Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Constitution of the Northwest American Republic

[October 2006]


In the name of the Divine Creator of all things we, the Aryan peoples of the earth, do hereby set forth this Constitution of the Northwest American Republic, in order that we may secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

Section One - Nationhood and Citizenship

Article I. The Northwest American Republic shall be a Homeland solely for the use and habitation of White people of all nationalities, cultures and creeds worldwide, in order that Western civilization may be preserved and White children may be raised to responsible adulthood in safety, prosperity and tranquility. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. Such is the overriding principle of this Constitution. Nothing incompatible with this prime directive may be held by any authority to be constitutional.

Article II. All White people, of any nationality or previous citizenship, shall have the right to live permanently in the Northwest American Republic as legal residents.

Article III. Citizenship in the Republic, as opposed to legal residence and domicile, to include exercise of the franchise and participation in government and the political process, shall not be automatically conferred at birth, or through racial identity alone. Citizenship is to be earned through responsibility fulfilled.

Article IV. Residence and citizenship in the Northwest Republic shall be restricted, absolutely and for all time, to those persons of unmixed Caucasian racial descent from any one of the historic family of European nations, who shall have no known or identifiable non-White ancestry, and no visibly non-White element in their genetic makeup.

Article V. The race commonly known as Jews are in culture and historic tradition an Asiatic people, and shall not be considered White or accorded White racial status under law. No Jew shall be allowed to enter or to reside in the Northwest American Republic under any circumstances.

Article VI. Citizenship in the Republic and the right to exercise the electoral franchise shall be divided into three classes, with each class of citizenship holding one, two, and three votes respectively. Those who demonstrate superior civic and political responsibility, and who display the greatest dedication to state service, and who thereby achieve a higher class of citizenship, shall thereby have the greatest say in the political process.

Article VII. Citizenship in the Northwest American Republic may be legally reduced or revoked by a court of law, by the Bureau of Race and Resettlement or other competent governmental authority, by act of the National Convention, or by decree of the State President, which bodies and authorities may also grant or restore citizenship. Grounds for revocation or reduction of citizenship shall be

1) Conviction of a felony.

2) Medically certified mental defect or insanity.

3) Proven non-White racial descent to include Jewish ancestry.

4) Willful miscegenation with persons of non-White race.

5) Factual proof of the commission of acts of homosexuality.

Article VIII. Standards of race and citizenship shall be established by a Bureau of Race and Resettlement, which shall set all racial parameters and codes, establish scientific and cultural standards of racial identity, and which shall make determination in individual cases where applicable.

Article IX. Whereas the basis of all human civilization has been, and shall remain, the traditional nuclear family based on the institution of marriage, with the wife and mother as the heart and the gainfully employed father as the head, the Northwest American Republic herewith acknowledges this traditional family unit and the values historically attached to it as the foundation of the state, and declares that the protection of the family shall be and shall remain a primary goal and supporting pillar of the Republic, its laws and institutions.

Section Two - Government and Administration

Article I. The Northwest American Republic shall be a unitary or single-party state, with [the Fighting Revolutionary Party to come] serving as the official party of government.

Article II. The government of the Republic shall consist of two branches, executive and legislative.

1) All state and local governments, offices and agencies thereof which existed under the previous rule of the United States of America are herewith abolished.

2) Pre-existing counties and cities within the Northwest American Republic shall create such local governments within the parameters of this Constitution as appear to be necessary for the maintenance of health, order, and prosperity, but all ordnances, laws, and functions of said local governments shall be subordinate to the central government and laws of the Republic, and the authority of the National Convention and the State President.

Article III. This Constitution shall be enforced and interpreted by a standing Constitutional Committee of the National Convention, to whom constitutional issues may be referred for determination by the Convention as a whole, by the executive branch, by state agencies, and by the courts.

Article IV. The basis of the body politic of the Northwest American Republic shall be the roster of all persons holding citizenship in the Republic, which citizenship roll shall function as the lowest level of government and the foundation of the state. The citizenship roll shall function in this capacity through general elections to the National Convention, and also through the institution of the national referendum.

Article V. National referendums shall take place as needed in conjunction with general elections to the National Convention.

1) National referendums on specific issues of immediate urgency or interest may also be called by the Convention as needed through special resolution, with such referendums to take place within not less than thirty (30) days and not more than sixty (60) days from the adoption of said resolution.

2) No national referendum or any other act of government may alter or amend this Constitution, in whole or in part.

Article VI. The historic role of [the Fighting Revolutionary Party to come] in implementing the Revolution and securing the independence of the Republic is officially acknowledged. The primacy of the Party in governing the Republic is formally acknowledged and enshrined in this Constitution.

Article VII. The chief executive of the Northwest American Republic shall be the State President, who shall be a first-class citizen and Party member not less than thirty-five years of age, and who shall be a military veteran.

Article VIII. The State President shall serve as head of the executive branch of government, as commander in chief of the armed forces and the Civil Guard, [national police force] and commander of the Bureau of State Security.

Article IX. The State President shall have the right to appoint a Council of Ministers of his own choosing, and to create or dissolve ministerial portfolios as he deems necessary, with the following exceptions: he may not dissolve or allow to fall into abeyance the Ministries of Defense, Interior, Finance, or Race and Resettlement.

1) The State President shall have the authority to assume one (1) ministerial portfolio himself for all or part of his term.

2) The State President shall serve as chief magistrate of the Republic and shall exercise full and final recourse over all actions and decisions of the judicial system and the National Honor Court, specifically including the power of full or partial pardon and/or commutation of any civil or military sentence of death, confinement, corporal punishment, loss of citizenship, amercement, or exile, with the following exception: the State President may not overrule or set aside any jury or other court verdict of not guilty, not proven, or other acquittal.

Article X. The State President shall be elected by direct popular vote of all citizens, through a primary election wherein all candidates for the office shall fulfill the basic requirements of eligibility, and who will furthermore be members of the National Convention.

Article XI. Subsequent to the primary election, should any candidate fail to gain more than 50% of the vote, a run-off or general election between the two front runners shall take place. The candidate receiving a simple majority of votes shall become State President.

Article XII. The State President shall serve a single term of six years in office, and may not be re-elected to the office of President for two consecutive terms.

1) In the event of his or her death, illness, or other incapacity, the State President shall be succeeded in office by the Speaker of the National Convention. In the event of the death or incapacitation of both the State President and the Speaker of the National Convention, executive power shall be collectively assumed by the properly constituted ruling body of [the Party] for a period of no longer than thirty (30) days, who shall during that time appoint a caretaker President who shall hold office for a maximum of one (1) year, until a special presidential election can be held.

2) The State President may be impeached and removed from office on foot of a national referendum of recall. Any national referendum on the impeachment and removal of a State President may be passed by the National Convention without the signature of the sitting State President, nor shall he or she have any power of veto thereon.

Article XIII. The legislative branch of government shall consist of the National Convention, which shall be elected by popular vote of all citizens every two years. The National Convention shall be presided over by a Speaker who shall be elected in caucus by the Government members of each incoming convention, and who shall serve at the pleasure of the Government parliamentary party.

Article XIV. The National Convention shall be unicameral.

Article XV. The National Convention shall consist of four elements: Government, Opposition, deputies from the armed forces and Civil Guard, and non-voting Ministers of State.

1) Civilian deputies of the National Convention shall be elected by popular vote of the citizenship roll on the basis of two Government members and one Opposition member per county.

2) One (1) serving officer and one (1) senior non-commissioned officer from each branch of the military shall be appointed as deputies to the National Convention by a duly constituted body of senior officers of their service. Further, two (2) senior members of the Civil Guard shall be appointed as deputies by the State President.

3) Ministers of State [Cabinet members] shall have the right to attend all sessions and participate in the debate and work of the National Convention, but shall have no vote on legislation or resolutions.

Article XVI. The National Convention shall remain in constant session during the two years of its term and may recess only twice per year, for a cumulative period of not more than sixty (60) days per year.

1) Neither the State President nor any other body may prorogue, dismiss, or dissolve the National Convention, except for the Speaker of the Convention immediately prior to and as part of a nationwide general election.

2) No deputy or other functionary of the National Convention may receive or accept any salary, commission, fees, royalties, or other income, benefits, perks, or any other thing of value from any source other than such salary, emolument, or benefits which shall be decreed to such deputies and functionaries by a national referendum and thus enacted into law.

3) All deputies and functionaries of the National Convention and all Ministers of State, specifically including the State President and Vice President, must file an annual full and complete financial disclosure statement with the office of the Speaker detailing their current net worth, financial status, all property held, etc. which disclosure statements shall be matters of public record and available for inspection to any citizen or resident of the Republic.

4) The State President may in time of national emergency or legislative recess rule by special executive order solely in order to preserve life, property, and the existence of the Republic. All such special executive orders are non-renewable and must be confirmed or rejected within sixty (60) days by the National Convention in full session.

