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What Is Justice?

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What Is Justice?
by Alex Curtis

21 Jan 2000

How about some contributions to the confused and undeniably perverse modern concept of "justice"? Here are only a recent few:

1. Jigs, who commit 90% of the violent interracial crimes in America, represent only some 1% of those charged with racial hate crimes. Odd.

2. The Jew Raul Hilberg, who almost single-handedly popularized and created the Holocaust Shoah Business and international gangster racketeering, is said to tell associates he can no longer defend the six million fiction (and is said to now believe no more than 3.5 million Jews died from all causes in World War II)... and is then told he will be labeled a Nazi if he repeats these sincerely-held beliefs publicly!

3. A group of Yewish lawyers has suggested the way to go in terms of the future worldwide administration of justice for racists would be for the slightest infraction "with racist intent" (down to and including "racially threatening littering") to be greeted with life sentences, "revisited" after the first year of prison and each year thereafter to see if release and a lifetime on parole is warranted (i.e., if the prisoner shows him or herself willing to eat a string of Jewish shit in public while grinning like a nigger). Only racist offenders over age 10 would be subject to such strictures needed to protect society, of course! The fact that such a society would deserve to be regularly bombed in public places is not mentioned.

4. Related to this is the prounouncement by a group of Jewish doctors that "drugs are the best treatment for defiant white youth... Every classroom has at least one: the boy who torments his (colored or fag) neighbor...with outward displays of troublemaking which betray powerful inner turmoil caused by dervish-like minds that won't rest, concentrate or conform to (the Jewish New World) order." However, "carefully administered courses of drugs such as Ritalin can greatly improve such social skills as interactions with minorities, queer students, and others...These kids lose valuable time, and their personality gets distorted. Any delay makes it ever more difficult" (to prepare them for total obedience to every Jew for the rest of their sorry-as-shit unnatural lives).
5. Martin Lutha Kungfu is designated a martyr of the Christian faith by the once-proud Catholic Church, in celebrating Jewbilee 2000. It seems he had just finished celebrating Mass with two naked white women and one naked black woman, at least one of which apparently fought his clerical use of the Host as an oral and vaginal diaphragm, when he was killed by unknown Anti-Christian Christians.

6. A spokescreature for the Federal Department of Injustice Nazi-hunting Office of Special Investigations, when asked about on-going cases, noted that "less attention was being given to those war criminals...who were now over 100, due to the difficulty of anyone prosecuting them through to a meaningful life sentence". Tanks for your f'in generosity!

7. Hilaria Cliton, a product of this leftist age of puke if ever there was one, states that her husband must be respected for his accomplishments and must not be judged for his "foibles and very human imperfections." Spoken like the typical pubic school counselor, don't ya think? Now, do ya really think she wouldn't "disrespect imperfections" in diamonds...or perhaps equally valuable racists?

8. What kind of jurors and jurists will be the product of an entirely Jewish pubic educational system in which, "liberated from forcing rote memorization down students' throats, teachers will be able to focus on helping students ground themselves (down or up?), remember their place among hoomanity, and more fully recognize and develop their foibles and quirks"? Perhaps quarky citizens?

9. 21st Century Justice, we are also told, "will need to be made in the context of the extensive (fantasy) belief systems of society, which must now be seen to include: anti-anti-Semitism, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, pro-homophilia, globalism, social utopianism (i.e., mind-sodomy), humanism (loving every "human" dog that does not bite all the time), pluralism (diversity for the f'ing hell of it), x-treme experientialism, environmentalism (which all seem to have forgotten is little more than an offshoot of Schweitzer's more inclusive "reverence for life"), futurism (jerking off your mind to Star Trek, etc.), success materialism, moral relativism (you can do my daughter if I can do your pig), pop-star personality transferism, team-sports-representationism, feminism, New Age spiritism, addictionism, counselingism, and skepticism." Ahhrrrggghhh!

...Add your own "sight in on this" No. 10 target today!


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