Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yes, We're Going To Win, Eventually

People sometimes ask me if I truly believe we're going to win. Yes, of course we will.

It may not be in my lifetime, and it may happen in some form we can't be aware of yet, especially if Jug-Ears upsets the whole apple cart by launching an attack on Iran. But, sure, we'll win. Eventually. White people have been off their game for a couple of generations, true, but we'll wise up and straighten up real quick when gas hits $9.00 a gallon and nobody has a job any more because that drunken moron in the White House destroyed world capitalism's fuel supply.

Mexicans and Asians do not have truly creative cultures. They can imitate but not initiate or invent, and when they do they accomplish nothing with what they invent. The Chinese invented printing and gunpowder centuries before the Europeans, true. They did nothing with printing and they made firecrackers out of the gunpowder. Europeans invented the same things independently, and with them we spread mighty ideas throughout human consciousness with books of great thought in one hand, and conquered the world with a musket in the other. We're still the same people, genetically. We've just been on a kind of bender, drunk on the luxury of our own accomplishment and spending our accumulated inheritance, and we'll sober up when the party's finally over.

Niggers are simply too stupid to survive, and they're already on their way out. AIDS is decimating the population of Africa as we speak, and if the White man ever were removed from North America, with his restraining laws, the Asians and the Mexicans would simply wipe the blacks out. They're already on the trash heap of history, they just don't know it yet. They're violent animals and no one has any time for them any more, as witness their failure to cow and intimidate that judge in Louisiana with their marching and rioting in the streets. Niggers and their attitude problems are old news now. They will be put back in their cages or more likely, just killed off.

Jews are a very clever people, but they are nowhere near as clever as they think they are, and they will always overreach themselves. Always. You may be familiar with a psychiatric term called paranoid schizophrenia. The Jews have made an entire religion out of a mental illness. Insane peoples don't last long term, any more than insane individuals do. They've finally blown their cover with this demented campaign to put Jug-Ears up to attacking Iran. They think the rest of us don't know who's winding him up. But we do, my little Christ-killers, we do.

The next century is going to be pure hell, but the White man is going to come out on top, because in the final analysis, and despite all our problems we're just plain better than the others are. I just wish I could stick around for the final act.


Anonymous Roland Koernig Millar said...

Just want to take the time to sincerely "thank you" for your words. Now, I don't feel so alone and helpless in a situation that has been out of hand for sometime now.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This can all be summer up in one dramatic statement: Political devolution is the ONLY solution!

1:18 PM  

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