Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Neocon Dictionary

The Amen Corner: The neocon's "useful idiots," naive Christians unknowingly committing self-destruction by backing the neocon secularist/globalist agenda.

Blood and Soil: The basis of traditional patriotism, practiced by Zionist neocons, but forbidden to Christians of Anglo/European descent.

Allan Bloom: Jewish homosexual, hostile towards Christianity, died of AIDS, and author of The Closing of the American Mind, which reads like "a civics textbook designed for New Deal Democrats" (Gottfried).

Neocon Calendar: Always set to 1939, where "if drastic action is not taken on X, then a second Holocaust is just around the corner."

FDR: Hero to neocons. Soft socialism mixed with perpetual foreign war is a fine wine to the neocon pallet.

Abe Foxman: Head of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith. A Leftist fellow traveler, hater of Christianity, checks the right flank for the neocon by attacking real conservatives, so the neocon can further secularize and globalize the West.

Free Trade: The neocon method of destroying Western economies - while making a fast buck too!

Genophilia: Instinctive attachment to family and tribe, practiced by Zionist neocons, forbidden to Christians of Anglo/European descent.

Globalization: In the guise of free trade and unlimited immigration from the Third World, a slow form of suicide spoon-fed to the West by the neocons.

Great-Books Programs: Reading the Western Canon (in translation) with an explicit Jacobin bias seasoned with a subtle flavor of Zionism. (A left-wing alternative to the traditional, conservative approach, i.e. a classical eduction.)

Historicism: One of the principal bogeymen for neocons. A historicist is a non-neocon who takes prides in his own ancestral traditions, and is Public Enemy #1 for the neocon. (Edmund Burke's value-centered historicism becomes fascism through the neocon lens.)

Immigration (Third World): The slow but certain means of the neocon to destroy the West and its people.

Iraq War: Wilsonian nation building repackaged as "conservative."

Islamofascist: The boogeyman who hides in your closet at night.

Kith and kin: A traditional type of ancestral loyalty practiced by Zionist neocon, but forbidden to Christians of Anglo/European descent.

Christopher Hitchens: Good buddy of the neocon, claims Christianity is a disease.

Irving Kristol: Trotskyite mugged by Likud.

1950s Liberalism: Utopia for Neocons.

Nativism: The practice of Westerners refusing to roll over and watch their countries become third-world wastelands.

Racist: A patriotic Westerner who puts his own people's interests ahead of Israel or globalization.

Leo Strauss: A mediocre scholar and self-proclaimed liberal, who wallpapers over the real West and its people with Enlightenment universalist abstractions. Always invoking the bogeyman of "historicism."

Regime Change: Straight from the Marxist annals, repackaged as "conservative."

Tel Aviv: New D.C.

Leon Trotsky: Intellectual inspiration for most neocons.

Anti-Semite: A) Someone who hates the Jews; B) Someone who is hated by the Jews.


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