5) The Convention shall function not only as a legislative body, but as a reserve of administrative manpower for the government and as an arm of the civil service. The Convention as a body and the State President shall assign to deputies of the Convention such additional governmental, legal, and social duties within the administration of government as they shall think fit, in order to gain optimal benefit for society as a whole.

Article XVII. The Government parliamentary party and the Speaker of the Convention shall set aside a regular day of full session no less often than once per calendar month, for public questioning of Government members and all ministers of state, including the State President, by Opposition members on specific policies and issues facing the nation.

1) Said Ministers of State shall make themselves available and render public responses to such questions, except on such infrequent occasions when genuinely sensitive matters of national security are involved, in which case the State President or government minister concerned shall have the right to respond to such questioning to a select committee in closed session, under all applicable laws and regulations of official and military secrecy.

2) Opposition members and the Speaker of the Convention may require the presence of any government minister, military officer, or other functionary or person to respond to such questioning. Opposition members and the Speaker of the Convention shall have legally enforceable subpoena power to compel the appearance of any person for the purpose of public examination with the exception of agents of the Bureau of State Security. The State President shall have the power to interdict the appearance of any member or operative of BOSS when, in his determination, it is in the overriding national interest that he do so.

Article XVIII. All members of the National Convention shall enjoy full parliamentary privilege and immunity from any arrest, prosecution, or investigation in connection with their official duties as members of the Convention or in connection with any written or oral communication, public or private, in connection with their official duties as legislators or members of government.

1) The Speaker shall as necessary convene a special investigatory committee of deputies, including both Government and Opposition members, which shall act as a tribunal to resolve questions of immunity, ethics, and specific allegations of unethical or criminal conduct against deputies.

2) No deputy to the National Convention may be stripped of his parliamentary immunity or expelled from the Convention except on the recommendation of the investigatory committee aforesaid, which recommendation must be confirmed by a vote of the Convention in full session.

Article XIX. Laws of the Northwest American Republic shall be enacted upon introduction of a bill by any deputy or group of deputies, or by the State President, into the National Convention.

1) Such bills shall become law by majority vote of the Convention only after two (2) readings separated by a time period of not less than seven (7) and not more than thirty (30) days, and only after two (2) public debates by the Convention on each individual bill. Such bills must then be presented to the State President for signature with seven (7) days.

2) The State President may veto all or part of any bill presented to him by the National Convention for signature.

3) A Presidential veto of all or part of any bill may be overridden and shall become law on a majority vote of the National Convention in full session.

Article XX. The National Convention shall have the sole power to levy all excise and customs duties, taxes, and other imposts, including any and all fees charged by government for any goods or services whatsoever. All monies due to the state or any agency thereof shall be paid directly into the State Treasury and shall be apportioned according a budget laid out by the Finance Minister and approved by the National Convention as a whole.

Article XXI. The Finance Ministry shall have operational authority over all coinage and issuance of money or other legal tender within the Republic, but ultimate power over all such coinage and issuance of money shall reside in the National Convention, which shall have the power to amend or rescind any act of the Finance Ministry with relation to monetary affairs by resolution carried on a majority vote.

Article XXII. Neither the state nor any local government or authority shall levy any tax or impost upon individual income or on real property in the form of land, family housing, or homestead, nor upon any family owned farm. Income taxes may be leveled upon corporations or organizations of any commercial, social, or religious character deemed necessary. Property taxes may be leveled upon any land, buildings, structures, manufactories, or facilities used for commercial purposes, corporate agribusiness, or for religious purposes.

Article XXIII. The power to declare a state of war between the Northwest American Republic and any foreign power or powers is reserved to the National Convention in full session.

Article XXIV. The State President in his capacity as commander in chief of the armed forces shall have the power to initiate and implement any and all military activity he deems necessary for the immediate defense of the independence and territorial integrity of the Republic, and for the defense of the lives and property of its residents and citizens, without the requirement of recourse to the National Convention, with the following exceptions:

1) Any declaration of martial law within the boundaries of the Republic must be submitted to the National Convention by the State President within fourteen (14) days, and either rescinded or confirmed by majority vote and renewed for such time as the Convention shall think fit.

2) The State President may not order military action of any kind outside the borders of the Republic or in any foreign country, except by a special executive order in cases of the strongest and most overriding necessity and national urgency, and then for only for a period not to exceed seven (7) days.

3) Such special executive orders shall be renewable for a second period of seven (7) days should the State President deem it necessary.

4) On the fifteenth day such special executive order must be confirmed by majority vote of the National Convention in full session, and any extension granted on such orders may not exceed a single thirty (30) day period, at which time there shall be a full session debate in which the State President shall either report to the Convention the successful conclusion of such military operations outside the Republic's borders, or else he shall ask the assembly in full session for a formal declaration of war.

Article XXV. All treaties between the Northwest American Republic and any foreign power shall be confirmed by majority vote of the National Convention in full public session, and shall have the force of law. Such treaties may be revoked or abrogated only by the National Convention in full session.

Section Three - Judiciary and Judicial Procedure

Article I. Every county of the Republic shall maintain a court to try criminal cases, each with its own magistrate or judge who may if necessary be assisted by subordinate magistrates or judges appointed by law and the rules of judicial procedure. Civil law and litigation as known under the United States is abolished.

Article II. The purpose of the courts and judiciary shall be solely to serve as bodies for the determination of fact in criminal cases or non-criminal matters such as property ownership, inheritance, etc. The courts and judiciary shall have no governmental or policy-making role whatsoever within the State; these powers are reserved to the legislative and executive branches.

Article III. All magistrates shall be appointed by a special Judicial Committee of the National Convention, on nomination of any deputy or by the State President. The said Judicial Committee shall draw up and enforce rules of procedure for all courts and magistrates.

Article IV. In no courtroom or tribunal, civilian or military, shall any magistrate, judge, presiding officer, or jury be seated at any elevation higher than or above any defendant or other person in said courtroom or chamber.

Article V. - All judicial appointments shall be subject to confirmation by the State President in his capacity as Chief Magistrate.

Article VI. No citizen or resident of the Republic shall be charged, arrested, brought to trial, fined or amerced, or subjected to loss of life, property or citizenship or otherwise punished, except upon indictment and return of a true bill by a grand jury comprised of citizens of the county wherein an alleged offense was committed, and except upon subsequent conviction by a jury of citizens.

1) Bills of indictment may be presented to the grand jury for consideration by the State Prosecutor for the county, by any citizen, or by any citizen acting for any resident of the Republic, so long as such citizen receives no pay or emolument for such action.

2) No citizen or resident of the Republic may be placed under lawful arrest except on foot of a warrant issued and signed by a magistrate, or except by officers or agents of the Civil Guard or Bureau of State Security acting in their official capacity, in order to prevent immediate disorder or criminal behavior. All persons arrested in ordinary criminal matters not subject to the jurisdiction of the Bureau of State Security shall be brought before a magistrate within forty-eight (48) hours of arrest for a habeas corpus determination, and shall either be discharged, or allowed release on bail. Arrested persons shall be held in custody for presentment to the grand jury only if said person is believed to be a flight risk, to present a danger to the community, or to be in danger from the community.

3) No judge or magistrate shall impose any bond for appearance or good behavior which is demonstrably outside the available resources of any defendant or accused person.

4) No judge or magistrate may order any arrest or detention in the absence of a formal criminal charge based upon a true bill or indictment by a grand jury, except on conclusion of a habeas corpus hearing and pending presentment to a grand jury within the next thirty (30) days.

5) No officer or other rank serving in the military shall exercise powers of lawful arrest or detention, except during a state of martial law proclaimed by the State President in his capacity as commander in chief, or except on the premises or property of any military base or installation.

Article VII. The Bureau of State Security shall be governed in its operations and conduct by a special protocol to be determined by the State President and a standing Security Committee of the National Convention. Said protocol may, at the discretion of the State President and the said committee, exempt officers and agents of the Bureau of State Security, acting in good faith and on foot of national necessity and the national interest, from compliance with any and all laws or constitutional safeguards, until such time shall come when the existence and the independence of the Northwest American Republic shall be deemed to be no longer at risk.

Article VIII. No resident, citizen, or other person charged with a criminal offense before the courts of the Republic shall be denied the right to counsel and advocate of his choice, provided such counsel or advocate shall accept no fee, reward, emolument in money or kind, property or thing of value, officially or unofficially, for the performance of such function, and shall affirm such on oath before the commencement of trial or other proceeding.

Article IX. In order to instill and maintain the highest standards of personal courtesy, deliberation, maturity, integrity and courage in the manhood of the Republic, the State President in his capacity as chief magistrate shall establish and supervise a National Honor Court. The said body shall in turn create and enforce all necessary regulations, procedures, and protocols for the resolution of personal differences between individual male residents and citizens of the Republic, up to and including private combat by mutual consent, in accordance with the ancient and historic traditions and practices of the European family of nations.

