Sunday, September 23, 2007

White Ireland Group

A comrade of ours in the Ould Sod has asked me to give a plug to his discussion group:

As some of you know, Ireland is now more or less a colony of Nigeria and China, with over 600,000 immigrants entering the island in the past five years or so. Don't ask me why the Irish are allowing this. Apparently they will fight against White Englishmen for 800 years and then tamely hand over their country to jungle savages. I have long ago given up any attempt to fathom what goes on the the minds of White people. Apparently we do have some sort of suicidal racial death wish.

In any case, for those who wish to at least start talking about a solution to the Irish problem, check out this group above. Americans are welcome but our comrade has asked me to point out that they're really seeking Irishmen who actually live there, and that all posts need to be strictly on-topic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The September 17, 2007 issue of Time Magazine had an article about the glory of immigration to Ireland from Africa. The small Irish town of Portlaoise elected a Nigerian immigrant to be its mayor. Rotimi Adebari went on to say how welcoming and warm-hearted the Irish have been to him, and how interested the Irish have become in African heritage. If Ireland has embraced the death cult of multiculturalism, this tells us the White world is dead as we know it. I felt SICK after reading this shit in Time Magazine. These are seriously fucked up times we are living in. It is starting to get very frightening to witness how so many White people across the planet are participating in the genocide without a fight.

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