Friday, October 26, 2007

The Devil Made Her Do It

Let us take a look at just one recent episode of public negritude, and see if we can figure out how much it is going to cost the rest of us.

The Dayton Daily News tell us: "Police on Saturday arrested a woman who said she had taken a baby to the devil, after she had allegedly left it in the center of the road. According to the Lebanon Division of Police, at about 2:38 a.m. Saturday, a motorist reported seeing a naked black female carrying a baby and walking in the roadway on Miller Road Extension, east of the intersection of North Broadway and Miller Road. The motorist reported that the woman had said she was 'taking the baby to Satan,' according to the news release. Officers responded to the scene and found the woman naked and with blood on her body, but without the baby. The woman did not respond to officers, except to say she had taken the baby to Satan and it was Satan's child. The woman was identified as Shaunte R. Mitchell, 29, of 910 N. Broadway, Apt. 3, Lebanon. She was taken to Bethesda Medical Center at Arrow Springs for medical and psychological evaluation."

Okay, I think we can safely assume that Shaunte has no medical insurance. I think we can further assume that she is in for at least a medium-term stay in the hospital, then in a psychiatric ward, at taxpayers' expense. The cost of that hospital stay, including medications and tests and most likely treatment for drug addiction and all the problems drug addiction causes, will almost certainly break $100,000 in the end, a sum which would probably bankrupt an ordinary white working family who had no insurance if a genuinely sick relative were to require the same treatment. The said white working family would, of course, be hounded relentlessly for payment by the hospital, by collections agencies and by lawyers. Eventually their wages would be garnisheed and they would be forced to sell their house and become destitute, because hospitals and doctors assume that white people have money or property stashed somewhere. No one in the collection industry even bothers to chase blacks or Mexicans for medical bills any more, since they know perfectly well they will never get paid.

Dayton News again: "A second Lebanon police officer soon found the 7-week-old infant laying on his back in the middle of Miller Road, placed across the double yellow center line, about a mile from where the woman was found. The infant was taken to the Lebanon Division of Fire facility on West Silver Street, and Warren County Children Services took custody of the child, who was unharmed, said Lebanon dispatcher Becky Hughes."

Ah, yes, the "poor abandoned baby." A viper we will nurse in our bosom. What is the price of raising to maturity one black male, who will go from foster home to foster home until he begins committing crimes around age 13 and the legal system takes over, and then is finally imprisoned around age twenty and the correctional system takes over? The chances are very high indeed that this little creature, now going through his brief period of baby-cuteness, will be some kind of ward of the state or in some way compel the white man to pay for his upkeep for the remainder of his life, unless of course he is killed in a drive-by shooting or overdoses on drugs at a very early age. How much damage will this little black boy do to society in his time? How many whites will he harm, possibly fatally? How does one quantify the harm that a single black male does to our people and to our country? What kind of dollar amount do you put on that? I don't know, but I do know you need to multiply it by many millions.

Now for the crazy and/or drug-addicted mother's own lengthy stay in prison and/or a nuthouse, and later on under parole or probation: Dayton News again: "Police said charges are being prepared against Mitchell. The charges are for child endangerment, disorderly conduct and aggravated arson. The arson charge stems from an investigation at Mitchell's residence, where accelerants were found, although there was no indication the apartment had actually burned...Police are continuing to investigate the case."

What will be the cost in man-hours of that investigation? What will be the cost of the prosecution? What will be the cost of housing and feeding this insane Sheba in prison or in the loony bin or wherever they warehouse her? What will be the cost of whatever attempts are made to supervise Shaunte once she is released? The cost of the medications to keep Shaunte doped up, ambulatory, and hopefully a little less dangerous to herself and to others around her? The cost of re-investigating, re-arresting, re-prosecuting, and re-imprisoning this being when once again she goes insane and hurts someone?

Now multiply all of this, every day, by how many millions of Shaunte Mitchells?
You people do understand, don't you, that the world can't go on like this? That even if "the balloon" doesn't "go up" in some spectacular way, eventually American capitalist society is simply going to break down under the weight of its own crapulence?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"All America is becoming one vast insane asylum." Ezra Pound

10:24 AM  
Blogger Robert Redbeard said...

All America is being turned into an Anti-White, Genocide machine.

Robert Redbeard

10:54 AM  

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