1) No act or result of personal combat by mutual consent of both parties, having received prior sanction by the National Honor Court, shall be deemed criminal or liable to legal proceeding or interdiction.

2) Serving members of the military and Civil Guard may be regulated or prohibited from issuing or accepting a challenge, dueling, or participating in a legal duel in any other capacity by the appropriate regulations of their service or by order from a superior officer.

3) All statements, actions, or proceedings by deputies of the National Convention in connection with their official duties shall be deemed subject to full parliamentary immunity and shall not be subject to challenge or the jurisdiction of the National Honor Court.

4) No serving member of the military, the Civil Guard, the Bureau of State Security, or any person acting in any governmental capacity whatsoever may be subject to a challenge on foot of their performance of any lawful or legally mandated exercise of their official duties.

Section Four - Bill of Rights

All citizens and residents of the Republic shall enjoy the following absolute and inalienable rights:

Article I. Whereas an armed population is the most basic essential for the preservation of life, liberty, and the prevention of oppression and tyranny, and whereas the possession and use of arms is the most ancient birthright and proudest mark of the free man down through human history, all citizens and residents of the Northwest American Republic shall enjoy the right to keep and to bear firearms and other personal arms for defense of the state and of their lives and property.

1) The right to keep and bear arms shall not be qualified or restricted by any requirement of licensing, registration, fee, taxation, restriction on transportation, or other such impediment.

2) The purchase, acquisition, ownership, possession, transportation, or manufacture of ammunition, powder, cartridge casings, and other ancillary equipment or supplies necessary to the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms shall not be restricted or otherwise interfered with by any governmental authority.

Article II. All residents and citizens of the Republic shall enjoy the right to complete freedom of speech, freedom of artistic and creative expression, and freedom of the press. (This article shall not be construed as limiting or interdicting the right of the government of the Republic or competent local authority to control or prohibit expressions of obscenity and/or pornography.)

Article III. All residents and citizens of the Republic shall enjoy the right to freedom of religion, which shall include the right to raise children in the religion of family and cultural tradition.

Article IV. - All residents and citizens of the Republic shall have the right to adequate and life-preserving medical care, free of charge.

Article V. All residents and citizens of the Republic shall have the right to adequate food, shelter, clothing, and to a safe and stable home for children.

Article VI. - All residents and citizens of the Republic shall have the right to gainful and productive employment.

Article VII. All residents and citizens of the Republic shall have the right to be free of arbitrary search and seizure of goods and property and the right to freedom from imprisonment, punishment, or forfeiture of citizenship except by due process of law.

Article VIII. The right to life of unborn children, beginning at conception, shall be respected and enforced by the state.

Article IX. All citizens and residents of the Republic shall enjoy the right, free of charge, to all such education, technical training, vocational training, and instruction as shall be within their innate personal capacity to understand, assimilate, and apply in life.

Section Five - Bill of Responsibilities

Article I. All able-bodied male residents and citizens of the Northwest American Republic must serve a basic term of active duty in the armed forces and a set term in the reserves.

Article II. All residents and citizens who by reason or gender or other cause are not subject to mandatory military service as stipulated in Article I above, must complete a term of national service to the state and community, the duration and nature of which shall be determined by law.

Article III. All residents and citizens of the Northwest American Republic shall refrain from the abomination of sexual congress or contact with non-Whites.

Article IV. All residents and citizens of the Northwest American Republic shall refrain from the abomination of homosexuality.

Article V. No citizen, resident, corporation, institution, or government body or authority shall charge any form of interest, premium, or any other form of fee or bonus for any loan of money.

Article VI. No citizen or resident of the Northwest American Republic may accept any monetary emolument, fee, gift, or anything of value for performing the function of a priest or minister of religion.

Article VII. - No citizen or resident of the Northwest American Republic may charge or accept any monetary emolument, fee, gift, or anything of value for performing any service connected with law, legal processes, trial or litigation, or for speaking in defense of a defendant in any legal case.

Article VIII. - The Northwest American Republic has and shall maintain the right to demand of all residents and citizens of the state their loyalty, their active support and aid, and their participation in the life of the community and the Folk to the utmost of their ability. All residents and citizens shall acknowledge the inalienable right of the Northwest American Republic to exist as a state exclusively for the use and residence of White people, and shall refrain from all acts of disloyalty, subversion, or counterrevolution.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shaking Down The Church

A while back Cardinal Roger Mahony, leader of the nation's largest Roman Catholic archdiocese, and one of the wealthiest in the world, wrote a $660 million check in order to try and make the lawyers go away. It won't work, of course. It will only draw more lawyers, endless hordes of them, like blood in the water draws sharks.

Associated Press said that "The settlement will not affect the archdiocese's core ministry, Mahony said, but the church will have to sell buildings, use some of its invested funds and borrow money. The archdiocese will not sell any parish property." Not quite sure what they're doing with "invested funds" in that amount lying around in banks, money that should be going to help parishioners and provide the type of social services and education for which the Roman Catholic Church is famous, but then since their membership in that diocese is mostly Mexican, at least that's $660 million that won't be ending up in the hands of illegal aliens.

Of course, $660 million ending up in the hands of lawyers is hardly an improvement. That's where most of that boodle will stick to their fingers, no doubt. I will be very interested to see how much money each alleged victim actually receives, and how much is gobbled up in legal fees and "court costs." It's wasted either way.

Look, no one who knows me will ever accuse me of being soft on homosexuality and child molestation. In my opinion the priests who did this kind of thing, if any, should be hanging from trees in a public place. Nothing I say here is to be in any way construed as being pro-faggot or pro-child molesting. Are we all crystal clear on this?

That said, I also have to say that this business of the Roman Catholic "abuse scandal" has dragged on far too long, and it has degenerated into a simple shakedown, with greedy and amoral lawyers and a number of (in my view) increasingly suspect "victims," many of them Mexican, who have offered no proof of any kind that anything ever happened thirty or forty years ago. All it takes is for someone to be willing to come forward and sob for the TV cameras and howl about how forty years ago Father Tim done diddled his digit in the vestry, in order to rake in huge megabucks as the Church desperately tries to buy off the dogs and make all this go away.

If these acts were committed, then the priests involved should be arrested and tried before a jury in a criminal case, not a civil lawsuit whose sole aim is to extort money from a wealthy target with what lawyers term "deep pocket." Even Michael Jackson got a trial and only went free because the jury were star-struck American morons. This priest-abuse scandal has turned into a racket, a cash teat for lawyers to milk.

These "victims" are starting to sound increasingly like bogus Holocaust survivors. They step up and go boo-hoo in front of the media cameras with some tale of molestation, usually "fondling." Actual sodomy of a child leaves medical and forensic traces and there might reasonably be expected to be some contemporary record of the incident at the time, a hospital visit, a police report, whatever. On the other hand, forty years later anybody can make up "fondling" stories until the cows come home, and they can't be proven one way or the other.

These people are getting huge payouts without having to offer one scintilla of proof that anything actually happened. There is apparently just enough truth to these allegations so the Church wants to bury the whole thing under a mountain of money, and yes, I am aware of the fact that the Church maintains a special buggery ranch or whatever in New Mexico, a facility for paedophile priests to "cure" them of their "problem."

I say again, I am not denying the likelihood that a few of these stories are true. But by the nature of the alleged offense, it would be almost impossible to prove something that allegedly occurred in private decades ago. That in itself should count for the defense. You're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in this society. Many of the priests who have been accusing of allegedly diddling their altar boys' digits or whatever are now dead, or else they are so old and nearing senility that they cannot effectively defend themselves. There is no real way to know what, if anything, actually happened all those years ago.

I am no fan of the Catholic Church, but it's reached the point where they are the ones being victimized, out of simple greed for money and also because the Church has shown itself to be an easy mark. It's also partly out of a left-wing liberal political agenda on the part of people who want to put an end to traditional religion of all kinds. If the Church would only "get hip" and change its policy on buggery and let priests marry and have women priests and disco-dance during mass and all the other lefty quasi-religious nonsense--in other words, if the Catholics would only cave in like the Episcopalians have done--then I suspect all of these "priestly abuse" lawsuits would quietly disappear.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Our Official Movement Flick

[Some Classic Thoughtcrime from April 29th, 2005]

I have been told on several occasions that a large part of our problem is that I am confronting a functionally illiterate people, in my e-mails and newsletters, with texts. With fixed words in black and white when they want color and motion to seize that short attention span.

I am asking them to read blocks of type, sometimes quite long ones, for content. This was the way it was done in Europe a hundred years ago, to be sure, but this is America in 2005 and the palefaces must see pictures containing a lot of action, physical motion, noise, explosions, etc. We no longer respond to print, we respond to Hollywood.

