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The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Honky

[Some Classic HAC for you from 2004]

...Basically, the "Movement" as most call it, or the Racially Conscious Community as I call it, operates under certain guidelines governing the behavior and interrelationships between Fearless Leader and supporter, and Fearless Leader and external forces, i. e. the government. (I prefer the term Racially Conscious Community because "Movement" implies concerted motion in a specific direction, which does not exist anywhere in our subculture with the exception of Northwest Migration.)

We do not like acknowledging these rules. We try to pretend that they don't exist, and one of the reasons Harold Covington catches so much flak is that he discusses them in public. (If Tom Metzger and Bob Dole can refer to themselves in the third person, then so can Harold Covington.)

These Protocols pretty much apply to all racial nationalist endeavors--Klan, militia, intellectual racist, Christian Identity, Hollywood Nazi, closet Nazi, what have you. The one exception to the Protocols is Skinhead, which has wandered away from its origins and mutated into an urban gang culture, and now operates under those anthropological canons.

The following is how the White "Movement" works in actual practice.


Section One: The Problem

PROTOCOL I. -The spiritual cause of the crisis of civilization which threatens the existence of the white race is not the Jews, blacks, mestizos, the Federal Reserve, the Bilderbergers, or whatever. These people are a problem only because the White male allows them to be. The true crisis of world civilization is the spiritual degeneration and degradation of the White male character.

PROTOCOL II. - The Racially Conscious Community will go to any lengths necessary to avoid confronting the character issue and dealing with its implications, because to do so would mean changing our behavior, and this we absolutely refuse to do.

PROTOCOL III. - The proximate, immediate physical threat to the continued existence of the white race and Western civilization is the Federal government of the United States.

PROTOCOL IV. - The present order is completely irredeemable and cannot be changed from within or by any legal, peaceful means. The only way in which the threat posed by the Federal government of the United States to the continued existence of the White race and Western civilization may be removed, is through the destruction of that government through force of arms and the punishment of its active participants for their crimes against humanity.

PROTOCOL V. - Every member of the Racially Conscious Community, without exception, understands this and is aware of the truth of Protocol IV. With only one exception, myself, no one at all is willing to say so in public.

I acknowledge that there is some danger in doing so; it is even possible that I may be arrested myself for daring to write the previous paragraphs. I am simply stating an easily observable historic and political fact of life, but since 9/11 government paranoia has been running very high and who knows nowadays? I may hear the knock on my door tomorrow. Bill White may be able to get away with posting a direct threat to the life of President Bush on his web site, but I'm not Bill White.

If there is to be any hope at all, we must make a complete, fearless, and brutally honest moral inventory of ourselves. The situation is simply too vitally urgent now for us to continue to evade unpalatable truths out of fear or moral laziness.

PROTOCOL VI. - No one in the Racially Conscious Community is willing even to consider taking any direct physical action against the government. This will not change in any foreseeable future. Life is simply too sweet for the White male of today. As bad as things are, there is simply too much pleasure yet to be had. There is simply too much variety and tasty junk food and alcohol and consumer toys still out there, to be wallowed in and enjoyed. Not one single man among us feels sufficiently strongly about what he professes to believe to place himself at risk, or to give up his personal pleasures for the common good.

PROTOCOL VII. - The world at large, including the government, is aware of the truth of Protocol VI and accordingly holds us in great contempt. We deserve this contempt.

Section Two: The Fearless Leader As Shaman

PROTOCOL VIII. - The role of the Fearless Leader within the RCC is to provide a spiritual service, by publicly articulating and speaking aloud what the overwhelming majority of White people in this country actually feel about racial minorities, homosexuals, and the government, but which they are afraid to say themselves.

Fearless Leadership is a form of priestcraft or shamanism. The Fearless Leader is a kind of "sin-eater" who purges the White male member of the RCC of his deserved feelings of self-loathing and contempt. Racially conscious White people are what the Irish call whiskey priests. We know what is right, we just don't do it. The Fearless Leader gives us a kind of absolution by allowing the White male to salve his conscience through small inconsequential acts like posting an e-mail to a bulletin board, or littering lawns with leaflets at night, and of course through small donations of cash which do not seriously incommode the White male or interfere with his pleasures or his play.

This is an extension of the Christian idea that racial salvation, like personal salvation, can be had through good works and charity alone, and that the hard and painful self-evaluation and spiritual transformation of the White male, which alone will actually save us, is therefore not really necessary. This idea is completely false, and if not corrected will lead to the destruction of the White race and all we have created on earth.

In point of fact, only the voluntary renunciation of material things, consumerism, and the pleasures of private life will save us. White revolution and White survival can never be accomplished within the parameters of the American middle-class consumer society. We can never defeat the Jews while they hold us hostage through our love of possessions. The RCC has fought tooth and nail against this truth for three generations and continues to do so. Someone like Harold Covington who speaks of spiritual transformation and the renunciation of the material world of the Jew is damn near lynched.

The Fearless Leader makes the racially conscious White male feel good about himself, without actually doing anything to harm the enemy or help the White race and thus incurring risk or inconvenience. So long as the Feelgood Factor is there, who can really tell the difference where it comes from, and who cares anyway? Feelgood is feelgood, and American spiritual palates can't tell the difference between the Fearless Leader's Thunderbird and the fine aged cognac of true participation in revolutionary change.

