Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hang On To Your Mimeograph Machines

[More Classic HAC, from the year 2000. Okay, this hasn't happened yet, but I still maintain that the scenario I describe below is a serious possibility, especially once Hillary gets in.]

Do Not Throw Away Those Mimeograph Machines in Your Garage!

Okay, I understand that no one believes we are going to lose the internet one day. It's like Y2K; your minds are made up, so I won't try to confuse you with facts. I will simply tell you how it's going to happen. Unlike Y2K, there is no specific date for me to be proven right here; this will happen in slow increments over the next four or five years.

1. Some way will be found to charge for e-mail.

This has nothing to do with politics, it has to do with the U. S. Postal Service and other incompetent and inefficient government postal authorities throughout the world trembling in terror at being made obsolete. Eventually there will be some kind of arrangement wherein an Internet Service Provider that provides e-mail will become a "postal subcontractor" of some kind, and e-mail will become a separate and specially regulated Internet function.

The ISPs will be required by law to collect and pass on to the Postal Service a small sum of money, most likely either a penny per e-mail or even more possibly, a monthly charge beginning at, say, $10 a month for using e-mail as well as surfing the web. This will be fought tooth and nail by the world-wide wired webhead set, and will take some time, but in the long run ZOG will get its way. Once the precedent is set, e-mail costs will be "adjusted" ever upward; twenty years from now e-mail rates will probably achieve parity with first class postal rates.

2. Politically incorrect speech on the internet, under the designation of "hate," will be legally equated with pornography.

This is already beginning. There are already "site ratings" in place on many ISPs, notably America On Line, along with "child blocking" programs such as Cyber Patrol and Cyber Nanny which shut out from our web sites the very young White kids we must reach in order for our people to survive. The ADL has developed and is marketing one such program specifically aimed at blocking access to web sites which contain critical comment regarding the Jews or Israel.

Eventually what we will see is an internet variation of the enemy's Checkmate While Maintaining Appearances Dictum: "You may exist, but you may not function." A semi-official, industry-wide regulatory agency or body will be set up, backed by federal law and possibly by some kind of federal agency or board of review as well. This internet Thought Police will establish a mandatory rating system for web sites, internet newsletters, and all forms of cyber-communication, and it will become a matter of civil and/or criminal liability to evade or ignore this rating system, as well as grounds for termination and denial of internet service.

Access to "X-rated" sites will be governed by a strictly enforced password system, and those who operate such frowned-upon sites will be required to obtain and maintain records of all passwords issued and keep accompanying identification and age authentication documentation which must be made available for inspection on demand. A similar system to this is now already operating on the net for some sex-related sites and also for certain other functions, and there are several so-called "e-authentication" databases in operation right now where porno-crawlers have to provide evidence of identity and age in order to get in to view their favorite perversions.

We will be allowed to keep our web sites up, but no one will be able see them without identifying himself to the enemy and becoming a kind of "registered hater" or thought criminal. We will be back to preaching to the converted again. Several Third World Countries, such as Burma, China and Zimbuggery, now have mandatory government censorship of all internet communications in place.

3. Abusive civil litigation will make the financial risk of running a politically incorrect web site simply too great.

There are already ADL "draft statutes" in a number of state and federal legislative hoppers to gut the few remaining Constitutional protections which White dissidents have against abusive and malicious civil litigation from powerful and well-funded Jewish and left-liberal pressure groups, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The most sinister of all is one introduced in Illinois, the fruit of berserk Buttfuckian Ben Smith's little Independence Day weekend spree, to make anyone who is arbitrarily designated a "White supremacist leader" civilly and criminally liable for any act committed by one of his "followers", without actually having to prove any causation or connection whatsoever between "leader" and "follower". In other words, flat out guilt by association. Under this law, if someone flips out and shoots some monkoids in a shopping center and a copy of this issue of Invictus is found in his room, I myself could be put away.

On the internet, within a very short time, it will be legal for parents to sue the author of any politically incorrect material solely on the grounds that it was downloaded or read by a "child" under eighteen years of age. Someone like Morris Dees or the ADL, should they decide that a particular web site is getting a little too close for comfort, should have no difficulty in either finding or arranging for a number of parents to make the horrified "discovery" that their little Kevin or Jennifah has downloaded something from the net containing the "N" word.

Given the huge financial resources available to these groups, multiple civil lawsuits are a very real possibility, as Matt Hale and Ryan Wilson are currently finding out. The First Amendment still exists in theory, but as yet another adverse result of our spineless refusal as a nation to deal with Bill and Hillary Clinton's crime and corruption, it is now being gutted to the point of complete uselessness in any practical sense.

Yeah, yeah, I know. It will never happen, Harold is just technophobic, Harold is just keeping up the printed publications so he can scam people out of subscriptions instead of using the lovely free internet, etc. etc.
Okay, guys, like I said, I won't argue. But I'm not abandoning print, and I very strongly advise you not to throw away that old mimeograph machine in your garage you used back in the "old days" when you were with the Birch Society or the Skinheads or whoever.

Long and the short of it, guys-there is no magic bullet. No fast forward on this video. No way to get out of the laborious, frustrating, agonizing, and horribly inconvenient necessity of sitting down with our fellow White people on a face to face basis and slowly, painfully explaining the truth, giving them literature and trying to get them to read it, and forcing them to use their atrophied minds to think with. Sorry.


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To find out, Yahoo or Google "The Earliest 'Hate' Criminals" while it is still legal in America to read it.

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think they're not as worried about the internet as they were, because they have reduced the Net to a form of entertainment instead of communication.

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