Okay, fine. I believe I have found a Hollywood movie that conveys to a large extent what I am trying to say.

A couple of weeks ago I finally got to see the movie Michael Collins on television, unfortunately a cut-down version interrupted by innumerable ads. I immediately went out the next day and searched the video stores until I located and purchased the DVD.

I cannot overemphasize the importance for our Northwest movement of seeing this movie and internalizing the two lessons it conveys from Irish history. First, the absolute necessity of physical struggle and physical courage as the only way to overthrow tyranny, and secondly the terrible price that a revolutionary movement can pay for personality conflicts between people who should be fighting together against a common enemy.

In this movie you will, for a very rare change, be confronted with the image of White men fighting for freedom with (more or less) modern weapons in their hands against a mighty empire. The image of the White rebel or of any kind of strong White male character is one that is very seldom seen on the silver screen, so seldom that the rare exceptions like Michael Collins and Braveheart are notable--and, significantly I think, they are always very good box office draws.

There are no nigger sidekicks in Michael Collins, no Mexican girlfriends, no smart-ass little Jews explaining it all to the big dumb blond hero, or anything like that. There is not a single black or brown or yellow face in the whole movie.

That alone makes it worth it. I personally would have preferred an Irish or British actress for the role of Kitty Kiernan to Julia Roberts, but I have to admit she does it very well. You would have to have lived in Ireland to fully appreciate Liam Neeson's magnificent and distinctive West Cork dialect; you can actually hear the differences between that and Belfast and Dublin.

Some people have recommended that Return of the King become our official Movement Flick. I haven't seen the third movie yet, since I can't afford a theater ticket (never mind the popcorn) and must wait for DVD, but I am told it's superb.

But I have one objection to that idea, and that is that Tolkien's epic is a fantasy--and white people live way, way too much in a fantasy world as it is.We need to get out of fantasy and back into the real world.

Some people have recommended Braveheart which I think is a little closer to the mark and much more political, a truly mighty cinematic accomplishment, all the greater now that we have some idea of Mel Gibson's private political views. But the year 1300 is a bit too far back. We're not trying to revive the Middle Ages.

Michael Collins is close enough in time. I remember seeing the old men on their canes wearing the Old IRA badge and beret on the streets of Dublin, and I've seen the bullet and shrapnel scars in Boland's Bakery and the Four Courts. It also deals with a colonial revolt by White males against a mighty world empire. The parallels are clear.

For our official Movement Flick, until Mel Gibson takes me up on my offer to film The Hill of the Ravens, I nominate Michael Collins.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Let's Talk A Little Treason

[Looks like "my attitude has been noted," as the saying goes. I understand that some sort of complaint has been filed with the legal authorities in the state of Washington about my horrid and wicked "incitement" based on the following piece, which was originally published here on March 22nd.

In order to save assorted cops, lawyers, and bureaucrats from the mental anguish of having to scroll back through all my commentaries, and no doubt be horribly offended, I have taken the liberty of reprinting it here. Let's get this straight. I am an American of the old-fashioned pre-9/11 kind. I will write what I want, and publish it wherever I want. I will say what I want to say, and I will think whatever I want to think, and anyone who doesn't like it can jam it up their ass. - HAC]

In Ireland, when a man has an old friend over for dinner, after the meal is over he will generally tell his wife the traditional Irish tale: "Love, Seamus and I are going down to the pub and talk a little treason." (Brendan Behan, I think.)

Oh, hell, let's come right out and say it. Us white boys need to be talking a little treason.

I notice that the great state of Oregon is about to pass more grotesque "hatecrime" laws in favor of sodomites, making perverts who commit the filthiest acts imaginable (people don't seem to realize what it is that homosexuals actually do) a politically and legally protected class. Better than me, in the eyes of the law. Better than any white man who likes girls, because they will have specific legal protections that we are denied.

There is no more equality under the law. Some states are even worse; in Idaho all women, period are considered a specially politically and legally protected class under their deranged hatecrime laws, effectively meaning that only heterosexual white males are without legal protection against "hate" and can be victimized only on the lowest level, as mere Americans. Less than a woman of their own race, less than a Mexican, less than a faggot, less than a black. Three-fifths of a man, at best.

I'm going to say something now to all my fellow girl-loving honkies, and I'm dead serious. I think we need to start re-evaluating our relationship with the United States of America, with a view towards bringing that relationship to an end.

America gives us nothing except ridicule, hatred, contempt and oppression. America ignores our interests, laughs at us and reviles us, picks our pockets, discriminates against us with affirmative action and racial quotas, and kicks us in the teeth when we try to protest or petition for the redress of just grievances. America rigs the electoral process so that no one without ten million dollars in the bank should even think about running for office, and so that only criminals, incompetents, and mentally unbalanced mediocrities can win. America passes laws that give foreigners who are in our country illegally, and perverts who literally wallow in their own filth during sexual acts, a preferred and privileged status over us.

Every time we turn on the television we see grinning black and brown monkey-faces mocking and reviling us, mincing faggots waving their limp wrists mocking and reviling us, toilet-mouthed Jews like the loathsome Sarah Silverman spewing hatred and abuse at us, pathological liars in the White House and Congress pissing down our back and assuring us with solemn faces that it is raining. Thanks to the media and the Jews who control the media, when the world thinks of White males they think of revolting cartoon characters. George Washington, Daniel Boone, and Charles Lindbergh have been replaced by Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin.

White women are in their own way just as much victims as White men are, although some of them haven't quite seen sufficiently through the feminist horse shit to understand that. If we can ever succeed in de-programming our sisters and making them understand what has been done to them, so that they realize that their place is by their menfolks' side and not with the Jews who hate them and hold them in just as much contempt as they do white men, calling them shiksas, etc...well, if we can ever succeed in doing that, you kikes had better start running.

White people do the real work in this country; Mexicans and blacks do nothing that couldn't be done twice as well and at half the expense by a good cart horse. Robotics will eventually make the black man and the brown man completely obsolete. White people pay the overwhelming percentage of the taxes that finance the Grand Guignol horror show that is America. White boys, and increasingly girls, are dragged into the military and come back from Iraq with their bodies mangled to rot in the filthy Army hospitals like Walter Reed, because the influx of illegal aliens has taken all the entry-level jobs in their home towns and there is no future for White kids where they grew up. White people, especially boys, are denied access to college education, to employment, to workplace promotion and job stability because of their skin color, because of their gender, and increasingly because of their age.

I could go on and on, but if you're White, you know what I'm talking about, and if you're not White, I'm not talking to you anyway.

Guys--and gals--let me ask you something. What the hell do we owe a society that treats us like this?

The neocons wave their red, white, and blue Masonic dishrags and babble about all this "freedom" we've got. Bullshit. What freedom? The freedom to never be able to get any kind of decent career because you're the wrong color and you've got convex genitalia? The freedom not to be admitted to college because their quota for White boys was filled by the sons of the wealthy elite long before you even applied? The freedom to spend thirty years in the workforce and see incompetent affirmative action employees promoted over your head year after year?

What freedom? The freedom to pay one third of your income to support stupid wars in the Middle East to protect the Jews from the consequences of their own behavior? The freedom to "vote" in elections where half the time these arrogant swine no longer bother to conceal the fraud?

What freedom? The freedom to have your children corrupted by the endless tsunami of filth from the television screen and taught sodomy techniques in school? The freedom to have your son and your daughter come back from Iraq in a plastic bag or minus some limbs because all of the jobs in their home town had been gobbled up by illegals and the military was the only place they could get a paycheck?

What freedom? The freedom to be insulted, belittled, and spat upon every time we turn on a TV or pick up a newspaper? The freedom to eventually be carried off to the living hell of some state-run "nursing home" when the government finally finds some way to steal the Social Security and Medicare fund and piss it away in the deserts of Iraq or blow it on the stock market?

What the hell kind of loyalty do we owe to a government that has made us third-class citizens? What the hell kind of loyalty do we owe to a state that uses us like toilet paper and throws us away? Why, exactly, should we respect the "rights" of media garbage people who give us nothing but insults, contempt, and vilification? Why, exactly, should we allow our country to be taken over by millions of Mexican mestizos and all the overflow from the Third World's sewers, and never raise a hand in our own defense because the tyrant's law forbids it?

Yes, yes, I know the United States of America is "the law." Of course it is. Tyrants always are the law. That's why they're tyrants and not simple gangsters. The difference between George W. Bush and John Gotti is only a technicality of paperwork. (Except that Gotti dressed better and killed a lot fewer people.)

When the law is cruel and uncaring, when the law is vicious, when the law is oppression wrapped up in paper and forced down the throats of the powerless, the coerced and the cowed, when the law is enforced by steroid-popping bullies with badges and jackals with briefcases and reptiles in black robes who use it solely to maintain their own power over other human beings and to squeeze them dry of every last wretched penny they possess, when the law is being used to do you and your family harm, then you are under no obligation to obey it.

