this.

Nothing is better than educating the people about their own persecutions.

There is absolutely NOTHING left of the former United States, and that label we still see on the world map has no meaning at all.

Kind of sad to know how such a great place created by Anglo-Saxon integrity and ingenuity could be handed over so easily without any fight.

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Mr. Clean said...

It's amazing that more people in the United States fail to see the obvious similarity between this Kosovo situation and what's going on here in the southwest. How long will it be before some country (like China) decides its going to recognize an independent Mexican state in the Southwest just because Mexicans have become "the majority" there. Put me down for within the next 10 years.

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Scott Anderson said...

It has been reported that since the US is meddling in the Kosovo separatists movement, That Russia is threatening to support the same type of activities here. HMMMMMMMMM.. Harold the prophet strikes again!


4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

America is now the very antithesis of what the founding fathers intended. So called democracy is but a facade that plutocracy hides behind!

5:17 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

It would be far more effective if the Serbs sent some professional killers to the US to eliminate several prominent kikes. It is only when you put bullets into kike brains that they pay attention and become more cautious in their genocidal actions. Madeline Albright felt that she had nothing to fear when she and her fellow kikes attacked Serbia. She should be taught otherwise. Burning the embassy just doesn't cut it.

5:06 AM  

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