Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The White Holocaust Memorial

Okay, people listen up: I have had a brainstorm. I have finally figured out something that we can all do, and we can do it from a seated position, which is the White man's favorite (and pretty much only) position these days. You don't have to send any of your precious beer money to me or anyone else. You don't have to incur any personal risk or inconvenience. You don't have to reveal your identities; you can continue to hide. In short, this idea is uniquely suited to our so-called "Movement."

It will require only a small number of people whose computer skills are better than my own, and a larger number of people who are willing to do what "White Nationalists" do best--hunt down black and Mexican crime and atrocity stories on the internet telling us all how bad things are, as if we didn't know, and e-mail them to others.

And--here's the kicker--this might actually have a very serious propaganda effect on the American public at large, if we can somehow manage to do it and not just tap tap tap to one another on our computers about doing it.

Here is the concept: a White Holocaust Memorial website on the internet. One big, huge website wherein there are lists, endless list after list, of White people who have been murdered, raped, tortured, brutalized, and degraded by black and Hispanic and other non-White beasts, going all the way back to 1954. I envision, eventually, a kind of central archive, a mass list, that will begin the gargantuan historical task of quantifying all the bloodshed, the grief, and the suffering that racial integration and "diversity" and "multiculturalism" have inflicted on the white population of the Western world since 1954, the year of Brown vs. Board of Education. I would like eventually to see a list of thousands and thousands of names, dates, and where possible photographs of the victims, along with a brief paragraph describing what happened to the victim and the race of the attackers, etc.

This will not be so much an NPA project as it will be a group effort on the part of the entire White Nationalist internet community. I don't care if my own name appears anywhere on the site.

I will need at least a couple of volunteer webmasters who know computers inside and out, who know HTML like a second language, who have some experience constructing web sites, who have access to reliable server space, and who are sufficiently dedicated to be willing to devote some time and effort to this project, and not just lose interest after a couple of weeks and wander off, like we normally do. Whoever volunteers, please--don't do it if you're not going to be able to crack that short Amurrican attention span and stay focused. This will be a long-term thing, maybe even a lifetime thing, who knows?

This is do-able, people, even with the slim to non-existent resources at our command. As with so much, it's not a question of whether we can do this. It's a question of whether we will do it, or whether we just can't be bothered because the Simpsons is on tonight.


Blogger Emerld said...

This from MSNBC today.

Black teen convicted in beating of white student 17-year-old among six accused of attacking classmate at Louisiana school

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea. Thanks to the news media's complicity in hiding black attrocities agains white people most whites have been brainwashed into thinking that the victims of racism are blacks, not whites. When we make them recognize the animals in our midst they may decide to toughen up and defend themselves.

I always travel armed and make it a point to never back down to a black person. Consequently I'm never harrased. I wish you luck with your project and only wish I knew computers well enough to help out.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sieg heil, niggas!

6:40 AM  

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