In every society there is a social contract that cuts both ways. The United States Constitution was an attempt to create such a contract, and until 1861 it worked. But we need to be very clear on this: the White American has upheld that contract and is even now upholding it as the blood of our young men is spilled in the Iraq desert. It is the federal government of the United States and the squamous alien things who have stolen it away from us who have violated that social contract, again and again and again over the past century.

Like an abused wife, White Americans have put up with it all from our cheating, lying, thieving, murdering government--the beatings, the drinking up the rent money, the lipstick on the collar, the constant bullying and browbeating. But even the most abused spouse eventually decides it's time for a divorce. That time has come. Enough! Fuck the United States government, fuck democracy, fuck America! We've seen enough, we've had enough, and we want out.

Yeah, I know. Our ancestors tried this in 1861. Well, it's time for a re-match. Here in the Northwest, and anyplace else where White males are tired of being treated like dogs, and finally decide to show the Jews that dogs have teeth.

And you know something? I think if we ever do pull off the Old Macbeth Trick and "screw our courage to the sticking point," I suspect the world will discover that as far as (it looks like) Hillary Clinton goes--well, she damned sure ain't no Abraham Lincoln.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Harold Drops Himself Right In It

Boy, I'm going to drop myself right in it with this one.

We've got one of our periodic Battle of the White Sexes threads going on in one of our discussion groups. I was e-mailing about it with a comrade, and he made a fascinating observation which I think needs to be at least turned over in our minds a bit.

He said, "The White male nowadays takes a lot of beating up from the White female because of his alleged immaturity and lack of responsibility. But under Political Correctness, the White male is expected to display responsibility, but no authority. He is expected to be responsible for people and situations over which he has no control, and if he doesn't wave a magic wand and make everything always turn out all right, and make sure there's a perpetual rain of $100 bills on the woman's head, then he is considered to be a failure as a man and a husband and, God forbid, a 'loser.' Most White men want to be responsible and provide all the good things in life for a loving wife and family, but they are not allowed to by external circumstances, and by the fact that for all intents and purposes, the husband and father no longer has any genuine say in what goes on in his own family and his own home. To attempt to recover this authority risks his own personal destruction in a dozen different ways; the woman simply has too many powerful outside allies she can now call upon to help her fight her domestic battles against her man and bring him to heel.

"White women say they want their men to be 'responsible,' but in the modern context, 'responsibility' means letting the woman call the shots on virtually everything that matters, while showering her with material wealth and jumping through hoops like a trained poodle. No man with any pride or self-respect will tolerate such a situation for any length of time. No real man ever allows himself to be bossed or controlled by a woman. In the old days a bloke who was having it rough on the home front could always run off the sea or go for a soldier or light out for America or Australia to seek his fortune, but since there are no 'legitimate' ways in these times for a White man to re-assert his natural authority over his home and his family, or for that matter any control over his own life and destiny, many White males respond by refusing to grow up, by remaining perpetual adolescents, and by ducking this kind of so-called 'responsibility' altogether."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yes, We're Going To Win, Eventually

People sometimes ask me if I truly believe we're going to win. Yes, of course we will.

It may not be in my lifetime, and it may happen in some form we can't be aware of yet, especially if Jug-Ears upsets the whole apple cart by launching an attack on Iran. But, sure, we'll win. Eventually. White people have been off their game for a couple of generations, true, but we'll wise up and straighten up real quick when gas hits $9.00 a gallon and nobody has a job any more because that drunken moron in the White House destroyed world capitalism's fuel supply.

Mexicans and Asians do not have truly creative cultures. They can imitate but not initiate or invent, and when they do they accomplish nothing with what they invent. The Chinese invented printing and gunpowder centuries before the Europeans, true. They did nothing with printing and they made firecrackers out of the gunpowder. Europeans invented the same things independently, and with them we spread mighty ideas throughout human consciousness with books of great thought in one hand, and conquered the world with a musket in the other. We're still the same people, genetically. We've just been on a kind of bender, drunk on the luxury of our own accomplishment and spending our accumulated inheritance, and we'll sober up when the party's finally over.

Niggers are simply too stupid to survive, and they're already on their way out. AIDS is decimating the population of Africa as we speak, and if the White man ever were removed from North America, with his restraining laws, the Asians and the Mexicans would simply wipe the blacks out. They're already on the trash heap of history, they just don't know it yet. They're violent animals and no one has any time for them any more, as witness their failure to cow and intimidate that judge in Louisiana with their marching and rioting in the streets. Niggers and their attitude problems are old news now. They will be put back in their cages or more likely, just killed off.

Jews are a very clever people, but they are nowhere near as clever as they think they are, and they will always overreach themselves. Always. You may be familiar with a psychiatric term called paranoid schizophrenia. The Jews have made an entire religion out of a mental illness. Insane peoples don't last long term, any more than insane individuals do. They've finally blown their cover with this demented campaign to put Jug-Ears up to attacking Iran. They think the rest of us don't know who's winding him up. But we do, my little Christ-killers, we do.

The next century is going to be pure hell, but the White man is going to come out on top, because in the final analysis, and despite all our problems we're just plain better than the others are. I just wish I could stick around for the final act.

Monday, September 24, 2007

No Noose Is Good News

As many of you know, organized niggerdom is now marching all over Jena, Louisiana demanding the right of monkoids to commit crimes and assault White people with impunity. This is pretty much what they have always wanted. The atrocities in Knoxville and Wichita were not even treated as hatecrimes by the authorities. White people are fair game to be beaten, robbed, raped, tortured, and murdered, and Big Monkoids like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton want to keep it that way.

The big thing now, in light of Jena, is white kids all over the South and even elsewhere are now running around hanging nooses on trees in their schools, in the locker rooms, etc. There are noose T-shirts, noose baseball caps, noose coffee mugs etc. appearing in the internet, white kids are e-mailing one another nooses as well as their favorite monkoids, etc.

Kids, let me give you some advice.

Forget all that crap you heard in civics class about the Constitution and free speech and the First Amendment. These things no longer exist in this country, and they have not existed for people of our skin color for well over a generation. You live in a politically correct police state where so-called "hatecrime statutes" punish white people for their thoughts, not their actions. If you take part in the recent craze for hemp (other than the smoking kind, which is now perfectly acceptable) you will be punished almost as severely for exercising symbolic speech as you would be for actually doing something about the nigger problem.

Here's my advice. Keep your mouths shut. Write all the politically correct crap you have to to pass, get out of the filthy hellhole which is your high school, and then get into the least filthy college you can. In college, once again, burn the pinch of incense at the altar of the false gods of Political Correctness. Mouth the slogans, do whatever you have to do to get that goddamned piece of parchment without which you are condemned to a lifetime of economic serfdom. A technical school would be even better. Learn a trade, a marketable skill. Remember, if you can mend the rich people's toys when they break, you will always work.

Don't get yourselves thrown into prison for a symbolic act that does nothing whatsoever to harm the racial enemy and which only harms yourself. You do not have freedom of speech. You are White, and you have no freedom at all. Learn to deal with this fact, until the time comes when finally the Iron Heel collapses under the weight of its own crapulence, when all of a sudden there will be no more brain-dead policemen and no more evil FBI agents to protect these yowling black beasts, no Jew law for these bubble--lipped nappy-headed subhumans to hide behind.

Then they will burn. Then you will hear their screams of agony and terror as they are hunted through the streets and the woods and the fields, shot down and left for the buzzards like the carrion they are.

That day is worth waiting for, kids. Make sure you're around to see it.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

White Ireland Group

A comrade of ours in the Ould Sod has asked me to give a plug to his discussion group:

As some of you know, Ireland is now more or less a colony of Nigeria and China, with over 600,000 immigrants entering the island in the past five years or so. Don't ask me why the Irish are allowing this. Apparently they will fight against White Englishmen for 800 years and then tamely hand over their country to jungle savages. I have long ago given up any attempt to fathom what goes on the the minds of White people. Apparently we do have some sort of suicidal racial death wish.

In any case, for those who wish to at least start talking about a solution to the Irish problem, check out this group above. Americans are welcome but our comrade has asked me to point out that they're really seeking Irishmen who actually live there, and that all posts need to be strictly on-topic.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Play It Again, Sam

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."

-Samuel Adams

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Crime of the Century (1924)

The Jewish History Series - Lesson #1

The Crime of the Cenury (1924)

The crime that captured national attention in 1924 began as a fantasy in the mind of eighteen-year old Richard Loeb, the handsome and privileged Jewish son of a retired Sears Roebuck vice president. Loeb was obsessed with crime. Despite his high intelligence and standing as the youngest graduate ever of the University of Michigan, Loeb read mostly detective stories. He read about crime, he planned crimes, and he committed crimes, although none until 1924 were crimes involving physical harm to a person. For Loeb, crime became a sort of game; he wanted to commit the perfect crime just to prove that it could be done.

