Thursday, July 26, 2007

Do We Dare Talk About Global Warming?

Over the past few years, something potentially unhealthy has made its appearance in White Nationalist discussion, such as there is any. We seem to have latched on to the idea that just because left-wing hippy-dippy tree-huggers come up with an idea, it just HAS to be wrong and bad for the white man. Well, yeah, in most cases, the mess these weirdos come up with is pretty far out. But I am going to go way out on a limb here. Sorry, guys, but I think there really is something to global warming.

I think so for two reasons. The first is that you can jolly well feel the warming in North Carolina, over a period of forty years. I go by Halloween. When I was a child, I remember I always had to wear a jacket and a woolly hat on Halloween day. Nowadays, I have to run the air conditioning on October 31st.

You used to be able to grow water-intensive fruit like watermelons and canteloups and peaches in the Rio Grande Valley. Now all of the southern half of Texas is virtually unlivable for five months out of the year; it's turning into a baking, oven-like desert so hot it's even driving the Mexicans north.

Secondly--I'm sorry, guys, but the scientific evidence for global warming is just piling up a bit too high now. No, it's not just some brief climactic fluctuation. No, it's not some mysterious process that we don't understand and we "need more data to draw any conclusions"; ask the people who sweltered through this murderous summer in New York and Texas whether we need any more damned data. Even the tame science wonks hired by the oil companies to throw smoke in the public's eyes for the past twenty years are starting to throw in the towel and fall silent now.

Let's face it, guys, those damned oil companies run by the soulless businessmen in silk suits have screwed us yet again. Not only do they put drunken morons in the White House, along with neocons who start pointless wars, but they keep trying to get us to buy huge gas-guzzling SUV tanks that we don't need, and they refuse to expend even a fraction of their obscene profits on developing any alternative sources of fuel at all.

Never mind such dodgey propositions as wind and solar power--methane and alcohol would do the trick nicely, and they can be manufactured right here in the good old U. S. of A., without our having to invade and conquer anybody to steal their defecating pigs, which is the best source of methane.

The racial effects of global warming are already starting to show, as more and more muds are being driven out of the baking southern areas of the continent seeking the cooler northern areas, i.e. the areas of North America which are still predominantly white. And don't even get me started on what's going to happen when Peak Oil hits and people can no longer run their air conditioners or heaters. Guys, we'd really, really better get our act together and do something about this, because right now, the rest of this century is a future no one in his right mind wants to contemplate.


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