Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Raid on the Liberty Dollar

Well, this is probably just one example of why I'm getting this sense of urgency.

The same kind of thing happened to a couple I know in Phoenix who were the local reps for the National Commodity Barter Association, back in '85. Bob and Theresa Heubner treated our local (Cottonwood/Sedona) breakfast club to a horror story that equals most those told by other victims of raids by this criminal government. Being held for hours at gunpoint without actually being under arrest, being hauled off to a holding cell and held incommunicado all day long before being released without any charges, personal items (like Theresa's father's death certificate and even her underwear????) being taken, along with all files, computers, cash and, of course, all gold and silver. And after years of delays by the feds in court, only getting back a small part of their personal belongings, never the important stuff.

Anything that helps to free people up of the serpent race's economic control is squashed - sooner or later. Usually sooner than this. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. Guess somebody learned a lesson from the Heubners and didn't rock the boat as much as they did back then. Or possibly, as I've seen this kind of thing happen before, the list of freedom-seekers was allowed to grow as big as the feds thought it would get before they made the decision to gather up all the little fish.

That's when you need to have removable hard drives and have only a backup (or better yet - a dummy drive) in place each morning. The timing of raids is pretty predictable - always in the early morning.



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