Loeb's nineteen-year old partner in crime was his homosexual lover, another young Jew named Nathan Leopold. Leopold was interested in ornithology, philosophy, and especially, Richard Loeb. Like Loeb, Leopold was a child of wealth and opportunity, the son of a millionaire box manufacturer. At the time of their crime, the brilliant Leopold was a law student at the University of Chicago and was planning to begin studies at Harvard Law School after a family trip to Europe in the summer. Leopold already had achieved recognition as the nation's leading authority on the Kirtland warbler, an endangered songbird, and frequently lectured on the subjects of his ornithological passion.

Loeb and Leopold had an intense and stormy relationship. At one time Leopold contemplated killing Loeb over a perceived breach of confidentiality. This relationship, described by Darrow as "weird and almost impossible," led the two boys to do together what they almost certainly would never have done apart: commit murder.

Murder was a necessary element in their plan to commit the perfect crime. The two teenagers spent hours discussing and refining a plan that included kidnapping the child of a wealthy parents, demanding a ransom, and collecting the ransom after it was thrown off a moving train as it passed a designated point. Neither Loeb nor Leopold relished the idea of murdering their kidnap victim, but they thought it critical to minimizing their likelihood of being identified as the kidnappers.

Motives are often unclear, and they are in this trial. The defense's claim was that the boys were insane. The prosecution came up with a much more pragmatic and probable theory: that ransom money was needed to pay off their gambling debts incurred at local speakeasies and clubs in Prohibition-era Chicago. There was also the buggery factor: Leopold later wrote that "Loeb's friendship was necessary to me-- terribly necessary" and that his motive, "to the extent that I had one, was to please Dick." For Loeb, the crime was more an escape from the ordinary; an interesting intellectual exercise.

The victim of the two young Jews turned out to be an acquaintance of the two boys, another Jewish child named Bobby Franks. Franks was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On May 21, 1924 at about five o'clock in the afternoon, Bobby Franks was walking home from school when a gray Winton automobile pulled up near him. Loeb asked Franks to come over to the car, asked him to get in the car to discuss a tennis racquet, then drove off with him.

At some point during the next several hours the twelve year-old was brutally stabbed to death with a chisel. Though most evidence points to Loeb as the actual killer, there is some dispute about this, as there is over the time of the killing. Medical examination revealed that Franks was first sodomized, and then killed later. In yet another example of the way the crime was soft-pedaled by the media, this fact was never mentioned in court and was only discovered years later when researchers actually uncovered and read the autopsy report. It may be significant that in his long and self-serving autobiography after his release from prison, Nathan Leopold absolutely refused to discuss the crime itself or reveal any new facts about who did what and to whom.

After the murder Leopold and Loeb drove their rented car to a marshland near the Indiana line, where they poured hydrochloric acid over Franks's naked body to make identification more difficult, then stuffed the body in a concrete drainage culvert. The boys returned to the Loeb home where they burned Franks' clothing in a basement fire.

That evening Mrs. Franks received a phone call from Leopold, who identified himself as "George Johnson." Leopold told Franks that her boy had been kidnapped, but was unharmed, and that she should expect a ransom note soon. The next morning the Franks family received a special delivery letter asking that they immediately secure $10,000 in old, unmarked bills and telling them to expect further instructions that afternoon. Leopold ("George Johnson") called Jacob Franks, Bobby's father, at three o'clock to tell him a taxi cab was about to arrive at his home and that he should take it to a specified drugstore in South Chicago. Just as Franks headed out to the Yellow Cab, a second call came, this one from the police, spoiling hope that the perfect crime would be executed. The body of Bobby Franks had been identified; a laborer happened to see a flash of what turned out to be a foot through the the shrubbery covering the open culvert where the body had been placed. Ransom note sent to Franks

There would have been no arrests and no trial but for what the prosecutor called "the hand of God at work in this case." A pair of horn-rimmed glasses were discovered with the body of Bobby Franks. The glasses, belonging to Nathan Leopold, had slipped out of his pocket as he struggled to hide the body. They had an unusual hinge and could be traced to a single Chicago optometrist, who had written only three such prescriptions, including the one to Leopold.

When questioned about the glasses, Leopold said that he must have lost them on one of his frequent birding expeditions. He was asked by an investigator to demonstrate how the glasses might have fallen out of his pockets, but failed after a series of purposeful trips to dislodge the glasses from his coat.

Questioning became more intense. Leopold said that he spent the twenty-first of May picking up girls in his car with Loeb and driving out to Lincoln Park. Loeb, when questioned separately, confirmed Leopold's alibi. Prosecutor's were on the verge of releasing the two suspects when two additional pieces of evidence surfaced.

First, typewritten notes taken from a member of Leopold's law school study group were found to match the the type from the ransom note, despite the fact that an earlier search of the Leopold home turned up a typewriter with unmatching type. Then came a statement from the Leopold family chauffeur, made in the hope of establishing Nathan's innocence, that spelled his doom. He said he was certain that the Leopold car had not left the garage on the day of the murder.

Loeb confessed first, then Leopold. Their confessions differed only on the point of who did the actual killing, with each pointing the finger at the other. Leopold later pleaded with Loeb to admit to killing Franks but, according to Leopold, Loeb said, "Mompsie feels less terrible than she might, thinking you did it and I'm not going to take that shred of comfort away from her."

The Loeb and Leopold families hired Clarence Darrow and Benjamin Bachrach to represent the two boys. It was Darrow's decision to change the boys' initial pleas to the charges of murder and kidnapping from "not guilty" (suggesting a traditional insanity defense) to "guilty." Officially, this decision was made to prevent the state from getting two opportunities to get a death sentence. Unofficially, it was taken to prevent the prosecution from presenting evidence of of the two killers's buggery both of one another and their victim, which would have gotten them sent to the gallows for sure. Bear in mind that this was 1924. Jews were not yet immune from the law as they would become in our own time, and homosexuality was regarded with horror and simply never even spoken of.

With "not guilty" pleas, the state had planned to try the boys first on one of the two charges, both of which carried the death penalty in Illinois, and if it failed to win a hanging on the first charge, try again on the second. The guilty plea also meant that the sentencing decision would be made by a judge, not by a jury. Darrow's decision to plead the boys guilty undoubtedly was based in part on his belief that the judge who would hear their case, John R. Caverly, was a "kindly and discerning" man. Of course, the defendants being wealthy Jews and this being Chicago in the 1920s, Darrow could also have based his trust on the likelihood that the fix was in.

The problem was that rumors of sodomy had leaked out as well as the horrifying details of Bobby Franks' murder, and public opinion was seemingly unanimous in calling for death. Darrow did not want to face a jury.

The defense hoped to build its case against death around the testimony of four psychiatrists, called "alienists" at the time. The best talent psychiatric talent 1924 had to offer was sought out by both sides to examine the defendants. Even the Jewish "Father of Psychoanalysis," Sigmund Freud, was asked to come to Chicago for the trial, but his poor health at the time prevented the visit. The prosecution argued that psychiatric testimony was only admissible if the defendants claimed insanity, while the defense argued strenuously that evidence of mental disease should be considered as a mitigating factor in consideration of the sentence. In the most critical ruling of the trial, Judge Caverly decided against the state's objection, and allowed the psychiatric evidence to be introduced. This decision, which was considered then and now to be legally unsound, has always been cited as one of the warning signs that Caverly may have been bribed.

The trial (technically a hearing, rather than a trial, because of the entry of guilty pleas) of Leopold and Loeb lasted just over one month. The defense presented extensive psychiatric evidence describing the defendants' emotional immaturity, obsessions with crime and nihilistic philosophy, alcohol abuse, glandular abnormalities, and insecurities. Lay witnesses, classmates and associates of Loeb, were offered to prove his belligerence, inappropriate laughter, lack of judgment, and childishness. Other lay witness testified as to Leopold's egocentricity and argumentative nature. The state offered in rebuttal psychiatrists who saw normal emotional responses in the boys and no physical basis for a finding of mental abnormality.

On August 22, 1924, Clarence Darrow began his summation for the defense in a "courtroom jammed to suffocation, with hundreds of men and women rioting in the corridors outside." For over twelve hours Darrow babbled on and on and on. In pleading for Loeb's life Darrow argued that the Devil made him do it, or in this case, Mother Nature made him do it. "Nature is strong and she is pitiless. She works in mysterious ways, and we are her victims. We have not much to do with it ourselves. Nature takes this job in hand, and we only play our parts. In the words of old Omar Khayyam, we are only Impotent pieces in the game He plays Upon this checkerboard of nights and days, Hither and thither moves, and checks, and slays, And one by one back in the closet lays. What had this boy had to do with it? He was not his own father; he was not his own mother....All of this was handed to him. He did not surround himself with governesses and wealth. He did not make himself. And yet he is to be compelled to pay."

