Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Economic Developments

I notice that oil is closing in on $100 per barrel. Perhaps there are those who respond with a shrug and a massive so what?

Over the past several decades, much has been written about a period of time when the status quo becomes less stable; in general, such a time is perceived as one of change, and hence of opportunity for new approaches and solutions. It will also contain some risks.

I suspect such a period will soon be upon us. The sub-prime and alt-a mortgage situation will not fully develop for some time - perhaps not until May of 2008. The rise in energy prices will tend to restrict economic activity, both in the U.S. and globally. The U.S. dollar is likely to continue its decline, leading to general inflation. Because of the decline of the dollar and higher energy prices, food prices have a good chance of increasing.

For those with modest jobs and families to support, the above spells disaster. This might be an outstanding time to start getting to know others among the folk; because during such times, contacts and information can be the most valuable currency.

If the economy degrades, we may well see an increase in crime, perhaps from those demographic groups that have historically engaged in such behaviors. It might be worth the time, this Thanksgiving, to take a plate of cookies to a a few among the folk who could help keep an eye out for problems.

Just a thought.



Anonymous R.I.P Ian Smith said...

Hope everyone who reads this comment acknowledges the fact that former Rhodesian PM Ian Smith passed away yesterday. Yes, we all realize that Smith would later go on to cave in to communism and anti-White pressure from the other "Western" nations who thought they were morally superior than thou. It is still worth mentioning the fact that Ian Smith and the White Rhodesian population were dedicated White people who would go on to prove the importance of a healthy White population to any society. Whites in Rhodesia were the miracle that would flourish the soil and feed the third-world many times over, but the US along with other PC forces would lead to the death of these amazing Whites. Ian resisted the best he could for the longest time, but death threats and economic exploits via Uncle Scam would not allow civilization to prosper in that part of the world.

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're right, Hal

9:09 PM  

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