Monday, December 31, 2007

Reply To An Especially Cretinous Heckler

[This was posted as a comment for my February 26th article. Anonymously, of course. They always are. - HAC]

God will judge you for inciting hatred on this earth
10:14 AM

The Old Man said...I only "incite hatred" against those who have earned the hatred and contempt of the rest of mankind through their behavior. God knows this, He knows the evils against which I fight, and I am quite ready to face Him, any time. Probably far more so than you, asshole.

Happy New Year, comrades.


Blogger eurokin said...

That really pisses me off -- these assholes who claim that white racial loyalists are the ones who "incite hate."

The way I see it, we wouldn't have to hate if we were not the ones having hatred incited against us, our people, our traditions, our heritage, and our great accomplishments.

I hate my enemies -- because they incited hate against me and my kin. And I am not a Christian who believes in "turning the other cheek" and "praying for those who perpetrate against us."

Of course this ass uses "anonymous" -- Jews love to do things in the dark.

Happy New Year To You, Brother!

6:24 PM  
Anonymous ANGRY GREEK... said...

Let me guess here , he never replied back ? What a tuff guy! I think making our own country may not be as hard as we imagine.

9:48 PM  

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