Saturday, October 20, 2007

Illegal Aliens Do More Than Pick Lettuce

According to the Greenville (South Carolina) Online website: "Four people have been taken into custody and are expected in federal court this morning in connection with what the FBI alleges was a West Greenville prostitution ring that involved the exploitation of several illegal alien women. [The defendants] were charged with keeping, maintaining, controlling, supporting, employing, harboring illegal aliens for the purpose of prostitution, according to an FBI affidavit. The alleged ring involved the prostitution of at least six women who entered the country illegally, according to the affidavit. It alleges that the ring was based from a residence at 52 Dorsey Blvd. off Easley Bridge Road and received women from the Charlotte area."

(Charlotte, N.C. is now one of the major centers of illegal Third World immigration on the East Coast and a hub for Hispanic gang and organized crime activity.)

Greenville Online goes on: "The FBI and the Greenville County Sheriff's Office teamed up for the investigation, during which investigators staked out the residence and picked through trash bins to find sometimes more than 100 empty condom packages in a single day, the affidavit states." (That's quite a land office business this joint was doing. And no one in the Greenville police noticed, allegedly?) "It alleges that in May 2006, a confidential source gave the Sheriff's Office a business card that advertised prostitution locations in Greenville County and showed a diagram of 58 Dorsey Ave., which is 100 yards from the other residence."

Furthermore: "The Sheriff's Office had responded to 58 Dorsey Ave. in June 2005 to investigate possible prostitution activity, according to the affidavit. Further investigation found that electrical service for 58 Dorsey Ave. had been transferred to nearby 52 Dorsey Blvd. under the same customer's name, the affidavit alleges. In 2007, an informant provided pictures from a reliable source of information to the FBI and the Sheriff's Office that identified 52 Dorsey Blvd. as a place used to house prostitutes and to facilitate prostitution, the affidavit alleges."

Note that the police had this information sixteen months ago, but nothing was done until a few days ago, either because the mami cathouse was protected by corrupt police in the usual manner, or because the Feds are under pressure to stage some spectacular show raids for the media to try and "prove" they're doing something about the mudflow. The total of arrests would seem to number ten, four pimps and six hookers. None of these people have been deported yet and most will probably end up being a further burden on the U. S. taxpayer in some manner, in jail or elsewhere.

It is essential that Americans learn to look beyond the headlines and 30 second sound bites about all these media events that ICE and local cops are staging that pretend actually to do something about the illegals. Bear in mind that there are an estimated thirty million of them in the country (ignore U.S. government estimates; they are fabricated to disguise the true depth of the problem and completely unreliable.) Again, how many of these illegals arrested are in fact actually, physically removed from the country and how many are just held in a detention facility somewhere watching Spanish channel color TV for a while, and then kicked out the door on some $50 appearance bond that no one seriously expects the beaner will honor, or because of "overcrowding?"

It's all smoke and mirrors, people. The ICE is scooping up a few of these people for the television cameras, and once the cameras turn off and go away it's just kicking them loose again. The charges against these four pimps will quietly disappear into the system, as will the pimps themselves. As long as we are ruled by the liberals and neocons and political reptiles who are presently in power, nothing will change and life will in fact continue to get worse.


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What are some of the good companies to invest in? I mean, most are using illegal immigrants as cheap labor, but are there any available corporations which are to any degree pro-White American? It seems the only option of boycott would be to start growing our own food and building our own homes.

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