Monday, May 21, 2007

How To Raise Murderers of Zoggie

[A comrade recently discovered a storehouse of old e-mail rants by the late Alex Curtis. In view of the fact that many of our new people have only the most nebulous idea of our Movement's past, or indeed only the faintest idea that we have a past at all, I think it's time to introduce 'em to the boy. - HAC]

How To Raise Murderers of Zoggie
by Alex Curtis

August 6th, 2000

I think it low time to reflect on what skills a bright young Aryan, aching at his or her race's losses, will need in order to drain down the foul Vampire Jew's stolen blood. It is something worth considering, as our race's last hopes enter college and careers. I would posit first that straightforward fighting skills will be almost useless, mainly because of the training and sheer willingness of the Jew police state to kill whitey. Murderin' de System skills, however, are a much different story.

Ultimately, one or more children of this once-proud race may one day confront the decision as to releasing a virus they themselves have genetically engineered that will kill all non-whites and perhaps half of all whites, confident that the natural racial instinct for procreation seen after every major demographic catastrophe in human history will replace all losses in at most 50 years time, after which a billion whites will live free in a bright brave new world with no more creatures of the mud nor those living on our blood in it.

Besides genetic engineering, I would urge prospective Aryan warrior men and women to learn the foremost computer hacking skills. Keep your racial views a secret from other hackers, until you learn everything and everyone they know. The destruction of the Jew World Whore Odor you can one day achieve will be unimaginable. "Hack Club", here we come, with our very own secret motives!

One "third rail" to the future lies in nanotechnology, although I believe it will be a good 50 years before you can put nanites into a Jew's drink, knowing they, as designed by you, will slowly begin to eat away at his or her liver from the inside.

Some feel that exploration of artificial intelligence, cybernetics and man-machine communication will also be key. I tend to feel these areas \will only advance so far, and then be artificially restrained by government as "racist" endeavors....After all, how would ya train a computer to understand the latest "ghetto English", Spangleesh, or "gangsta talk?"

Genetic Engineering and Hacking seem to show the greatest promise at present. Neither should be seen as "reactive" and "protective" of the white race. Genetic Engineering will also soon come under fierce Jew World Odor "PC" attack, and all involved in that field will ultimately find themselves "fighting the power" of a world government terrified at the prospect of people with an IQ, say just over 115, changing themselves into those possessive of IQs of 140, and putting even more enormous intellectual and spiritual distance between themselves and the various black, brown and red niggers, both of the turd world and "our own" varieties.

[Whereas the Chewish Government is thrilled to see "cosmetic" changes along the agelines of every Hollywood Jew, to actually improve yourself and your children genetically demonstrates you do not believe "wese all bese equals in de fundament" - and proves you are a danger to yourself, your family and all others in the glorious Urban World Village, where we all live happily together by Court Order.

The Yews also delight in phony "cultural" and "social" change, the first because it allows them to sell constantly "new" mindless shit, the latter because it makes countless more people believe their anguish mandates weekly visits to the Jew "counselor" at $200/hour!]

These then are the "skills" I wish to see our best and brightest pursue, as lone wolves in sheeple clothing and snakes in the grass, if need be. As to a revolutionary "nature", what I ask now is pretty tough. You, young man or woman, must be the kind of person so defiant of the evil confronting your race, that you will calmly look into the eyes of your victims when the time comes, silently watch them still, and move the future.

You must turn those baby blues, hazelbells, luscious green or fine brown eyes set in a graceful white face to your advantage, smiling and wise when you must "fit in", but letting the enemy see only shark or doll-eyes when they finally realize they are to die badly. Let them then see and know...the Horror, the Horror!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, genetic engineering has huge potential, a glimpse of which is seen in the nightmare world of the future envisaged in the movie "Bladerunner". In which the "Replicants", such as Dutch actor Rutger Hauer's character, are Whites who are genetically engineered to be far superior to the mud herd, pose such a threat to the existing order on Earth they have to be hunted down and killed by the Bladerunners, hinted at in the movie to be Replicants themselves.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was great! I really like the way he think's. Do you have anything else by him? He is right you know. We have to blend in and cause damage from the inside like Cancer.

10:25 PM  

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