Sunday, October 21, 2007

Comments to this Blog

I suppose I should elucidate my comments policy here.

I allow anonymous comments but I moderate them, to keep out blogspam and monkoids and idiots. The way I view things, left-wing liberals and faggots and such have the entire internet over which to spew their hatred. Not here. There are some places in this world where they are still forbidden to go, and this web space is one of them.

Regarding certain others, most likely "Movement" trolls of some kind: just because I allow anonymous comments doesn't mean I approve of them. I am far more likely to allow certain commentary expressing certain points of view when the commentator takes a sufficiently principled stand to sign his own name to his writing, as I have done all my life. The White man needs to stop hiding, from his friends as well as his enemies.


Blogger Robert Redbeard said...

I still can't seem to comment.

9:31 PM  

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