Thursday, August 16, 2007

Method In Jug-Ears' Madness?

Okay, I think I have finally figured out what Jug-Ears is doing vis-a-vis Iran and the projected "mega-terror attack."

Jug knows there is a kind of minimum time frame for impeachment, either against himself or against the flabby-faced monster Cheney. Say, what? Three months? He's got even more time, of course, if Congress suddenly find their balls and try to take out Cheney first. But if they try to take both madmen down at once, there's still a lag of about three months.

Let's assume the planned "mega terror attack" that will allow Bush and Cheney to cancel the 2008 elections and rule by decree is scheduled for, say, September of 2008. That sounds about right, eh? And there's a three-month time lag on impeachment. The House has to draw up the charges, send them to the Senate, etc. It took about three months with Billyboy, if memory serves.

Okay, that means that in my view, the attack on Iran will in fact be held off until, say, May or June of 2008, so basically even if Congress hasn't been whipped down into a pile of wet and wobbly dog poop by then, they won't have time to impeach the two assholes, since in theory they'll be leaving office soon. Of course, then the "mega-attack" will come and Bush will just be forced--very much against his will and with a heavy heart, of course--to cancel those pesky elections.

Well, looking on the bright side, that's probably the only way to save this country from Hillary. Other than the way we can't talk about, of course.


Blogger ANZIO said...

hey my friend how smart you are you are right ontop of things regarding this upcoming iran war campaign

notice how bushy is testing the waters with the statements that have been released suggesting a more aggresive tact toward iran like the iran revo-guards as terrorists and 'we gotta attack iran' from bolton

but lets keep in mind all of this is happening as the so called 'necons' edge closer and closer to an iran war

and remember who makes up the neocons: jews, each and every damn one of them, and so who is behind the scene pulling the strings: the jewlobby from zionland

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Red Warthan said...

You're not kidding, Harold. We'd better kill America, because otherwise America will damned sure kill us.

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds too much like the plot to star wars episode 3. Nothng will happen and their will be a new asshole in office to complain about.

12:20 PM  

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