Friday, August 24, 2007

The Evil People Who Rule Us

You know, I get accused sometimes of being paranoid when I say that Bush and his little Jewish neo-con friends are planning on staging some kind of mega-terrorist "incident" and canceling the 2008 elections, so the neocons don't have to hand over power and Bush and Cheney and Condi and the whole neocon crew don't run the risk of ending up facing trial before a special Nuremberg-style tribunal for their crimes against humanity.

"Oh, no," the scoffers tell me, "No President, however wicked, would do such a thing!" (Cancel the elections, they mean. I think we all know in our heart of hearts Bush and Cheney and their little Jewish friends are quite capable of staging something like 9/11 once, and they're quite capable of doing it again.)

Really? Who is going to stop Bush if he does decide he doesn't feel like leaving office in 2009? Really now, who? Congress? Oh, come on now! The military? Bush has purged every officer who has questioned his increasingly deranged war strategy, and the Army is now commanded by yes-men and flunkies like this Petraeus character. (We can assume he is a yes-man and a flunky because Charles Krauthammer likes him.) The media? The media let this jackanape and his little Jewish friends lie us into one war and now they're swallowing all this horse shit about Iran being responsible for everything from sunspots to the Great Chicago Fire, swallowing it wholesale and regurgitating it on us. The "people?" They're too busy watching Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan to give a damn about anything else.

It's inevitable, you know. It may not be so with Bush, but I'll bet you dollars to donuts that if Bush decides to let Hillary take her turn, come 2016 she will damned sure find some excuse to declare herself Queen for Life. Or if not her, eventually it will happen. Some President will find that he likes that Oval Office and decide when his eight years is up that he ain't goin' nowhere. This is how republics fall and become transmogrified into military empires, a process which is taking place right before our eyes.

You know, I almost hope Bush does find some way to stay in and screw Hillary out of her turn. God, can you imagine what eight years of that Sea Hag will be like? At long last, she will have the power she has craved all her life, and by the time she marches into that Oval Office she will be insane with hatred against everyone who ever criticized her, impeded her, or crossed her in any way.

George W. Bush succeeded in something I never would have thought possible--he actually made Bill Clinton look at least tolerable as a president. Hillary Clinton might achieve something no one could think possible. She might make us look back on the years of Jug-Ears with nostalgia.


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