Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Idaho's Top Anti-Racist Busted As Child Molestor

[More Classic HAC, from RESISTANCE #86, August 26th, 1997]

There's an old Latin proverb, "Qui custode ipsos custodes?" Who guards the guardians?

So who's monitoring the monitors? You know,all those arrogant neo-Marxist trash who claim to be so morally superior to ordinary mortals that they have the right to engage in illegal and unconstitutional surveillance, spying, harassment and slander against any White American who dares to disagree with their agenda? People like Morris Dees, Lenny Zeskind, Bill Wassmuth, and all the lesser lights in what has become a lucrative industry and a valuable unofficial auxiliary service to the Federal government?

One of ex-Father Bill Wassmuth's cronies, a man named Bob Melon Brown, is head of the Kootenai County, Idaho Human Rights task force, the people who harass the Aryan Nations on a regular basis and issue regular press statements denouncing "racial hatred" which the media lap up. Brown is also chairman of the Kootenai County Democratic Club and a close personal friend of Kootenai County Prosecutor Bill Douglas.

Finally, Mr. Brown is a bugger boy who likes them young. He has been arrested and charged with raping a thirteen year-old boy in Hayden. His buddy D.A. Douglas is most embarrassed. He had to excuse himself from the case and a special prosecutor from out of town had to be appointed by the Idaho Attorney General because of Brown's close links with the Democratic machine. The power Brown wields was demonstrated when he admitted the crime in his preliminary hearing in May and was promptly released by the judge on his own recognizance. The case has since dropped out of sight; not a peep in the local media.

Brown took over the lefty scene in Coeur d'Alene when Bill Wassmuth, a Catholic priest who was defrocked for sexual indiscretions of his own, left the area some years ago in search of greener pastures and corporate donations to his now Seattle-based Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment, the "monitoring group" with the biggest franchise in the Northwest.

As we have pointed out in past issues of Resistance, Wassmuth's published list of donors includes such multinationals as Weyerhauser, Boise Cascade, U.S. Bank and the USWest communications giant, none of them noted as especially environmentally friendly. Presumably some of their CEOs have figured out that if all the unwashed lefty scum and Sixties retreads in the Northwest are standing on some dirt road waving signs and shrieking at the Aryan Nations and Skinheads, they have a lot less time to scream and yell and interfere with logging and manufacturing and toxic waste disposal.

Next time you see or hear one of these "monitoring groups" badmouthing Whites in the media, ask yourself who's child they're molesting.


Anonymous Red Warthan said...

I thought it was an accepted fact that "anti-racists" were faggots? Pretty much anyone who opposes us is fag.

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