Saturday, June 09, 2007

Is There Method In This Madness?

Paris Hilton. Lindsay Lohan. Anna Nicole Smith. American Idol. Nancy Grace. Drugged-up trigger-happy shiksa-plugging Jew Phil Spector. Yadda yadda yadda.

Serious suggestion: is it really beyond the realm of possibility that there is some kind of conspiracy going on between Jug-Ears and his little Jewish neocon friends on the one hand, and the tame news media on the other? A conspiracy to distract Amurrica's moronic millions from the multiple disasters about to overtake our lives?

According to reliable reports from foreign news sources (the only reliable ones) the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney, is now conspiring with the government of a foreign power, Israel, to launch an unprovoked and possibly nuclear attack on Iran, deliberately bypassing the office of our drunken and confused President while doing so. In any sane society, Dick Cheney's behavior would be called treason, not to mention conspiracy to commit mass murder. We do nothing. Why? Because no one knows it's happening.

Why isn't this story screaming out of every headline in the country, every day? Why are we glued to the toob watching Paris Hilton being dragged kicking and screaming into the clink while the millions of pervs among us are imagining revolting lesbian jailhouse scenarios and the news media are inching as close as they dare to that very thing?

The drunken little Mini-Me in the White House and his little Jewish friends have managed to lose us another war. Once more, the Mighty Buzzcut Jar-Heads and Mickey Mousers with nothing but Pat Robertson and pork fat between their ears have had their OD green, red-white-and-blue asses most righteously WHUPPED by little barefoot brown men with nothing but holes in their trousers and an AK-47 in their hands. Hadji Reb is wiping his ass with the Amurrican flag in the deserts of Iraq, and everybody in the world outside the tame American media seems to know it. So why isn't this disaster in Iraq being clinically and dispassionately skewered by every talking head on television? Why are the moronic millions glued to American Idol?

10% of the adult population of Mexico is now in this country, plus God alone knows how many millions of other Third World mud people. We are a nation that tolerates mass lawbreaking and the destruction of our own children and our own future in the name of profit. The so-called "Immigration Reform Bill" has failed largely out of the personal hatred that many of the yea-saying leeches in Congress bear for Jug-Ears and his little Jewish friends, not out of any love of America or concern for the future. It will be back. Capitalism will have its endless supply of cheap brown-skinned labor, and to hell with everyone else.
Why is the whole issue of illegal immigration and the terrible destruction it is wreaking not being homed in on like a Cruise missile by the media? Instead we get a little boo-hoo-hoo schmaltz about poor Juan and Rosalita and how hard they've got it, then we get ten tons of Lindsay Lohan and Anna Nicole Smith dumped on us.

The imbeciles who run this poison planet are about to completely lose control and let the whole great unearthly zoo slide into the volcano, and we're watching Mind of Mencia and Family Guy. Any possibility that the masses of people who are being taken along for this death ride might wake up and begin a mass slaughter of Jews, politicians, Mexicans, and lawyers--the only thing which might possibly save America in some recognizable form--is being lost because we're all to busy listening to Glenn Beck babble and watching all eight of Nancy Grace's chins wobble.

Is it really so impossible to conceive that all of this horse shit on the media might be a deliberate plot to distract us from our impening doom at the hands of Jews and tub-thumping fundamentalist Christian jackasses who think we have to have a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East in order to make Jebus come back?


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