In pleading that Leopold be spared , Darrow said, "Tell me that you can visit the wrath of fate and chance and life and eternity upon a nineteen- year-old boy!" Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, yadda yadda yadda. The fact the Judge Caverly sat there and listened to twelve whole hours of this specious waffle is in the view of many another sign that he was bought off. No modern judge would tolerate this kind of filibuster.

Two weeks later Caverly announced his decision. He called the murder "a crime of singular atrocity." Caverly said that his "judgment cannot be affected" by the causes of crime and that it was "beyond the province of this court" to "predicate ultimate responsibility for human acts." Nonetheless, Caverly said that "the consideration of the age of the defendants" and the possible benefits to criminology that might come from future study of them persuaded him that life in prison, not death, was the better punishment. He said that he was doing them no favor: "To the offenders, particularly of the type they are, the prolonged years of confinement may well be the severest form of retribution and expiation."

Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold were moved to the Joliet penitentiary. In 1936, Loeb was slashed and killed with a razor in a shower room fight with James Day, another inmate. Leopold rushed to the prison hospital to be at his old friend's bedside as he died. Day claimed, apparently truthfully, that he was resisting Loeb's sexual advances, and he was acquitted by a jury.

In 1958, after thirty-four years of confinement, Leopold was released from prison. To escape the publicity accompanying the release of Compulsion, a movie based on the 1924 crime (and which Leopold and his lawyer, Elmer Gertz, challenged in a lawsuit as an invasion of privacy), Leopold migrated to Puerto Rico. He earned a master's degree, taught mathematics, and worked in hospitals and church missions. He wrote a book entitled The Birds of Puerto Rico. Despite saying in a 1960 interview that he was still deeply in love with Richard Loeb, he married. Leopold died following ten days of hospitalization on August 30, 1971.

In 1953, Carl Austin Hall and Bonnie Brown Heady, a pair of Gentile alcoholics, kidnapped twelve year-old Bobby Greelease and murdered him in Missouri. They were convicted after a short trial and executed in the gas chamber three weeks later. No Clarence Darrow came to their defense. But then, they weren't rich, spoiled young Jews.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dem Racist Credit Checks Be Dissin' De Brothuhs

One wonders what the blacks will find next to cry about, what excuse they will find to blame the white man for their own failings and poor character. Now they have now yet another excuse for their poor performance in life--"racist" credit checks, especially pre-employment.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that "Studies haven't found a link between poor credit and job performance, but more employers are checking, and minorities are getting squeezed. Insurers are slammed for checking, too."

(Okay, now wait for it--here comes the one individual example of alleged "discrimination." These kinds of articles generally follow a predictable pattern.)

"Lisa Bailey worked for five months at Harvard University as a temp entering donations into a database. When the university made the job a salaried position, Bailey, who is black, saw a chance to lift herself out of dead-end jobs. Bailey's superiors encouraged her to apply, she says, but turned her down after discovering her bad credit history."

(My guess, there was something else about this woman's work performance that was so bad they wanted her gone. Most large institutions jump at any chance to hire a black female in a white-collar position, since black women are affirmative action twofers.)

"Bailey, with her lawyer, has lodged a complaint against Harvard charging racial discrimination."

(My guess: there were previous threats of a lawsuit and hollering of "discrimination" if she didn't get what she wanted or if she didn't like the food in the cafeteria or whatever, so Harvard tried and failed to get rid of her without litigation. Everyone in this country is terrified of lawyers, but "Ms." Bailey may have overdone it.)

"The reason: Studies indicate that minorities are more likely to have bad credit."

(Could that be because minorities tend not to pay their bills?)

The CSM goes on to say "...Credit problems have not been shown to negatively affect job performance. Some privacy and minority advocates are now seeing credit as a civil-rights issue as minorities start to fight employers and insurers who base decisions on credit histories. Their effort could slow the near doubling in credit checks by employers in the past decade, which affects millions of Americans who are struggling with debt."

(I rather doubt that. Big Brother always grows, never backs off unless forcibly removed.)

"'It's definitely a civil-rights issue because of the growing use of credit reports and credit scores for hiring, renting an apartment, insurance and the fact that people of color have not been integrated into the credit-scoring system as much as traditional white middle-class America,' says Evan Hendricks, the author of
Credit Scores & Credit Reports: How the System Really Works, What You Can Do.

So now we have another example of horrible, wicked white racism that must be banned and repressed, along with the hated "pizza redlining" where outfits like Domino's and Pizza Hut are required to send their white delivery drivers, some of them young women students, into deadly black areas on often bogus pizza runs, with the resulting body count. It appears that once more blacks are demanding to go to the head of the line, to be able to waltz into any company they want and get any job they want without even the basic formality of a background check.

Presumably pre-employment screening will continue to be okay for whites, including those who have serious credit problems and bankruptcies due to the skyrocketing costs of medical care and a loved one who was so inconsiderate as to get sick or hurt. Those guys with their bad credit won't get the job; the black who simply maxed out his or her credit card and never made any payments gets to stroll right into employment from now on.

America. We must kill it, before it kills us.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

NPA Recommended Reading List

[Okay, this is basically just a copy of the old NF list, which in turn was a copy of the old NSWPP list, so in essence this thing is about twelve years old now and could probably use some updating. Please submit your suggestions to - HAC]

The following works have been selected because each of them has something of value to offer the Aryan reader by way of information, ideas, or instruction. This does not mean that we agree with every single word in them, or that you will. Most are written by our own people, but some are outright anti-White in content, while others contain leftist propaganda or perpetuate liberal stereotypes. Learning to read such enemy literature between the lines, to garner the truth and wisdom while scorning the lies and the malice, is in itself a skill which racial nationalists should cultivate and master.

Most of these works are available in bookstores and public libraries, although many are out of print, and you may have to hunt a bit or get them on inter-library loan. To assist you in obtaining those which are not readily available, we append a list of racial nationalist booksellers at the end of these recommendations.

A final word: inevitably, we will have left out someone's favorite book or author. The corpus of Aryan racialist literature in the English language is far more extensive than the few titles listed here, and in future we hope to publish an even more extensive list when resources permit. Remember: cliche though it may be, it is a truth that those who will not read have no advantage over those who cannot read. So turn off that damned tube and get down to the library!


A DISTANT MIRROR by Barbara Tuchman-A social history of 14th century France.
ANABASIS (The March Up Country) by Xenophon - Epic of ancient Greek courage.
BEOWULF - Ancient Saxon epic poem, full of blood and guts. Great stuff!
FIFTEEN DECISIVE BATTLES OF HISTORY by Edward Creasey - Military history.
OUR NORDIC RACE by Richard Kelly Hoskins - A good basic introduction.
POETIC EDDA- Norse epic poem.
THE CONQUEST OF GAUL by Julius Caesar - Roman method versus Celtic courage.
THE CONQUEST OF MEXICO by Thomas Prescott - 500 White men gain an empire.
THE DIARY OF BENVENUTO CELLINI - The ultimate Renaissance man. Witty and fun.
THE GUNS OF AUGUST by Barbara Tuchman - How Western civilization perished.
THE PROUD TOWER by Barbara Tuchman - Europe at its height before World War One.
THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR by High Thomas - The good guys win one, for a change.
THE STORY OF ENGLISH (McNeil/Lehrer) - The book from the PBS television series.


ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell - Classic allegory about Communist society.
BEHIND COMMUNISM by Frank L. Britton - THE basic introduction to the subject.
COMMUNIST MANIFESTO by Karl Marx and Frederich Engels.
CUBA by Jacobo Timerman - Even this lefty Jew can't say much good about Fidel.
DESTRUCTIVE GENERATION by Collier and Horowitz - Bad-mouths the 60s. A-1.
DOWN AND OUT IN PARIS AND LONDON by George Orwell - Early Communist polemic.
HARVEST OF SORROW by Robert Conquest - The Ukraine famine which killed millions.
OUT OF THE NIGHT by Jan Valtin - Story of a Communist agent in 1930s Germany.
THE GREAT TERROR by Robert Conquest - Mass murder in 1930s Russia.
THE GOD THAT FAILED Various authors, all ex-Communists. To the point.
THE RED DECADE by Eugene Lyons - First rate! Now almost impossible to find.
THE ROAD TO WIGAN PIER by George Orwell - The beginning of his disillusionment.
THE TROUBLES by Joseph Conlon - Another readable, jaundiced look at the 60s.
WITNESS by Whittaker Chambers- The best written work on American Communism.


