Sunday, October 21, 2007

Muds Caring for Our Kids

[From the Netherlands]

You once wrote that muds will take care of us when we are old and in rest homes. Something like that, don’t even know in which article. I work at an employment agency in the health care sector. HAC, you are so right. Why do these people choose this sector? And in kindergartens, you will find many many many Muslim women with headscarves. I read about one that even went home and forgot that one child still was in the building playing. So while white men and women work and their kids are at daycare, the children are being raised by muds.

(If you are going to email this around, say Lisa not [withheld] please, I need to hold on to this job and I know Jews are still monitoring my every step.) BTW they changed laws here – if one participates (or organizes) in "terrorist training" (which of course the Jews define) you get 8 years in the can.


Anonymous Acadian Quebedeaux said...

Any white person willing to take a chance on some Arab doctor putting anthrax in their IV is fucking insane! We should inform all of our people about non-White doctors and the serious risks they are taking by doing business with these animals. It would be great to put these third-world savages out of work and back to the economical level they were made for. There is no possible way these muds can be truly qualified or intelligent enough to practice in these particular fields. Third world people are servants at best, so why not we continue to keep it that way?

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