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Chewish Morality

[Yes, I know, this is starting to look like laziness on my part. One more Alex Curtis and then we'll get back to Yours Truly for a while. - HAC]

Chewish Morality
by Alex Curtis

9 July 2000

It always makes my not-too-terribly lined skin crawl to hear it said that "our civilization is based on Judaeo-Christian principles." Presumably, the word principles implies moral guidance. After all, Jews are something more than creatures of the law courts, aren't they?

So, I've thunk on it and thunk on it, and still have difficulty determining what "Jewish morality" might be besides "protecting the rights" of those the vast majority want dead. I'm asking for help from my readers here. Do Jews have any concept of evil as it applies to themselves?

Do ya think you could find a leader who would publicly say on the record for all to hear that:

1. Those Jews who participated, directly or indirectly, but with premeditation, in crucifying Jesus (one of their own!) were...evil?

2. Those Jews who murdered the entire Gentile populations of Cyprus and Alexandria in 115 were evil?

3. Those Jews who in 624 actually bought licenses to murder tens of thousands of Gentiles from the Persians after the Jews opened the Gates of Jerusalem in the middle of the night to the invaders...were evil?

4. Those Jews who planned economic disruptions in Germany in 1919 and 1923 specifically so the gold-rich could buy up land and businesses at starvin' marvin' prices while hundreds of thousands of German women, old folks, and babies did starve to death...were evil?

5. Those Jews who murdered tens of millions of Gentiles in the Soviet Union were evil?

6. Those Jewish "partisans" in World War II who tore out the eyes of captured mail carriers, hacked off their genitals and rammed both down the throats of their victims might have been...just a lil' bit evil?

7. Those Jews who incited the murders and rapes-until-death of hundreds of thousands of German women and little girls at the end of World War II were evil?

8. Those Jews who murdered tens of thousands of Germans after World War II ended (see the Jewish author John Sack) were evil?

9. Those Jews who murdered thousands of battle-surrendered Arabs and more recently tortured pebble-throwing Arab children were evil?...or that

10. Those Jews who participate in ending the lives of countless non-Jews through abortion (32 million in Amereeka alone!) are evil?

Hmm...didn't think so.

Well, what is Jewish morality?

Jewish morality...was once insisting all statues of the Goddess Justitia (Justice) in the Roman law courts be blindfolded, rather than owl-eyed as before, because they could "not work so offended by a pagan graven image in the courtroom".

Jewish morality was having two Jews prosecute O. J., three Jews defend him, all of them know he was guilty, and all of them pretend to care one way or the other.

Jewish morality is insisting homosexual "consenting baby"-rapers have more rights than "hatethought criminals."

Jewish morality is pushing the "right" to an abortion to the point that Jewish abortionists now physically hold the baby inside the woman until they can stab it in the heart or brain and claim "it never took a breath!".

Jewish morality is knowing full well that unlimited abortion means the white world will be unable to reproduce itself (the white populations of Russia, Spain, Italy, France, Hungary and Poland will drop at least 80% this century, with world white population dropping at least 66% - That's 500 million of the beautiful people who will never even exist)....making "living room", of curse, for non-whites to replace them one for one in the formerly proud white homelands.

Then, Jewish slow murder for non-Jews. Would it not be essentially slowly murder them in turn? And I'm not talkin' 'bout no sissy quick-acting gas or a bullet...this time. Thor's Hammer, it seems to me, generously applied anywhere but the skull...would do quite nicely.


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