Thursday, May 17, 2007

Death of a Neocon

On Tuesday, May 15th, a man died in Lynchburg, Virginia who bears a huge moral responsibility for hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Jerry Falwell posed as a man of God; he was instead a man of mass murder and just as much a war criminal as anyone hanged at Nuremberg. Because of the neoconservative and Zionist political ideology which Jerry Falwell promoted for most of his life, countless numbers of people around the world have died under a rain of American bombs and bullets in order to serve the interests of a foreign country, the bandit state of Israel. Thousands of American military personnel have died and tens of thousands more have suffered ghastly and crippling wounds at the hands of resistance fighters defending their land against a foreign invader, and Jerry Falwell was one of the godfathers of neoconservatism who sent them there.

By transforming the Religious Right into such a mighty force in American politics, Falwell was violating the principle of the separation of Church and state which was enshrined in the United States Constitution by the Founding Fathers. Falwell's career is a classic example of why men like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson wanted the preachers out of government. They knew the harm that fanatics in the pockets of the Jews could do. (Ben Franklin even warned against them in his famous Prophecy.) Those same "conservative" voters later became responsible for installing the alcoholic dwarf George W. Bush and his little Jewish friends in the Oval Office.

There are those who believe that the Religious Right's good stands on such issues as buggery, abortion, pornography, and in some cases forbidding race-mixing justify or alleviate the naked worship of the Jews as "God's Chosen People" which is now the official policy and theology of most Protestant Evangelical denominations. In point of fact, Protestant Evangelicalism's Jew-worship is profoundly un-Christian and blasphemous, in that it violates the First Commandment: "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me."

Jew-worship is in fact a form of idolatry. It also adds insult to injury by worshipping as a "Chosen People" the very race who crucified Jesus Christ, in a perversion of history and Scripture. Jerry Falwell claimed to believe in Jesus Christ, and yet he worshipped his Savior's murderers in a sickening kowtowing to the powers that be of this world.

Jerry Falwell sat behind his desk and stood in his pulpit, fat and sleek, while thousands of his young Christian followers have gone into the military believing on his say-so that they are doing God's work by engaging in a bloody imperial war of conquest on behalf of the Jews. In Jerry Falwell's name, thousands of otherwise decent Americans have committed appalling crimes against humanity and suffered death and agony themselves.

Jerry Falwell raised billions of dollars for an illegal and artificial state, Israel, which has no business to exist in the first place and which has committed unspeakable acts of atrocity and mass murder, including history's only attempt (largely successful) at imprisoning an entire nation of people, the Palestinians, behind walls of concrete and barbed wire and minefields. Jerry Falwell was a cheerleader for genocide.

Jerry Falwell claimed to speak for all of us, and by and large, we were too spineless to stand up and give him the lie in public, so we are all complicit in his evil life and deeds.

Not being a Christian myself, I will not speculate or claim any kind of inside knowledge as to the present whereabouts and condition of Jerry Falwell's soul. But I recall that Falwell used on occasion to babble about a "just God." For his own sake, let's hope he was wrong on that one.


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