But you will notice here one of the Fearless Leader's trademarks. At no point in his activities is the Jewish establishment or the Federal government's hold on power actually threatened, and at no point are any individuals within the power structure even mildly annoyed. The entire Fearless Leader-White male dynamic takes place within a sanitized bubble. Any attempt to break out of the bubble and cause annoyance to the actual enemy is met with swift and ferocious punishment from ZOG.

With the brief exception of The Order, at no point at all in the past fifty years, until the appearance of Northwest Migration on the political landscape, has there ever been any serious attempt on our part to bring about actual political, social, or racial change.

PROTOCOL IX. - The Fearless Leader proffers us a false coin: the idea of risk-free revolution.

A Fearless Leader (a good one, anyway) earns his living by convincing White people of the Racially Conscious Community that they can play without paying; that somehow it is possible to save the White race without any painful self-evaluation, without any spiritual transformation, without dealing with any uncomfortable character issues or facing up to any unpalatable truths, and above all without any renunciation of air conditioning, color TV and consumer toys.

It is impossible to overstate how lethally dangerous this idea is to the continued existence of the White race. The Fearless Leader convinces White people that they can in fact enjoy the thrills, chills, and spills of the game without putting anything on the table. His message is that there can be gain without pain. This is the very quintessence of the Middle American way: the perpetual search for the quick fix, the quest to get something for nothing, the demand for immediate gratification of all desires without effort. The Fearless Leader is accordingly loved and admired for it.

Harold Covington, on the other hand, shouts at people and makes them feel bad about themselves by demanding that they actually do things that are terribly inconvenient. He provides no spiritual healing, no Feelgood Factor. HAC speaks of spiritual transformation and has weird, archaic ideas, like this silly notion that gambling away donation money is wrong, and other such anachronisms. He is accordingly stoned on sight.

PROTOCOL X. - No one really believes that it is possible to bring about genuine change and to save the White race from extinction, since we all know what would be required--a successful armed overthrow of the United States government--and none of us has the character or courage to do this.

Ergo, the "Movement" is actually just a form of protest, a kind of hobby one dabbles in to while away the long, sad years while waiting for death. The "Movement" is more or less a kind of entertainment, and Fearless Leaders are in the entertainment industry.

PROTOCOL XI. - Protocol X creates a vicious cycle of self-fulfilling prophecy. Because no one really believes victory is possible, almost no one supports RCC activities at the kind of 110% levels necessary to win.

We are a "Movement" of half-steppers. Financial donations are almost always of a token, hobbyist kind, and in fact a good many racially conscious White males spend far more on actual hobbies than they do on racial politics. The phenomenon of the guy who sends a $10 check to a racial grouplet while he's got $10,000 worth of Civil War re-enactment equipment and costumes in his closet and a $30,000 SUV in his driveway is entirely too common. [There are a tiny number of exceptions, and they are duly noted and gratefully acknowledged. - HAC]

Personal participation in the Racially Conscious Community generally stops at the point where it becomes necessary to step out from behind the computer, or in some other way become identified as someone who thinks politically incorrect thoughts. At a recent pull-out-all-the-stops, everybody-get-your-pale-butt-there "Aryan Fest" organized months in advance by Billy Roper on a nationwide basis, all of 350 people showed up, of whom we can assume at least 50 were government agents, spies for Morris Dees, or undercover reporters. Almost all the rest were Skinheads and their hangers-on in search of free beer and a free concert. The average wedding reception draws more people than the biggest White racial events.

Racial idealism ends where personal inconvenience begins...because after all, it's just a hobby, and what kind of fool gets himself jammed up over a mere hobby, right? I mean, it's not as if anything is ever going to come of all this, right?

This attitude is arguably the greatest single reason why we lose, and will continue to lose, until such time as there is a complete spiritual transformation of the White male.

Section Three - Northwest Migration

PROTOCOL XII. - There is now no way, none at all, that we or anyone else will ever recover the entire United States of America and restore it to any semblance of what it was a hundred years ago.

Every single person reading these lines knows perfectly well that this is true, whether they admit it or not. The racial contamination and collapse have simply gone too far, and there are simply too many mud people now resident on the North American continent. Even if we were somehow to acquire some kind of paramilitary deterrent and the ability to use it, it would be physically impossible to kill them all or remove them by force. Everyone reading these lines knows perfectly well that this is true.

There is no alternative plan to Northwest Migration, none at all, and it is now clear that there will be none forthcoming.

PROTOCOL XIII. - The Northwest Migration is completely unique within the so-called "Movement".

For the first time since the days of Commander Rockwell's ANP, there is a true movement that involves both political and physical forward motion towards a specific, defined and quantifiable goal. For the first time since Rockwell's days, there is a movement within the Racially Conscious Community that is centered around a legal, defining act as opposed to the generation of nothing but words.

The Northwest Migration is deed-based as opposed to word-based. It is predicated around something that racially aware white people do, rather than something they say. This is true of no other tendency or faction in the RCC.

PROTOCOL XIV. - Northwest Migration is doable.

Northwest Migration seeks to bring about actual, physical, demographic change for the betterment of White people in a designated area of the North American continent which has been reduced to manageable proportions.

Northwest Migration is legal.

Northwest Migration is easily within the financial capacity of virtually every self-proclaimed racialist in America, given a couple of years or less of serious and methodical preparation.

Northwest Migration is in the personal best interest of White people because once the basic hurdles of finding a home and a job are overcome, the Homeland is one of the best remaining places in the world for White people to live, and will probably be the last part of the continent which in any way resembles what normal people think of as America. In view of the aging White population, it is one of the few places where there is at least some chance that our old age will not be unmitigated hell.


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