Friday, August 10, 2007

In Response To A Smartass

In response to yon smartass heckler:

There is a reason for everything I post here; every item has something to do with my central theme, which is that in some modern form or other, we need to set up the guillotine again and make Amurrica sweat blood. Their blood, for a change, not ours. The Jews, the neocons, the Late Great Planet Earthers, the cable TV talking heads, the cursed ghouls in their black robes, the lawyers with their briefcases, the soulless men in business suits who rule us--these have slaughtered enough children with their bombs and their laws and their greed and their hubris. It is time the world saw some of their red, red krovvy, as my old droog Alex would say.

I try to avoid re-posting stuff by other writers here, but some of them, such as Paul Craig Roberts on a frequent basis, are just so damned good, so spot on the money, that I think it's important that certain of their works get maximum readership.

I also occasionally post short, pithy single sentences or paragraphs such as the previous Serbian proverb. This is done to provide contrast to a previous series of exceptionally long pieces. Yes, I know I have a tendency to drone on and on sometimes, and that occasionally needs to be broken up for aesthetic reasons with a quick bullet. If I was just being lazy, believe me, I have enough of my own raves in the archives so I could re-post something old every day for years if I wanted to, and probably keep you guys almost as well entertained.

I will be happy to provide any number of sparkling, brand new blog posts every day, if some rich man out there wants to pay me piece-work rates per post. Until then, it's a free service and it keeps you entertained, which is all 99% of Movement people are interested in anyway, so quitcher bellyachin'.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harold, I think he was only joking with you. If someone does not like what you post well thats too bad. It's your blog do as you wish.

1:11 PM  
Blogger The Old Man said...

[Chuckle] I know. But it is kind of a semi-legitimate complaint, so I figured I'd explain a little about my posting philosophy.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harold, is there any way possible you could do a post on Orania in South Africa or anything to get the message across about the genocide against the White South Africans ? Us Boers adore your website and hope to bring as many Afrikaners to the homeland in the Northwestern Region !

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Redbeard said...

I like the little proverbs and quotes.

They are good to use as counterpoint when the stupid begin to parrot their own mixed up proverbs.

11:38 AM  

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