Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It'll Be The Sea Hag Versus Mr. Potato Head

I suppose if I'm going to maintain my reputation as a prophet, I need to do some prophesying beforehand. Okay, here goes:

South Carolina: The Obamanation may take it, although it will be closer than anyone thinks, because the Clintons may have sense enough to realize that with over half the registered Democrats in S.C. being black, any Diebold Diddling like she pulled in New Hampshire would be just a little bit too obvious. I say they may have sense enough to realize that. The Clinton campaign thus far has been amazingly maladroit for two people who are supposed to be so smart. They don't have to play the race card; everybody knows Hussein is black and unelectable in November, but they're doing it anyway because Hillary is just so damned mad at this uppity nigger who dares to challenge her divine and ineluctable destiny for power. She's already acting petty, petulant, and bitchy. Not a good sign.

Like I say, Hussein might be allowed to take South Carolina, but that will be it. And having pissed off Mommy Dearest, he can forget about veep. (I wouldn't be surprised to see her nominate Bill for her running mate at the convention.) Come Super Tuesday, the Sea Hag's blue states come rolling on and that's going to be all she wrote. On the Republican side, I think the Huckster will fizzle and Caligula isn't going to make it past Florida. The booby prize of playing palooka to Mommy Dearest and taking a dive in November will go to Mr. Potato Head.

Why? Because it's his turn. It was always on the cards that this one would be the Sea Hag versus Mr. Potato Head, and the Sea Hag will win and march into the Oval Office with that long, long enemies list and revenge on her mind. That's the way our Presidential politics works these days. Each Bush and Clinton gets eight years, while two elections in a row the opposing party puts up some semi-credible dufus like Dole, Kerry, or McCain. In 2016 it will be Jeb Bush's turn, and by 2024 Chelsea should be ready for her turn.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Potato Head? Oh, The Manchurian Candidate, haha (rent out the old b&w 50's movie to see why, sure seems like it anyway, judging from his voting record)

Mike Petersen

12:19 AM  
Blogger Caucasiannation said...

HAC, Lets see who proves to be right. I think it will be the sea hag and the obamanation vs. the mormon and someone. If the GOP had any sense they would put up Mitt and Paul.

8:13 PM  

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