Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The One Percenters

[More Classic HAC, this one from RESISTANCE #85, August 19th, 1996]

Those with a religious approach to the world's racial problem have long contended that AIDS is God's way of taking action against large numbers of sexual perverts and non-Whites whose continued existence is incompatible with any kind of stable or livable society. Non-religious racial nationalists can plausibly make the same claim, except they substitute the word "Nature" for God. Whatever you want to call the Force, there have always been certain indications that AIDS is a highly selective disease. Let's be quite frank: with a statistically insignificant number of truly tragic, innocent exceptions like Ryan White and Kimberly Bergalis, AIDS doesn't kill off anybody we can't do without.

Now science has made a discovery which offers further food for thought. The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York, ironically a Jewish-run institute, has discovered a new human gene they call CCR5. Although little understood as yet, CCR5 apparently has two interesting characteristics. It renders the fortunate possessor naturally immune to the HIV virus, and it is found only in people of Aryan racial descent. Not blacks. Not Asians. Apparently not even Jews, given coded references in the study to "persons of northern European heritage."

CCR5 is a key gene in the construction of the human immune system, and it is actually a mutated gene which does not produce a series of proteins which is the main "docking point" for the AIDS virus. The scientists estimate that about one in a hundred, or one percent of White people have two copies of this special gene in heir makeup, one each from their mother and father. An additional twenty percent have one copy, making it possible for them to pass the immunity on to their children, presuming of course they marry other White people.

As most of you know, I generally turn flips to avoid discussing anything resembling theology, but this is simply too fascinating a development not to speculate on. A special mutated gene which will allow one percent of all Aryans to survive this growing plague which is felling our racial enemies the world over by the millions? The medical establishment is trying to cook the statistics, but it is now obvious that Africa, the Caribbean basin and the black population in this country are headed for an AIDS death rate in the 21st century so massive that it may check or even reverse their present explosive, exponential birth rate. In fact, unless they change their behavior (fat chance!) it could wipe them out altogether.

Where did this special gene come from? Why did it decide to mutate just now? Could it be that Someone Up There wants to make sure that at least a few Aryans survive the (small "h") holocaust to repopulate the earth as it should be populated?

I can live with that.


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