Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jews Want All The Money

Dear HAC:

The key phrase here is: “. . . Americans have simply borrowed more money than they can possibly repay.”

Well, that was the intent of the Jews (through the Warburg brothers) when they set up the Federal Reserve Banks on both sides of the big pond back in 1914. Every country's government that used them was either in bankruptcy or in the beginning stages of bankruptcy 7 years later, due to the extremely high interest (usury) on the loans. The second round of 7 year loans, and subsequent defaults, ended with the entire global economy in a shambles, expressed in this country by the Wall Street Crash.

Very few people understand that the Geneva Conventions were not some kind of meetings held to work out treaties, but the bankruptcy proceedings for those countries involved. Knowing how human beings would react to being manipulated, the Jews didn't want the nations making "war as usual", wiping out whole populations and ruining the countryside to the extent that neither would be capable of production - to the Jew's benefit, of course. So they had to make sure each of the debtor nations would behave in such a way as to not waste what the bankers considered their assets, which, in their mind, they now owned through forfeiture. Hence the Geneva meetings - which were attended not by statesmen but by accountants. Even the Social Security system was designed to collect human beings into the accounting books.

Most people don't bother to find out what that little label 'F.I.C.A.' on their paycheck next to that deduction means. It's Federal Income Contributions Act. Look up the legal definition of "contribution". We've been subjected to the Law of the High Seas - and piracy. So, "yo ho ho" in your recent post was more appropriate than most people may realize.

It's all about money. The Jews want it all. And they think they have it all. Well, for the most part I'd say they do . . . except I don't think they've included the human spirit in the equation. We eventually will have had enough, when we've been pushed into a corner by the Old Dragon. And then they'll see what kind of Knight is left in us.

-Cloak and Dagger


Anonymous Team_Euro said...

is there any way possible you might repost your article about the shakedown of the Catholic Church? I have quite a few people that would be interested in reading it. You put it so well in that article. Thanks!

10:30 PM  

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