A HISTORY OF THE JEWS by Max Dimont - Arrogant, boastful, paranoid Yiddishkeit.
ANTI-ZION compiled by William Grimstad - Hard to obtain but good.
DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE? by Richard Harwood - Good intro to Revisionism.
HOLOHOAX COMIC by Michael Hoffman - Ve haff vays of makink you laff!
JEWS MUST LIVE by Sammy Roth - Gives away a lot of their trade secrets.
THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY by Dr. Arthur Butz - Revisionist classic.
THE INTERNATIONAL JEW by Henry Ford - This one still gets the hebes gibbering.
THE JEWISH STATE by Theodor Herzl - The foundation of Zionist thought.
THE REVOLT by Menachem Begin - How the Jews seized Palestine by violence.
THE ZIONIST CONNECTION by Alfred Lilienthal - How Zionism works in practice.


FOR MY LEGIONARIES by Corneliu Codreanu - Leader of Romanian Iron Guard.
HITLER: MEMOIRS OF A CONFIDANT by Gen Otto Wegener - Good read.
HITLER: THE PATH TO POWER by Charles Bracelen Flood - Surprisingly unbiased.
IN HOC SIGNO VINCES by George Lincoln Rockwell - Superb short introduction.
MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler - The foundation of Aryan racial renewal. Essential.
MY PART IN GERMANY'S FIGHT by Dr. Joseph Goebbels - Early Kampfzeit diaries.
OTHER LOSSES by James Bacque - The murder of German POWS by Allies in WWII.
THE DESTRUCTION OF DRESDEN by David Irving - The real Holocaust, circa 1945.
THE LIGHTNING AND THE SUN by Savitri Devi - Essential work of NS thought.
THE ORDER OF THE DEATH'S HEAD by Heinz Hohne - The story of the SS.
THE YOUNG HITLER I KNEW by August Kubizek - The Fuhrer's boyhood friend.
THIS TIME THE WORLD by George Lincoln Rockwell - Very hard to obtain.
WHITE POWER by George Lincoln Rockwell - THE book for American NS.


CITIZENS by Simon Schama - The story of the French Revolution.
REFLECTIONS ON THE FRENCH REVOLUTION by Edmund Burke - Fundamental work.
SLOUCHING TOWARD GOMORRAH -by Robert Bork. Paleoconservative blast.
STALIN IN POWER by Robert Tucker - The monstrous modern master in action.
THE PETER PRINCIPLE by Lawrence Peter - Why things don't work in society.
THE PRINCE by Niccolo Machiavelli - The basic textbook on the subject.
THE SHADOWS OF POWER by James Perloff - Good, basic intro to CFR/Trilaterals.
WAR CYCLES, PEACE CYCLES by Richard K. Hoskins - Politics, economics, and


AMERICA'S DECLINE by Dr. Revilo Oliver - The greatest post-war Aryan polemicist.
CONSPIRACY OR DEGENERACY? by Dr. Revilo Oliver - His famous 1966 speech.
IMPERIUM by Francis Parker Yockey - An essential cornerstone of our cause.
PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS by Jared Taylor - Affirmative action analysis.
RACE, EVOLUTION AND BEHAVIOR by Dr. J. Phillippe Rushton. Recent work.
RACE AND REASON by Carleton Putnam - Academic but definitive and convincing.
RACE AND REALITY by Carleton Putnam - Sequel to above work, equally good.
REPUBLIC by Plato - Often called the earliest surviving work of Fascist theory.
THE BIOLOGY OF THE RACE PROBLEM by Wesley George - Comes well recommended.
THE DECLINE OF THE WEST by Oswald Spengler - Heavily influenced the Fuhrer.
THE DISPOSSESSED MAJORITY by Wilmot Robertson - Excellent intro to race issue.
THE ETHNOSTATE by Wilmot Robertson - The author's latest update to the above.

THE SEVEN PILLARS OF WISDOM by T. E. Lawrence - Part history, part philosophy.
WHICH WAY WESTERN MAN? by William Gayley Simpson - Profound and powerful.


GUERRILLA WARFARE by Che Guevara - Valuable manual for advanced study.
HUNTER by William L. Pierce - How to manual disguised as fiction.
150 QUESTIONS FOR A GUERRILLA by Gen. Alberto Bayo - Castro's guerrilla trainer.
SOLDIER FOR THE ARABS by Sir John Glubb - "Glubb Pasha" beat Zionists in 1948.
THE ANARCHIST'S COOKBOOK - Blow up a bridge and then blow your mind.
THE POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND by Kurt Saxon - A little more practical than most.
THE TRUE BELIEVER by Eric Hoffer - Revolutionary psychology handbook.
THE TURNER DIARIES by William L. Pierce - How-to manual disguised as fiction.

TOTAL RESISTANCE by Major Dach von Bern. Swiss Army guerrilla manual.


A FOOL'S ERRAND by Albion Tourgee - A carpetbagger's butt is kicked by the Klan.
AGAINST THE BARBARIANS by M. E. Bradford - Southern nationalist essays.
I'LL TAKE MY STAND - Southern agrarian authors speak out on their Folk.
THE CLANSMAN by Thomas Dixon - The book on which "Birth Of A Nation" was based.
THE CASE FOR THE SOUTH by W. J. Workman - 1960 Nationalist work. A-1.
THE IMPENDING CRISIS IN THE SOUTH by Hinton Rowan Helper - 1856 warning cry.
THE TRAGIC ERA by Claude Bowers - The best book ever written on Reconstruction.
TOMBEE - The diary of an antebellum planter in South Carolina.


A CANDIDATE FOR THE ORDER by Michael Hoffman II - Ripping good read. Get it.
ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand - Libertarian cult novel still drives Reds ballistic.
BARD by Morgan Llewellyn - Fictional history of Bronze Age Ireland.
BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley - Futuristic novel of PC gone berserk.
DARKNESS AT NOON by Arthur Koestler - A novel of Stalin's bloody purges.
IMPERIAL GOVERNOR by George Shipway - Ripping good tale of Roman Britain.
KNIGHT IN ANARCHY by George Shipway - Medieval swashbuckler. Very good.
RED BRANCH by Morgan Llewellyn - The story of Cuchulain of Ulster. Mystical.
SIR NIGEL by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Another superb medieval swashbuckler.
STARKADDER by Leonard Pauling - Nordic mysticism at its most weird and bloody.
THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS by Jean Raspail - Prophetic tale of mass mud immigration.
THE DARK ANGEL by Mika Waltari - Medieval historical. Depressing but good.
THE IRON HEEL by Jack London - "Third Position" cult novel. Dated but good.
THE KINGS IN WINTER by Celia Holland - Medieval Ireland novel.
THE PALADIN and THE WOLF TIME by George Shipway - Superb medieval series.
THE SCOTTISH CHIEFS by Jane Porter- Good Braveheart-style swashbuckling.
THE VIKING by Edison Marshall - The ultimate Viking novel! Five stars!*****
THE WHITE COMPANY by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Sequel to Sir Nigel.
WARRIOR IN BRONZE and KING IN SPLENDOUR by George Shipway - Trojan War. A-1.


1984 by George Orwell - If writers may be gifted with prophecy, Orwell had it. This book is absolutely essential to understanding the world we live in today---the abuse of language in the name of "political correctness", the attempt to criminalize thought, the demand of complete, lockstep conformity with Big Brother. Read!

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess - The sparkling quasi-Russian slang alone makes this a joy to read, but beyond that we are once again confronted with an establishment attempt to penalize difference and enforce conformity, in this case through the use of biochemical behavior modification. The character of Alex is a shining monument to that irrepressible spirit of human depravity which can never be vanquished, his ultimate fate a triumph of man's unconquerable will to destroy.

THE COMPLETE SHERLOCK HOLMES STORIES by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Not only enjoyable as detective stories, but for the glimpse they offer into the late Victorian era which I personally believe to have been Aryan man's pinnacleof achievement.

SELECTED WORKS OF BOOTH TARKINGTON - I can hear some of you now, saying "huh?" But I read Tarkington for relaxation, schmaltzy stuff like the Penrod series and Seventeen. I enjoy it because for a very brief time, I can return to a sane, stable, White America of peace and order and normal human relationships not based on psychopolitical power games, political correctness, "diversity", the desperate scramble for money, or deviate sexual acts. We've pretty much forgotten what such a world is like, I'm afraid. It helps to go back every now and then.

SELECTED WORKS OF H. P. LOVECRAFT - An Aryan fantaisist and a genuine mystic, in my view second only to Edgar Allan Poe. Liberal revisionists have desperately tried to "clean up" Lovecraft's open Aryan racialism in the years since his death in 1937, but it ain't gonna fly. Lovecraft was one of us, all right.

SELECTED WORKS OF H. L. MENCKEN - Another one of our people's forgotten literary heroes and philosophers. Sometimes called "the Will Rogers of Fascism".

COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - No comment necessary, forsooth.