Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Harold Drops Himself Right In It

Boy, I'm going to drop myself right in it with this one.

We've got one of our periodic Battle of the White Sexes threads going on in one of our discussion groups. I was e-mailing about it with a comrade, and he made a fascinating observation which I think needs to be at least turned over in our minds a bit.

He said, "The White male nowadays takes a lot of beating up from the White female because of his alleged immaturity and lack of responsibility. But under Political Correctness, the White male is expected to display responsibility, but no authority. He is expected to be responsible for people and situations over which he has no control, and if he doesn't wave a magic wand and make everything always turn out all right, and make sure there's a perpetual rain of $100 bills on the woman's head, then he is considered to be a failure as a man and a husband and, God forbid, a 'loser.' Most White men want to be responsible and provide all the good things in life for a loving wife and family, but they are not allowed to by external circumstances, and by the fact that for all intents and purposes, the husband and father no longer has any genuine say in what goes on in his own family and his own home. To attempt to recover this authority risks his own personal destruction in a dozen different ways; the woman simply has too many powerful outside allies she can now call upon to help her fight her domestic battles against her man and bring him to heel.

"White women say they want their men to be 'responsible,' but in the modern context, 'responsibility' means letting the woman call the shots on virtually everything that matters, while showering her with material wealth and jumping through hoops like a trained poodle. No man with any pride or self-respect will tolerate such a situation for any length of time. No real man ever allows himself to be bossed or controlled by a woman. In the old days a bloke who was having it rough on the home front could always run off the sea or go for a soldier or light out for America or Australia to seek his fortune, but since there are no 'legitimate' ways in these times for a White man to re-assert his natural authority over his home and his family, or for that matter any control over his own life and destiny, many White males respond by refusing to grow up, by remaining perpetual adolescents, and by ducking this kind of so-called 'responsibility' altogether."


Anonymous Redbeard said...

Very good point.

Most women have been lumped in with the "oppressed" minorities by our enemies.

For the most part our women have fallen right in with them. Embracing this false minority status like a cloak of armor against anything they do wrong.

The fact is that in the long run they have made a bad discision and they have been played like a fiddle by our enemy. They knew women would act this way when given the chance.

Funny thing though. All this so called oppression we have put people through was in the name of our women. Glory and Honor. That sort of thing.

1:51 PM  
Blogger SOD14 said...

I'm presuming as I write, that the situation in the US is the same as here in the UK. It usually is...

I made this observation some years ago. The reason white women often behave in, dare I say it, Jew like fashion, is because of the weakness and insecurity of so many white men. When I was in my late teens I used to frequent many local pubs with people I then regarded as 'friends'. Over the years we all met women we wanted to settle down with and start families, that is the way it should be, the survival of the white race depends upon it. But one thing I could never understand was the way my 'friends' would change. There is of course nothing wrong with becoming more responsible, especially when you become a father, it is essential that boys become men. But there is obviously something wrong when a so called man allows his wife to absolutely rule his life. I'm a married man, and I have five great white children, but I do what I want, which is more than I can say for my old friends. One by one I saw them more or less disappear off the face of the earth. Why? Because their wives wouldn't let them go out and have a few beers, they were not allowed to socialise with the friends they had before they got married, it is pathetic! And for the record, I don't blame the women, this is the men’s fault for allowing themselves to be almost cuckolded in such a way. The truth is that men seem unable to choose a woman these days; it is the women who do the choosing. Men don't seem to have the confidence to pick an chose, they take what they can get and be grateful. And when they get a woman, they are shit scared of losing her. This puts the women in a position of total power, and turns good men into mice. I'm in my second marriage, why? Because my first wife couldn't 'control' me. I am now with a woman who knows fully well that I wear the trousers in my house, she doesn't even try and tell me what to do. The reason men are physically and mentally stronger than women is because naturally we are the providers, and the heads of our families. In the old days if a man died his family would perish. I'm not saying that it should still be that way, but back then women valued their men a hell of a lot more than they do now. In today’s society a woman can force her husband to leave the family home, divorce him if they are married, and use the authorities to make him give her his money. In some circumstances this is quite correct. If a man beats his wife then she shouldn't have to tolerate it. But I don't believe that there are many men that do beat their wives. Women are divorcing their husbands for all sorts of reasons these days, often after decades of marriage. They meet men with more money, or younger men, and often divorce the husband who looked after them for many years and brought up their children with them. And when a man in his forties and fifties is suddenly made single after being a loyal and responsible husband for twenty years or so, life can become very hard indeed. And we are responsible for the laws that make this all possible. Women don't have to behave in an honourable way, because we don't insist upon it, men have to because women insist we do, it’s our fault!

So the battle of the sexes is complicated, because men made laws to protect women, and women learnt how to abuse them. My take is thus: If you want to settle down with a woman, you have to be sure you can trust her, not just prove she can trust you. If she tries to change or control you at the beginning of a relationship, then it is obvious that she can't be trusted. If you are stupid enough to stake your entire life on a relationship with a woman you can't trust, then you are a weakling, a fool, or both.

I hope you understand why I feel the need to write this Harold. We haven't always seen eye to eye, but this is something I feel passionately about.

14 words.

3:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, Harold, in its own way this post of yours is just as revolutionary if not more so than anything you have said about the Jews and the niggers. Suggesting that white men be MEN in any sense of the word is a startling and disturbing idea to the Jew power structure.

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Blogger Freedom said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best sites for information and inspiration on (I can't believe I'm saying this) The Women Problem (as in WHITE Women) are and, although the latter feigns ignorance of The Jewish Question. The Christian Party website ( is a little juvenile, but also relevant. Good post, Harold!

And how could I forget:!

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